How To Get a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

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A citizen or resident of the United Arab Emirates must apply to a registered driving institute in the relevant emirate, enroll in driver’s education classes, and pass all relevant exams before receiving a new driver’s license.

After completing the required training and examinations, citizens, GCC nationals, and other nationalities may apply for a new driver’s license that is valid for two years. This article will take you through a guide to getting a driving license in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi driving overview

The roads in the United Arab Emirates, including Abu Dhabi, are among the best in the world, so you can expect to see speeding automobiles on the freeways and possibly even some cattle on the rural roads. Driving in the UAE may be nerve-racking due to the combination of these highway speed demons and the constant gridlock.

In the United Arab Emirates, driving on the right is the norm; therefore, if you’re not comfortable going far faster than the posted limit, you should stay out of the left lane. You must carry your driver’s license, Emirates ID, and registration for legal purposes.

As an added precaution, always drive safely and within the posted speed limits. Keep your eyes peeled, and your ears perked since you never know when you could encounter an angry or irresponsible motorist. Otherwise, the road rules are quite similar to those in many other Western nations.

Also, when you get your driver’s license, you can go forAbu Dhabii citizenship. For this, you should know step by step process on how to register for Abu Dhabi citizenship.

Valid UAE driver’s license

Even if the minimum age to get behind the wheel in the United Arab Emirates is 18, the rental car age is set at 21. The simplicity with which you may get a driver’s license in the United Arab Emirates depends, as is the case in many other countries, on the country of origin of your passport.

All that is required to drive in the United Arab Emirates legally is for holders of passports from certain countries (a complete list of which can be seen here) to exchange their valid driver’s license for a UAE license. In contrast, foreign nationals who possess passports from countries other than the UAE must begin the process again to operate a motor vehicle there legally.

Moreover, you need to pay more attention to your passport renewal. In fact, those from the Philippines can benefit from Philippine passport renewal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Using a foreign driver’s license in Abu Dhabi

Tourists possessing valid driver’s licenses from certain nations (including the United States) will be allowed to use their licenses when driving in that country. In any case, you should know that many car rental agencies call for an International Driving Permit, so you may want to look into getting one of those. To drive lawfully in UAE or Abu Dhabi, you need to get an Emirati driver’s license in addition to your Emirates ID.

Abu Dhabi driving license requirements

You’ll need the following items before you can get started:

  • A. New Applicants
  • Eye Test
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Passport or Passport Copy
  • Visa or Visa Copy
  • No Objection Certificate from your employer if you need one.
  • Emirates ID
  • B. Renewal
  • Eye Test
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Passport or Passport Copy

How to Get a Driver’s License in Abu Dhabi?

Updates to the application system or unforeseen circumstances may cause minor changes to the procedure. You should verify the steps using other resources. The following are the instructions for applying for a driver’s license in Abu Dhabi as of February 2021.

1- Eye Test: The first step to getting an Abu Dhabi driving license

The eye exam is a crucial part of the Abu Dhabi licensing procedure. A valid eye exam from a recognized testing center is required before proceeding with the application process. Also, you can go to medical centers in Abu Dhabi for your eye exam. However, there are only two of them available for this step. There are also so many medical test centers for visas in Abu Dhabi.

Yateem Opticals and Al Jaber Opticals are the only two available options. You can choose the one that is near to your place. Don’t hesitate to inform the cashier that you require an eye exam for a driver’s license application. You’ll need 100 AED and an Emirates ID to apply for a new license and your current and old ID to renew.

Price and validity of the eye test

When you’re finished, the staff will enter your data into the system. For your records, you will be sent a receipt as an invoice and nothing more. It takes roughly ten to fifteen minutes to complete.

The Emirates Driving Company in Mussafah, building 3, also functions as an eye testing facility. There is a possibility that a commercial corporation rather than the government owns the eye exam, but we cannot confirm this. The doors open at 8 AM, and the fee to take the exam is 100 AED. The validity of the eye exam is for six months.

2. Visit a Typing Center: Second step to getting an Abu Dhabi driving license

You must physically visit the Emirates Driving Company location in Mussafah to open a police and traffic file. You may visit any typing facility if your eye exam is still current. This registration will be active for you for six months.

In addition, the ICA portal allows you to change your mobile phone number if it is listed differently in the database. You can also get help with this at the typing center. Before visiting a typing facility, do your eye exam and gather your supplies. A new mobile number costs 105 AED. 300 AED is required to register a traffic file.

The first floor of the EDC complex has a typing facility that is open to all visitors.

3. Theory Class Registration: Third Step for Abu Dhabi driving license

Three notifications from UAE TRAFFIC will arrive once you’ve made your traffic file. The most crucial is the third message since it contains your unique traffic and file number. For a theory class, you’ll need these minimums.

In its original form, finishing the theoretical lesson might take 5 to 8 days. There is now just one meeting and two hours of lecture every day. Additionally, you will be given a book to read.

When signing up for a theory course, you may do one of two things:

A. Onsite Registration

Going to the Emirates Driving Company in person to make payment in cash is required if you want to attend your theory lesson there. Time and dates for tests and other assignments will be sent to you. Additionally, a Vehicle book of your choice will be sent to you.

You can sign up for the theory classes at the main building. To pay your cash or any other payments during your process, you go to the best banks in Abu Dhabi.

B. Online Registration

The Emirates Driving Academy has developed a cutting-edge online theory course. If you already have your traffic record, you simply pay for the theory class and learn whenever it is appropriate. A PDF book will also be sent to you.

It’s easy to schedule your test with Emirates Driving Business; all you have to do is send an email when you’re ready to take it. This examination will take place at your local testing facility.

4- Theory Test: Forth step to getting an Abu Dhabi driving license

The Theory Exam may be scheduled at the front desk once you finish your theory course or by sending an email to [email protected]. The same applies to the theory course you’re taking online.

Building 1 is where you will take the theory test.

5. Practical Class: Fifth step to getting an Abu Dhabi driving license

After you have completed the theory test, you can go to the service center to register for the practical class. There was no time window available when we attended, but we were able to pay in advance and schedule the session by email.

To take this eight-day course, we forked up 3,050 AED. It took me a few emails to finally be scheduled for my hands-on training. There is a 16-day standard class and a 5-day VIP class available. The hands-on session can’t be scheduled without payment.

In the first classroom building, students can gain access to their hands-on learning experiences.

6. Parking Test: practical test to get an Abu Dhabi driving license

After finishing all of your hands-on training, you can next make an appointment for your parking test. If you have met the requirements for taking the parking exam, or if you need to take additional classes, you will receive a recommendation slip. You will have one more opportunity to prepare for the parking test. When you are ready to take your road test, you will be given instructions on how to do so.

7. Road Test Registration to get an Abu Dhabi driving license

The examiner informed you that you had successfully completed the parking test. Within the area where you wait for the parking test, there is a sign with instructions on registering for the road test and the road training.

8. Road Training to get an Abu Dhabi driving license

It is mandatory to get the Abu Dhabi Police App (available on both iOS and Android) and schedule a “Road Test” Try Date before beginning your road training. Obtaining an application and training ID will set you back 100 AED (about USD 115), plus 115 AED(about USD 2.50). In addition, a digital ID will be provided to you inside the mobile app.

You can only work with legitimate trainers if you have a training ID. Your one-and-a-half-hour training sessions will cost 150 AED. All training takes place in the Mussafah region, home of Emirates Driving School.

After you have finished your program, your teacher will provide you with a completion certificate.

9. Road Test to getting Abu Dhabi driving license

If you request a Try Date, you will be given a Road Test Date. If you successfully complete Road Training, your teacher will provide you with a training certificate. On the day of the exam, your certificate is not required. A valid Emirates ID is required for verification purposes.

On the test day, you must check in at the typing center at the Emirates Driving Company’s building #1. To participate, you must make a payment of 230 AED. After registration, you will be given a bus number. The buses will be waiting outside building #2, so go over there after you get the SMS.

While on board, the bus driver will want to see your Emirates ID. The driver will check your identification using a scanner to ensure you are indeed there.

The time of your first test is 7:45 in the morning. At 7:25 AM, you need to show up at the registration desk in Building #1. There’s no use in getting there too early since they don’t even open till 7:30. Not until 8:10 did the test even begin.

What’s the difference between onsite and online theory registration?

Every theory paradigm has its drawbacks and benefits. The drawback of taking the theory lesson at the Emirates Driving Company is that you will need to physically go there, wait in line, pay, and inquire when the next available session is.

The only way to reserve a spot in a course is to email the school in advance and come back later. Everything for the online theory course may be completed in the comfort of your own home. This includes signing up, making a payment, and attending lessons. You need to submit an email to register for the test. Theory exams are given solely in person.

The Practical Driving Course: What to Expect?

This part is reserved only for participants in the 8-Day practical classes. The majority of the courses are structured similarly. That implies you have to get a passing grade to go to the next level.

Day 1: Learning about the components of cars

On the first day of your driving lessons, the teacher will tell you about various vehicle components and the procedures to follow before getting behind the wheel. Then he teaches you the art of straight-line, forward, and reverse driving. The second lesson will cover driving in figure 8 and a square.

Day 2:  forward and backward zigzag practice

On the morning of Day 2, you will perform some forward and backward zigzags for your first workout. Next, you’ll go back to square one. Parking and U-turns are the topics of the second lesson.

Day 3:  90-degree angle parking practice

Parking at a 90-degree angle or backing up is covered on Day 3. The second session consists of a behind-the-wheel test drive with an instructor in the driving school’s enclosed, miniature driving area.

Day 4: First driving lesson with an instructor

On day four, you’ll have your first driving lesson with an instructor at the Emirates Driving Company’s indoor driving range. Tower 2 is the location of the second meeting. Without a guide, you’ll drive entirely by braking.

After the first session, the teacher handed me a recommendation paper and told me to go to the front desk for further details. You may find out whether you need to take the parking exam or sign up for additional training at the information desk.

Day 5: Driving Simulator

On the fifth day, you’ll go through the driving simulator twice. Sessions one and two are daytime and nighttime rainstorms.

Day 6:  parallel park practice

For your first session on Day 6, you’ll go to Tower-3 and practice making a right turn, a 90-degree turn, and a parallel park. The simulation room is where you will spend your second session.

Day 7: Meeting at Tower-3

On the seventh day of the week, you only have one meeting at Tower-3. In addition to the standard left turn, you’ll also practice 90-degree parking and parallel driving.

Day 8: Final driving class

Day 8 is your final driving class. You’ll have two solo sessions in the practice area with a vehicle all to yourself. That equates to two hours of solo driving with no passengers or pedals used other than the brake.

Abu Dhabi Driving License Tests

Your pursuit of an Abu Dhabi driver’s license will need your successful completion of three separate tests or examinations. We have briefly discussed them above, but here we will elaborate more on these three exams. This list contains the following.

1- Abu Dhabi Driving License Theory Test

There are 45 questions on the Abu Dhabi Driving Theory Exam, and you have 35 minutes to answer them. A score of 36 out of 45 is required to pass the Abu Dhabi Driver’s Theory Exam. In this first step, your teacher will briefly overview the test and its format. Please remember to have your booking confirmation and a valid Emirates ID.

If you don’t pass, you’ll have to pay and start over from the theory class.

2- Abu Dhabi Driving License Parking Test

You must demonstrate competence in two distinct parking techniques to pass the parking exam. There will be a one-hour review session before the real exam. Please leave any personal belongings in the waiting area before entering the testing room.

The exam is designed to be easy and short. All the test takers, or at least the vast majority, will be called at once. There will be instructions on what to do and what to anticipate. It was explained to us that the mirrors and the seat had already been set. Let’s just get in the vehicle, fasten your seatbelts, start the engine, and back up.

3- Abu Dhabi Driving License Road Test

The computerized schedule already has the students lined up in the correct order. Just over the driver’s head is a little display that cycles through the next driver and the present driver.

Once police officers have ridden in the self-driving vehicle, the test will begin. In-bus technology will soon be able to identify the driver and shout out their identity.

The parking lot next to Building #2 is where the test will begin. If you are the car’s first driver, you must leave the parking lot and make your way to the street. You must follow the police officer’s directions exactly. He will take note of your level of assurance behind the wheel, as well as whether or not you stick to the law and practice safe driving. Your time spent taking the test will be minimal, between 2 and 5 minutes.

When the authorities order you to exit the car after the test, you may either return to the bus and wait for the rest of the passengers or go straight home.

How to get an Abu Dhabi driver’s license after passing the road test?

Launch the Abu Dhabi Police Mobile App to get your driver’s license after completing the road test. Finding the option to “Issue Driving License” among the options available may require some digging.

You may get your license by uploading a picture and paying 300 AED plus 15 AED for shipping. If you pay online, you’ll have your digital license right away; if you choose to pay by check, your physical license will arrive in the mail within a few days.

After 9 AM, you will get an SMS with your final score.

The Abu Dhabi Police Department states that a digital license will be valid for 14 days. After that time, a plastic card will no longer suffice.

Tips to know for getting a driver’s license in Abu Dhabi

If you wish to get your driver’s license in Abu Dhabi, you should follow the instructions below.

Learn the Roads and Traffic Rules of Abu Dhabi

Passing the theory exam is a prerequisite for taking the driving test in the United Arab Emirates, but how well do you know the country’s driving regulations? Keep in mind that not everything is emphasized in the theory exam.

Since this is the case, it is prudent to make up for the information you lacked on the theory exam by studying even more thoroughly. Thankfully, an official handbook and a wealth of resources are available online to assist you.

Write down whatever your teacher says

Candidates are expected to start taking driving lessons a few weeks before taking the exam. Following registration, a suitable driving teacher will be assigned to you. The driving teacher can help you identify areas of improvement and hone your skills in preparation for the final exam.

It’s true that you’ll need to put in some time with your driving teacher before you can take the test, but that time will be well spent. To maximize your progress, it is recommended that you keep a notebook in which you can record your thoughts after each training session and make notes on what you need to focus on in order to improve. That way, your development can be monitored more closely.

Know the test routes for getting an Abu Dhabi driver’s license

Most driving tests employ predetermined routes that are not too far from the testing center or driving school. You would do well to practice driving on the most frequently used test routes before taking the actual exam. Knowing the roads immediately around the driving school or test center like the back of your hand is all that’s required.

Learn the Most Frequent Causes of Job Seeker Failure

If you want to achieve success, you should know the reasons why most individuals fail. Most people who take the Abu Dhabi driving test fail for various reasons, but if you pay close enough attention, you may see a pattern of common errors that people make repeatedly.

Candidates often fail the test because they are either too sluggish or too quick while driving. One typical cause of failure is just failing to check whether or not other passengers are wearing seatbelts.

In addition, examiners sometimes use the opportunity to test applicants’ judgment by having them do a U-turn or change lanes in the presence of oncoming traffic or contrary road signs.

Practice your confidence and courtesy

Most people who take the Abu Dhabi driving test fail for reasons as simple as a lack of self-assurance. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) reports that test anxiety and fear of failing are the two most common reasons drivers do poorly on-road tests.

But how exactly does an insufficient amount of self-assurance impact the entire performance? For one thing, a tense motorist is less likely to pay attention, increasing the likelihood that they may ignore traffic signals or fail to take precautions like checking their blind spot in the rearview mirror before changing lanes or making a turn.

To make a good first impression on the examiner, dress appropriately and behave courteously. In addition, don’t wear sunglasses if you plan on taking your exam outside.

Be Ready with Your Paperwork

Ensure you have all the necessary documentation in place a few days before your driving test. Remember that your road test will be canceled or rescheduled if you are unable to validate your information. Documents such as an original United Arab Emirates identification card or original travel passport with a resident visa, a report on an eye exam, a temporary driver’s license, a no objection certificate, and eight pictures will likely be required. However, it’s better to know all about the new Abu Dhabi travel restrictions before getting ready for the paperwork

Also, keep in mind that if you are from Pakistan, you should renew your passport. So before anything, go for an online Pakistani passport renewal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Last but not least, remember to show up for your driving test at least 30 minutes early. It’s not an option to be late! So, brighten up and go obtain that driver’s license.

FAQ about getting Abu Dhabi driving license

So let’s address some of the most common questions.

I have an international license; will it be valid in Abu Dhabi?

A foreign license is invalid for residents. However, if you are just in the country for a short while, you may drive with your international license.

If a person already has driving experience, how many hours of instruction would they need?

Even if you have driving experience from your home country before moving abroad, you will still need to enroll in driver’s education. The time commitment is flexible based on your level of driving expertise.

  • More than five years: Minimum ten and Maximum 20 hours
  • Two to five years: Minimum 15 hours and Maximum 30 hours
  • Less than two years: Minimum 20 hours and Maximum 40 hours

For how long do you anticipate this taking place?

Obtaining your license shouldn’t take more than a few weeks if you’re prepared with the necessary paperwork. Including the cost of the service facility and the eye test, this complete procedure will likely cost about AED 1,000.

How much is a license exchange (without the optometry test)?

200 AED for opening a file.

600 AED for issuing a license.

50 AED for the handbook manual.

Do I need to swap my license if I am from a GCC country, or can I use it as is in Dubai?

If a GCC citizen is only visiting the UAE, he may use his home country’s license, but if he plans to stay and work there, he’ll need to get an Emirati license.


Whether you want to spend a short amount of time or make Dubai your permanent home, you will need a valid driver’s license. To help you get your driver’s license in Dubai, we have included a guide to getting a driving license in Abu Dhabi.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as you well know, are two of the world’s top destinations and cities. To call the United Arab Emirates home is a dream for many people.

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