List Of Apartment For Sale In Elevate Apartments at Arjan, Dubai

عنوان نوع اندازه تختخواب حمام قیمت اطلاعات بیشتر
استودیو اپارتمان 405 Sq Ft 1 1 AED499,000.00
1BR اپارتمان 858 فوت مربع 1 1 AED885,000.00
2BR اپارتمان 1236 Sq Ft 2 2 AED1،350،000.00


Elevate Apartments at Arjan

Elevate Apartments at Arjan are serene privileged homes in Dubai or profitable investment opportunities. If you are looking to buy your first home in a serene amenity-rich locality, Arjan is one of the top destinations for you. The unique features of this locality make it one of the best areas for investors as well. In the following, you can get more information over these flats in Dubai…

Elevate Apartments at Arjan, Dubai

Elevate Apartments; Flats in Dubai with Great Features!

As earlier said, the Elevate Apartments are perfect Dubai homes for sale and investment opportunities. This is because these properties come with great features that are listed below:

  • Comprising of studio to 2BR flats for sale in Dubai
  • Designed by award-winning interior designers
  • Located in a serene yet privileged area
  • Located within 20 minutes to Downtown Dubai
  • Finished to the highest quality
  • Featuring Alexa smart home features
  • Equipped with an array of high-end amenities
  • Offering a 50/50 payment plan (50% during construction & 50% on completion)
Elevate Apartments at Arjan, Dubai

The Desirable Location of Elevate Apartments

Elevate Apartments are located in Arjan which is a popular area because of its serenity, connectivity and also offering the same distance to both airports of Dubai. Property buyers also choose the apartments for sale in Arjan because of its abundant amenities. If you are curious how far your home in Arjan will be from main landmarks, take a look at the following distances:

  • 5 دقیقه تا دبی هیلز مال
  • 7 دقیقه تا جاده شیخ زاید
  • 10 دقیقه تا برج العرب
  • 10 دقیقه تا مرکز خرید امارات
  • 19 mins to Business Bay
  • 20 mins to Downtown Dubai
  • 25 دقیقه تا فرودگاه بین المللی دبی
Elevate Apartments at Arjan, Dubai

Elevate Apartments; Amenity-Rich Properties in Dubai!

If abundant amenities are important to you when buying a house in Dubai, Elevate Apartments can satisfy you. Here are the amenities of these apartments:

  • Splash fountain
  • استخر لپ
  • استودیو تناسب اندام
  • استخر بچه ها
  • Health and wellness center
  • Club room
  • Electronic gaming room
  • Kids’ indoor play area
  • باربیکیو.
  • Fire pit
  • سینما
  • گازبو
  • Coffee bar
  • مرکز تجاری
Elevate Apartments at Arjan, Dubai


To secure your ideal unit in Elevate Apartments at Arjan, the only thing you need to do is contacting us at Alkhail Real Estate. You can benefit from 100% FREE consultation from our experienced agents. Besides, you will get a package of the following services:

  • Residency services
  • خرید مستقیم ملک
  • FREE consultation on WhatsApp
  • رزرو رایگان
  • رزرو در 1 دقیقه
Elevate Apartments at Arjan, Dubai

شرایط پرداخت آپارتمان های بن غاطی شرقی

قسطنقطه عطفپرداخت (%)
پیش پرداختدر رزرو20%
1خیابان قسطجولای 202310%
2دوم قسطنوامبر 202310%
3rd قسطفوریه 20245%
4هفتم قسطمی 20245%
5هفتم قسطOn Completion (Q1 2025)20%

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