Best British Schools in Dubai

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Best British Schools in Dubai

Dubai has a sizable and prominent British population, numbering around 240,000 individuals. To meet the needs of the local population, Dubai is home to many British educational institutions. The top best British schools in Dubai are listed below.

Best British Schools in Dubai

Best British schools in Dubai

More and more British schools have opened up in Dubai over the years, and all of them are committed to offering their children the greatest possible education. In fact, you can find so many best schools in Dubai with a high level of education. See below for a list of all the Dubai schools teaching the UK’s National Curriculum.

Best British Schools in Dubai

1. Kings’ School Nad Al Sheba; A top-notch British school in Dubai

Located in Nad Al Sheba 3, not far from the city’s main thoroughfares, Kings School Nad Al Sheba is a top-notch British primary school for students ages 3 to 11. This is the third Kings School to operate in Dubai, opening in September 2014.

The Inspection Bureau has only ever given an “excellent” rating to one school in all of the United Arab Emirates, and that institution is Kings School Dubai. Each of the Kings School campuses is committed to doing “The Best By Every Child,” a motto that serves as a guiding principle for all of the schools in the Kings School network.

Top features of Kings’ School Nad Al Sheba

Together, the school’s faculty, staff, and student body endeavor to help each student reach his or her full academic and personal potential. The multinational community and rigorous academic requirements at Kings School Nad Al Sheba ensure that students get an excellent, all-around education in a setting that honors their many cultural backgrounds and experiences.

  • Location: PO Box 38199 Dubai United Arab Emirates, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Fees: 50,200 – 63,700
Best British Schools in Dubai

2. Dubai College British School

In addition to being one of the oldest British institutions in Dubai, Dubai College also has an unmistakable reputation for academic distinction. DC, a private school that opened in the late 1970s and is considered the equivalent of an “Ivy League” institution in the United States, is the dream of every successful parent in Dubai.

Every student at Dubai College benefits from the school’s comprehensive curriculum and low student-to-teacher ratio.

Top feature of Dubai College British school

The school is always on the lookout for ways to enhance the educational process for its students. There has a robust sports program with many competitions. Students interested in non-academic fields of study, such as music and the arts, will also be provided with a wealth of resources and assistance. The music department, for one, uses the auditorium for large-scale performances.

  • Address: Al Sufouh 2
  • Fees: AED 82.4k to AED 93.3k
Best British Schools in Dubai

3. Kings’ School Al Barsha; An Outstanding British school

Kings’ School Al Barsha is a KHDA Outstanding school that accepts students from Foundation Stage 1 to Grade 13. There are around 70 different countries represented among the over 2,400 students.

This also accepts Indian students. However, if you want to send your dear child to the top Indian school in Dubai, you have many choices.

The top features of Kings’ School Al Barsha

All of a student’s educational requirements are met by a staff of professionals who are both qualified and experienced. Football, karate, music, netball, and many more are just some of the extracurriculars offered at this school. Chess, Zumba, dancing, photography, and origami are enjoyable hobbies that students may pursue outside the classroom.

  • Address: Al Barsha
  • Fees: AED 53.6 to AED 97.7
Best British Schools in Dubai

4. Jumeirah College British school in Dubai

The consistently high ratings given to this British school in Dubai, Jumeirah College, speak to the high quality of its academic programs. The school’s success may be attributed in large part to the professionalism and expertise of its faculty and staff.

Top feature of Jumeirah College British School

Students can access cutting-edge resources, including state-of-the-art video conferencing rooms and technical centers. There are specialized visual and performing arts classrooms, a music practice area, and a theater for students to use.

Additional facilities at Jumeirah College include a swimming pool, an indoor/outdoor café, netball courts, tennis courts, scientific laboratories, a large library, and several leisure places.

  • Address: Al Wasl Road
  • Fees: AED 72.9k to AED 91.2k
Best British Schools in Dubai

5. Horizon International British school in Dubai

Having earned recognition from British School Overseas (BSO), Horizon International School is a multiethnic school that implements the world’s most well-rounded and systematic educational framework: the English National Curriculum, including its Early Years Foundation Stage.

Located in the middle of Jumeirah, not far from the famous Burj Al Arab, HIS is convenient for residents of Dubai Marina, Al Barsha, Emirates Hills, Palm Jumeirah, and the Arabian Ranches.

Top feature of Horizon International British school

The school’s location on a safe and expansive campus provides a calm and inviting setting that is conducive to teaching and learning. Horizon International School provides a challenging and nurturing setting for its students with state-of-the-art facilities and resources.

There are large classrooms, a swimming pool with eight lanes, a fully-equipped gymnasium, a multifunctional theater, huge primary and secondary library collections, and an indoor and outdoor play area.

  • Location: United Arab Emirates, Umm Al Sheif, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Fees: 34,517 – 65,000
Best British Schools in Dubai

6. Gems Jumeirah Primary British school in Dubai

Children are cared for, respected, and protected at Gems Wellington Academy, making it a very exceptional place. Dubai Silicon Oasis is home to one of the city’s greatest concentrations of international and British curriculum schools.

Starting with the Early Years Foundation Stage, WSO’s curriculum follows a novel development through an enhanced and improved England National Curriculum to individualized qualification tracks.

Best British Schools in Dubai

Top feature of Gems Jumeirah Primary school

They combine IGCSE and GCSE and ultimately lead to the top Post 16 offerings in the area. Students may also choose from BTEC and IB career-focused programs.

The WSO curriculum offers a cutting-edge curriculum framework that prioritizes the development of learning abilities and its environment. their curriculum is connected to the extensive course selection supplied by highly qualified expert instructors.

  • Address: Al Safa 1
  • Fees: AED 40.8k to 51.5k
Best British Schools in Dubai

7. Newlands British school in Dubai

The Newlands School of Al Warqa follows the British National Curriculum. Starting in September 2017. students from all around the northern parts of Dubai, Sharjah, and beyond have had easy access to the new school.

From Foundation Stage 1 to Year 6, Newlands School provides an excellent international education. The school cares for its students and ensures they get a good education, providing them with resources and encouragement, and even posing some challenging academic tasks for them.

Top feature of Newlands British school in Dubai

Newlands School’s lower class sizes allow teachers to get to know their students individually. The English program at this school is among the best in the world, and it’s quite reasonably priced.

Teachers at Newlands School have a wealth of expertise and education in their fields. The school encourages students to develop their imagination, initiative, resourcefulness, responsibility, and resiliency by giving them several opportunities to do so.

  • Location: Al Warqa 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Fees: 19,200 – 28,800
Best British Schools in Dubai

8. Dubai Heights Academy; High-level British school

The Al Barsha South neighborhood of Dubai is home to Dubai Heights Academy, a British Curriculum school serving children in Foundation Stage (FS) 1 through Fifth Grade (Year 5). The institution ensures that each student is equipped with the knowledge, traits, and habits necessary to succeed in the dynamic 21st-century workforce.

Al Barsha region has so many best schools. Besides Dubai Heights Academy, you can find so many top-notch schools in Al Barsha.

The top feature of Dubai Heights Academy

Through improved academics, extracurricular activities, and cutting-edge technology, DHA is devoted to empowering young and curious persons. They focus on encouraging positive thinking and promoting learners with creative life skills and problem-solving abilities.

DHA pushes each student to strive diligently toward realizing their goals and the practical application of their education. DHA fosters an innovative, creative, and engaging learning community by providing children with cutting-edge resources and innovative educational opportunities.

  • Location: Al Barsha South Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Al Barsha South, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Fees: null – null
Best British Schools in Dubai

9. Kent College British school in Dubai

Students in Kindergarten through Year 13 may get an excellent education in a British curriculum at Kent College, an international elementary and secondary school. This Dubai school can be found in the Meydan South district.

The school is committed to providing each student with a personalized learning experience within a safe, welcoming community that respects and celebrates its diverse population. Kent College was founded to meet the educational needs of families in Dubai by adapting to the culture and standards of the United Arab Emirates.

The top feature of Kent College British school in Dubai

Kent College’s goal is to offer each student a program that will adequately prepare them for the challenges of adulthood. KC is committed to helping students reach their best potential in a stimulating, energizing atmosphere that promotes academic success and personal growth.

The ECA (Extra-Curricular Activity) program at Kent College is second to none, both within and outside of the classroom.

  • Location: Al Abjar Street, Exit 15 Nad Al Sheba 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Fees: 54,000 – 98,000
Best British Schools in Dubai

10. Riverston British school in Dubai

Riverston School Dubai is a brand-new institution that follows the United Kingdom’s National Curriculum from Pre-K to Grade 6. Nad Al Sheba is where you can find the Dubai school.

A committed staff of highly qualified educators makes the greatest possible education for students. Children flourish when they are given special care in a setting that is both secure and positive. Because of this, they can accomplish amazing things and acquire valuable life skills.

The top feature of Riverston British school in Dubai

Success in school and in life depends on a kid achieving a set of globally recognized learning objectives. This is exactly what the Riverston method is designed to do. Children with disabilities are welcomed at the Riverston Children’s Center.

To ensure that every student at Riverston School receives an excellent education, the school has created a welcoming and diverse learning community. The Riverston School in Dubai is committed to providing its students with a broad and well-rounded education in accordance with the National Curriculum in England.

  • Location: Nad Al Sheba 4, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Fees: 39,000 – 44,000
Best British Schools in Dubai

11. Nord Anglia International British school in Dubai

Dubai’s Nord Anglia International School offers a rigorous international education based on the National Curriculum of England through the 11th grade. They also provide International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for students aged 16 and above.

Founded in 1958, Nord Anglia International School is a part of Nord Anglia Education. The program draws from the best Britain offers, incorporates elements from the International Baccalaureate, and is tailored to fit the specifics of life in Dubai.

The top feature of Nord Anglia International school

An auditorium, large art studios, handicraft centers, three cafeterias, language laboratories, two dance studios, urban classroom spaces, and a theater are just some of the cutting-edge amenities available to students at NAS Dubai.

The newest gadgets are incorporated into classrooms to help students study more effectively. There are six-lane swimming pool, a learner’s pool, a splash play area for the Early Years, a multi-use hall, and an astroturf field suitable for both rugby and football.

  • Location: Mohammad bin Zayed Road, Al Barsha 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Fees: 63,447 – 95,946
Best British Schools in Dubai

12. School of Research Science; A Perfect British school in Dubai

The School of Research Science aims to provide students in Years FS1 through 13 with the illustrious English National Curriculum. It has been serving the community of Al Warqa in Dubai since its establishment in 1998.

The institution provides a top-notch education for the students. SRS’s mission is to provide all children with access to a world-class education by retaining and developing a faculty of highly skilled educators.

The top feature of School of Research Science

The institution successfully blends Arab and British customs in a way that is both intentional and evolving. Curriculum options for kids between the ages of three and eighteen are varied, comprehensive, and well-rounded.

Because of the school’s multilingual orientation, kids of all different cultural backgrounds are allowed to participate in the academic program. The School of Research Science fosters intellectual, personal, and moral development in its students.

  • Location: Nouakchott Street, Al Warqa 4, P.O.Box: 57442, 27463, Al Warqa`A, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Fees: null – null
Best British Schools in Dubai

13. Deira British school in Dubai

Students in grades F–11 at Deira International School follow the English National Curriculum. Those in grades 12–13 participate in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and the IB Career-related Programme.

In 2005, the doors to the Dubai Festival City institution were opened. Children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for education are fostered in this completely global setting.

The top feature of Deira British school in Dubai

Deira International includes a version of the English National Curriculum that has been modified to be applicable to domestic and international settings. High schoolers participate in the Cambridge Board’s International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations in eleventh grade before entering a 12th and 13th-grade IBDP.

These credentials are recognized and admired all around the globe, making them acceptable for admission to any college or institution. The school fosters a wonderful multicultural learning environment to help students reach their full potential, encourage them to become lifelong learners, and prepare them to become active global citizens.

  • Location: Dubai Festival City Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dubai Festival City
  • Fees: 39,938 – 80,465
Best British Schools in Dubai

14. Safa British school in Dubai

The Safa British School (SBS) is an English National Curriculum institution located in the middle of Al Safa. It is privately held by two parties who are also parents and whose offspring and spouses have strong ties to the Safa institutions. We have never seen such a high level of the individual, direct attention, and dedication in any Dubai school.

The top feature of Safa British school in Dubai

The following testimonials from faculty members attest that it’s not only parents who speak favorably about Safa British School. We could not choose just one or two that would adequately represent the supportive comments made by the faculty and staff.

After March 2020, the KHDA will no longer conduct an inspection. Also, the Dubai authority has decided not to conduct full safety checks (or report on the one-day inspections that have replaced them) of schools rated Very Good or Outstanding.

  • Location: Al Safa, Dubai
  • Fee: AED 42,000–65,000
Best British Schools in Dubai

15. English College British school in Dubai

Students in Grades 7–13 may enroll at English College Dubai, an international school that uses the British curriculum. The school has been serving the Al Safa area of Dubai since its inception in 1992.

All courses and sessions in the United Kingdom are taught by certified instructors who have completed extensive training programs.

The top feature of English College British school in Dubai

Staff, students, and parents all get along quite well at English College. The mission of English College in Dubai is to provide students with the best of British schooling institutions, together with cutting-edge pedagogical methods and unambiguous ethical guidelines.

Students at one of the best British schools in Dubai will develop the academic skills, character traits, and global perspective necessary to thrive in today’s interconnected, multicultural world. Every student receives individualized attention and the greatest possible education in all areas, including academics and character development.

  • Location: off Sheikh Zayed road PO Box 11812 Dubai, UAE, Al Safa 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Fees: 33,500 – 61,765
Best British Schools in Dubai

16. Horizon English British school in Dubai

Students aged 3 to 11 are welcome at Horizon English School, which follows the same curriculum as a typical British primary school. You can find the school right in the middle of all the action in Jumeirah, Dubai. Currently, the student body represents more than 47 different countries.

The staff and administration at Horizon English School go out of their way to make each student feel welcome and comfortable while providing them with first-rate educational possibilities.

The top feature of Horizon English British school in Dubai

All of the Horizon students will be equipped with knowledge and abilities that will serve them well in the dynamic and unpredictable world of the future, thanks to the school’s rigorous academic program. You will have a fantastic and exciting time learning English at Horizon English School.

All of Horizon’s employees are highly trained professionals who are also kind, helpful, and supportive of their colleagues. Kids from Horizon also take part in a wide variety of extracurricular activities, such as those centered on music, athletics, the performing arts, technology, and more.

  • Location: PO Box 6749, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Jumeirah 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Fees: 40,872 – 54,770
Best British Schools in Dubai

17. Gems Wellington International British School in Dubai

This GEMS school, which accepts students of both sexes, has earned praise for its excellent resources and rigorous curriculum. Amazing dance and music studios are only some of this site’s artistic offerings that span eight acres.

The school is a mile away from the Al Qusais area. If you live there, you can easily find the best schools in al Qusais Dubai.

The top feature of Gems Wellington school

The student body has access to several sporting facilities, including an indoor and outdoor pool, tennis court, and playing fields. A library is a great place for avid readers. The school also has a fitness center, laboratories for science and technology, a computer lab, and an observatory.

All the educators at GEMS Wellington International School have advanced degrees and extensive training. At this institution, students in grades 12 and 13 may choose between the regular high school curriculum and the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

  • Address: Al Sufouh, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Fees: AED 43.9k to AED 95.5k
Best British Schools in Dubai

18. Repton British school in Dubai

Dubai’s Repton School is a top-notch international institution. From preschool through eleventh grade, students at Repton Dubai follow the British National Curriculum. after secondary school, they enroll for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), and then continue on to the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

Besides British students, Americans also enroll their children in this school. Hoover, if you want to enroll your child in an American school, we are happy to tell you that there are so many top American schools in Dubai.

The top feature of Repton British school in Dubai

Nad Al Sheba is home to Repton School, a beautiful campus with cutting-edge amenities. Students between the ages of three and eighteen are welcome to use the School’s boarding facilities. The institution’s mission is to inspire students to achieve their own best in all aspects of their education and beyond.

Students, faculty, and parents at Repton all pitch in to help mold children into adults who are strong, kind, fearless, and curious. Repton Dubai is proud of the pastoral care it provides its students and of the traditions and guiding values it upholds.

  • Location: Nad Al Sheba 3, Dubai UAE, Nad Al Sheba 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Fees:
Best British Schools in Dubai

19. Dubai British School Emirates Hills

Among the greatest British schools in Dubai, this school has trained students since 2005. It is a proud member of Taaleem Education.

The curriculum encourages both academic success and imaginative expression, providing students with a well-rounded experience. The current resources available to teachers ensure that all students get an excellent education.

The top feature of Dubai British School Emirates Hills

Dubai British School places equal value on its academic offerings and extracurricular programs. Students may improve their critical thinking and ability to solve problems by making use of the school’s swimming pools, racquet sports courts, and extensive library collection. Residents of The Meadows, The Springs, and The Lakes may send their children to DBS, Emirates Hills.

  • Address: The Springs 3, Emirates Hills
  • Fees: AED 49k to AED 73.5k
Best British Schools in Dubai

20. Jumeirah English Speaking British school in Dubai

Trying to instill in students the ability to think for themselves is JESS’s top priority since the school believes that true learning takes place when students are free to rely on their own creativity, originality, and intuition. Those in school now will have a major impact on the world of tomorrow.

The top feature of Jumeirah English Speaking School

Teachers should thus concentrate on directing students and assisting them as needed. This school has two locations in the city, making it convenient for families in Jumeirah and Arabian Ranches.

The school received an Outstanding evaluation because of its excellent academic and extracurricular offerings.

  • Address: Al Safa| Arabian Ranches
  • Fees: AED 39.8k to 93.8k
Best British Schools in Dubai

21. Jebel Ali British school in Dubai

Jebel Ali School (JAS) began as Jebel Ali Primary School, which opened in 1977 in Jebel Ali Village to serve the children of Jebel Ali Port construction personnel.

In 2017, the school marked its 40th year in operation, making it one of Dubai’s longest-standing educational institutions with the similarly non-profit Jumeirah English Speaking School Arabian Ranches, Dubai College, and Dubai English Speaking School and College.

The top feature of Jebel Ali British school in Dubai

Jebel Ali School (JAS) went from a little village institution to a sprawling, cutting-edge enterprise on a brand-new, state-of-the-art campus after its September 2016 move from Jebel Ali Village to the Damac Hills (Akoya) development, near Arabian Ranches, Mudon, and Motor City.

  • Location: Damac Hills (Akoya), Dubai
  • Fee: AED 45,891–74,950
Best British Schools in Dubai

22. Smart Vision British school in Dubai

The Smart Vision School of Al Barsha 2 opened its doors to students in 2015. Its curriculum is based on the UK National Curriculum, which emphasizes learning via play, exploration, active creation, and critical thought.

Even though the structure was built to house students from Kindergarten through Grade 12, the school only opened to sixth graders until May 2022, when it passed its DSIB inspection.

The top feature of Smart Vision British school in Dubai

The continuation of enrollment at SVS is great news for existing parents, as the school has been a popular choice among parents and kids. Since 2017, the Smart Vision School has been managed by Atticus Education LLC (AE), which is a member of the Al Mutaiwei group of enterprises.

The Governing Board is made up of representatives from the school’s many constituencies, such as the ownership, companies, society, academic, parent, staff, and student bodies.

  • Location: Al Barsha, Dubai
  • Fee: AED 29,900–53,900
Best British Schools in Dubai

23. The Arbor British school in Dubai

Located in Dubai’s southern region, The Arbor School is an exclusive all-age school (starting with grades 10 and 12 in August 2022 and expanding naturally to grade 13). In addition to Jumeirah Village Triangle, Green Community, Dubai Sports City, the International Media Production Zone, and Dubai Marina, the school is conveniently located for families in Al Furjan, Discovery Gardens, and Jebel Ali Village.

The top feature of Arbor British school in Dubai

Parental comments show that The Arbor School has established a thriving community. After receiving input from 160 parents, the school received a 4.7/5 rating, representing a 94% approval rate.

Nearly one hundred responses have been sent by parents thus far. You will have a hard time finding a bad review among them. In November 2021, The Arbor School announced hiring Mr. Benedict Hren as its first Environmental Education Advisor. They did so to foster a culture of preservation and sustainability among its student body and faculty.

  • Location: Al Furjan, Dubai
  • Fees: AED 32,000–64,600
Best British Schools in Dubai

24. Gems Royal British school in Dubai

Since its start in 2005, GEMS Royal Dubai School has maintained an Outstanding rating from the KHDA. Facilities in the areas of technology, mathematics, sports, and extracurricular activities provide the ideal complement to the National Curriculum for England’s Early Years and Primary Years.

  • Address: Mirdif
  • Fees: AED 38.3k to 48.3k
Best British Schools in Dubai

25. Foremarke British school in Dubai

Foremarke School is a top-tier Dubai institution offering a tough and engaging British prep curriculum for kindergarten through eighth-grade students. Foremark College, which is located in Dubai Science Park in Al Barsha South, has earned acclaim for its exceptional, all-encompassing curriculum and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Foremarke Hall is an international school in Dubai that partners with Repton Preparatory School in the United Kingdom to provide students with a top-notch education. This education will prepare them for success at the next level.

The top feature of Foremarke British school in Dubai

Foremarke students are well-prepared for the next level of education due to the school’s well-rounded and progressive curriculum. With the support of frequent conferences and a strong pastoral care system, students acquire an innate moral code.

Academic intensity is complemented by various extracurricular opportunities, including athletics, the arts, music, and more. The school places a strong focus on essential disciplines. This curriculum is taught by outstanding instructors who use cutting-edge techniques and pedagogical philosophies to create an engaging and motivating learning environment.

  • Fee: 58,500
  • Location: Foremarke School PO Box 391984, Al Barsha South, Dubai, UAE, Al Barsha South, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Best British Schools in Dubai

26. English Language British school in Dubai

The English National Curriculum is followed by students in grades K-12 at English Language School, a private institution founded in 1978. Dubai’s Oud Metha district is home to the school.

ELS aims to provide a welcoming, safe, and stimulating learning environment in which all students may thrive. Each student at English Language School is given the tools they need to develop their unique creativity and originality, allowing them to succeed in any endeavor.

The top feature of English Language British schools in Dubai

The mission of English Language Schools is to foster in its student’s critical thinking skills, creative dispositions, and motivation to succeed as global citizens in the twenty-first century. The school meets its goals by providing a secure and intellectually demanding environment.

This institution holds academic achievement and involvement in extracurricular activities to high standards. Through ELS, people are given a chance to use their imagination, work together to find solutions to issues, and put their learning into practice in the real world.

  • Fee: 10,980 – 9,900
  • Location: Umm Hurair 2, Oud Metha Road, Dubai, UAE, Oud Metha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Best British Schools in Dubai

Conclusion on the best British school in Dubai

Our directory of the best British school in Dubai comes to a close here. The schools in Dubai listed below are all excellent options for getting your kid ready for the next level.

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Best British Schools in Dubai

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