How to get a Dubai visa residency? Ways to get a UAE residency visa

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How to get a Dubai visa residency? Ways to get a UAE residency visa

You may have heard that in order to gain residence in Dubai, all one has to do is buy property there. It is possible for tourists to Dubai to be so enchanted by the city’s ultramodern urban design, one-of-a-kind recreational activities, and business-friendly policies that they opt to permanently extend their stay in Dubai. Dubai is a beautiful city.

Becoming a resident of Dubai seemed like an impossible dream for many years. However, thanks to recent amendments made by the UAE government to the residency and visa rules, it is now possible to make your dream of becoming a resident of the UAE a reality.  In this post, we will go through the guide on how to get a Dubai visa residency. Keep an eye out!

How to get a Dubai visa residency? Ways to get a UAE residency visa

Who is eligible to apply for a Dubai visa residency in 2023?

A foreigner who wishes to apply for a residence visa in the UAE must first satisfy a number of requirements before doing so. The applicant’s nationality is another factor that goes into determining these standards. While applying for a residency visa in Dubai, one must ensure that one meets the following requirement:

Upon migrating to Dubai, residents with nationalities other than those of nations in the Gulf Cooperation Council needed to apply for a residence permit. In the event that a residence visa is acquired as a result of work, the application for the visa will be submitted on behalf of the foreign national by the employer.

How to get a Dubai visa residency? Ways to get a UAE residency visa

Why should you get a Dubai visa residency?

A residency visa is required in order to carry out a number of activities, such as opening a bank account in Dubai or shopping for a variety of items, including vehicles; While applying for a resident visa in Dubai, the applicant’s passport must have at least six months left on its validity date.

After a foreign national has secured a residency visa for the UAE, our Dubai business formation specialists can provide in-depth information on all of the advantages available to the individual in question. Please contact us if you need information regarding obtaining residence in the UAE. Besides a residency visa, we suggest you get a freelance visa in Dubai. It is much easier than other visaa.

How to get a Dubai visa residency? Ways to get a UAE residency visa

Can I purchase real estate to qualify for a Dubai residency visa?

The ultramodern city of Dubai is teeming with marvels and is proud to display its plethora of recognizable monuments and mind-boggling attractions. Many people from different parts of the globe come to see these marvels every year.

One can always have more of Dubai’s attractions, however, not only because of their fascination but also because many more are presently being created and will increase Dubai’s collection of wonders even more. This means that one can always have more of Dubai’s attractions.

The top feature of buying real estate for a Dubai residency visa

Due to this, many opportunities for investors have emerged, and the government of the UAE has recently revised the old visa rules to make them more investor-friendly. This was done in order to maintain the investors’ confidence and trust while also increasing the cash flow in the real estate market.

Since the regulations governing residence in the United Arab Emirates have recently been updated, it is now feasible to apply for a UAE residency visa by acquiring residential property in Dubai. As an investor, you will have the opportunity to pick from a wide variety of cutting-edge properties that are now on the market for sale in Dubai, and secure one of the many different residents permits on offer.

How to get a Dubai visa residency? Ways to get a UAE residency visa

What draws so many to make Dubai their permanent home?

You are surely aware that over the last several years, Dubai has developed into a significant economical center in the Middle East and that the United Arab Emirates draws a large number of investors in real estate each year.

Top reasons for choosing Dubai to get the visa residency

In this section, I’d like to discuss the many advantages of holding a property visa for Dubai.

  • Dubai is widely regarded as one of the most important financial centers on the global stage.
  • The exotic way of life, the varied environment, the well-organized road network, and Dubai’s reputation as a location welcoming to families constitute Dubai.
  • The success of the real estate market in Dubai is largely attributable to the assistance provided by the government.
  • Opportunities for investments with excellent returns and the potential to make a lot of money.
  • In order to remain in the country, foreign nationals only need local sponsorship if they have a resident visa for Dubai.
  • You can remain in the United Arab Emirates for as long as you want if you have a real estate visa from Dubai.
  • You will have no trouble opening a bank account in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) if you get a residence after purchasing real estate in Dubai.
  • Those possessing a property investor visa in Dubai can get a driving license in the UAE.
  • Dubai residency permits you to renew your trade license quickly.

Where should I purchase a house in Dubai to qualify for a long-term visa residency?

The laws regarding who may legally own property in each Emirate of the UAE are varied. You should also make property investments in freehold locations, such as Dubai if you wish to be eligible for a resident visa in that country.

Now that we have established that, let’s go further and identify some of the greatest places in Dubai where you may purchase property and gain residence. If you want to buy a house in Dubai Hills Estate, then you need to know about the pros and cons of living in Dubai Hills Estate.

Get a residency visa in Dubai by purchasing a home in Palm Jumeirah

You may acquire a resident visa for Dubai by purchasing a property in Palm Jumeirah, which I will offer as the first amazing alternative for obtaining a Dubai residence visa.

Palm Jumeirah is home to opulent villas that are now on the market. Palm Jumeirah is often considered to be Dubai’s most exclusive neighborhood. It is the world’s biggest artificial island and home to some of the most innovative construction projects. You may get a Dubai Resident Visa if you purchase a property in one of these developments, such as 22 Carat Villas or One Palm Apartments.

Get a residence visa by purchasing a property in Dubai Marina

In addition, if you purchase a contemporary home in Dubai Marina, you might qualify for residence in Dubai. In addition to being one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Dubai, Dubai Marina is also one of the neighborhoods where residents experience waterfront living at its finest.

You may move a step closer to obtaining a Dubai Resident Visa by choosing to live in one of the apartments at Marina Gate or Damac Heights in Dubai Marina. Also, if you are traveling to Dubai as a tourist, it is better to know how to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai.

Get a property visa by purchasing a home in Downtown Dubai

The availability of flats in Downtown Dubai is another investment opportunity that may qualify you for residence in Dubai. The upmarket district of Downtown Dubai is known for providing its inhabitants with the most exciting and cosmopolitan lifestyle options.

In Downtown Dubai, apartment buildings known as IL Primo and Opera Grande may be found. Putting money into these initiatives brings you one step closer to qualifying for a residency visa in Dubai.

Get a Dubai residency permit by investing in World Islands properties

The last possibility that I would like to discuss is the availability of global islands real estate in Dubai. This neighborhood is one of the most famous in all of Dubai, and it is home to a number of remarkable and prestigious construction projects.

One of the projects in this region that has received the greatest amount of anticipation is the Floating Venice Residences. You can take advantage of the perks that come with holding UAE Residency if you choose to invest in this project.

How to get a Dubai visa residency? Ways to get a UAE residency visa

Which visa categories are available for Dubai real estate?

A UAE two-year renewable visa, a 5-year residence visa, a 10-year residence visa, and a number of other types of visas are just some of the options available to people who want to invest in real estate in the UAE.

The UAE government offers these visas to people who want to invest in real estate in the country based on the terms and conditions of their purchase. But, in general, they may be broken down into two categories: long-term visas (those valid for more than five years) and short-term visas (those valid for less than five years), both of which will be discussed in more detail below.

Short-term residency visa UAE

To begin, I’d want to discuss the short-term resident visas for Dubai, which may range from six months to three years in length. If you are from India and want to get a Dubai residency visa, then you should know what is life for Indians in Dubai like.

Read the following list to get more information about the particulars and prerequisites for each of them.

6-month multi-entry Dubai residency visa

Buying a home in the United Arab Emirates for at least one million dirhams will get you a residence visa good for a minimum of six months and multiple entries. Those who are granted this kind of visa are permitted to visit any one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, and they may enter the nation an unlimited number of times throughout the period of time that their visa is valid.

The Dubai Land Authority does not have the authority to grant this particular kind of Dubai residency visa; thus, in order to get one, you will need to speak with the appropriate immigration authorities. In addition, as the name implies, a visa valid for multiple entries and exits for a period of six months must be renewed every six months.

Two-year Dubai residence visa

You are eligible for a Two-year Property Investment Visa and may live as if you are a UAE resident if your property’s value is more than one million AED. You may submit an application for an Emirates ID, a driving license, a mobile phone, and so on. You are also permitted to sponsor dependents and take pleasure in the luxurious lifestyle Dubai offers for the period specified in the visa.

 3-year residency visa Dubai

The acquisition of a residential property with a value of more than one million UAE Dirhams is necessary in order to qualify for a residence visa valid for three years. Nevertheless, there is little difference between the two since the visa valid for three years can only be obtained at the Dubai Land Department and costs between 13000 and 15000 AED.

Top features of getting a 3-year residency visa in Dubai

In addition, if you hold a residence visa valid for three years in Dubai, you are considered an official UAE resident and eligible for several more privileges. In addition to this, an Emirates ID card and the ability to get a UAE driving license will be provided to them.

In addition, holders of this kind of resident visa can sponsor members of their immediate families. Also, it is necessary to point out that in order to preserve your eligibility for the three-year UAE resident visa, you must ensure that you do not spend more than six months in a row outside the UAE.

Long-term residence visa UAE

In this category, I would like to discuss the long-term Dubai resident visas, which range from 5 to 10 years in length and are offered by the government to international investors in an effort to boost economic expansion and bring in more capital from the real estate sector. In the following section, you can find information on the status of various visas.

Five-year Dubai residence visa

If you buy a house with a price tag of at least 5 million Emirati Dirhams (AED), you will be eligible for a visa valid for five years. Be careful if you want to get a visa for Dubai; under all circumstances, you must refrain from purchasing your dream house with a loan.

The investment must be held for at least three years to be exempt from normal responsibility. We suggest you check affordable residential areas near metro stations in Dubai to get this type of residency.

Top features of a five-year Dubai residence visa

While it is valid for a longer length of time, this category of visa provides its bearer with benefits that are comparable to those provided by the 3-year resident visa.

You are also granted the ability to sponsor dependents, engage domestic workers and drivers, and extend the length of time that you can enjoy Dubai’s luxurious lifestyles with this five-year visa. There is no minimum or maximum amount of time that you are required to spend in Dubai.

10-year real estate visa in Dubai

Investors who wish to secure this long-term visa are required to make a minimum investment of 10 million UAE Dirhams. If you utilize a loan to fund your purchase or if you do not keep onto your investment for at least three years, you will not be eligible for a 10-year resident visa in Dubai, just as you would not be eligible for a 5-year visa in Dubai.

Top features of a 10-year real estate visa in Dubai

In addition to yourself as an investor and members of your immediate family, a 10-year resident visa for the United Arab Emirates may be extended to an executive director as well as an adviser. What are the most important criteria that must be met to qualify for a resident visa in the UAE?

There are precise requirements that both your property and your investment must fulfill, as well as certain documentation that you must show to the relevant authorities in order to be eligible for a UAE resident visa. The following is a concise summary of these terms and conditions, as well as the documents:

How to get a Dubai visa residency? Ways to get a UAE residency visa

Dubai real estate visa property valuation and type

When we state that you must purchase a property in Dubai in order to get a resident visa for the United Arab Emirates, we do not mean just any home; rather, the home must meet certain requirements, which you can learn about here:

Valuation of the Property to get Dubai visa residency

Your home should go for at least one million Emirati Dirhams (AED) when it’s put up for sale. The purchase price is the one that is seen as being different from the current market price.

You are allowed to own numerous properties, and as long as the total worth of those properties is more than one million UAE dirhams, you are eligible to apply for a resident visa. Remember that before buying a house in Dubai, you really should know the major cost of living in Dubai.

Property type to get Dubai visa residency

In order to be qualified to submit an application for a residential visa, the applicant must own a residential property. Invest at least one million UAE Dirhams (AED) in residential and serviced apartments, hotel apartments, villas, and townhouses, or offices.

You may be eligible for a residence visa in the United Arab Emirates. But there is no need to panic since the real estate market in Dubai is brimming with high-quality apartments and cutting-edge villas that can be purchased at a wide variety of price points.

Property Condition for Dubai visa residency

The home or land you want to buy must be completed and ready to move into immediately. Investing in pre-construction real estate will not qualify you for a permanent visa in the UAE.

Location of the Property for Dubai visa residency

Freehold areas, where foreigners and non-citizens of the UAE may buy and keep properties, are the best places to acquire property if you wish to invest in real estate and receive a UAE residence visa.

How to get a Dubai visa residency? Ways to get a UAE residency visa

Dubai real estate visa documents

After selecting an appropriate residence, the next step is to compile a number of specified papers and present them to the appropriate authorities. These may include the following:

Income Declaration

You must inform the authorities that you make at least AED 10,000 each month to prove your income. It is optional to specify where the revenue is coming from or where it is coming from.

  • Property Title Deed
  • Passport
  • Visa Status
  • Certificate of Good Conduct (should be obtained from the Dubai Police)
  • Bank Statements
  • Utility Bill
  • Health \ Medical Insurance

Certificate of Marriage

You can still apply for a resident visa in the UAE if you plan to acquire a property in the United Arab Emirates as a joint venture with your husband or wife. But you should show the authorities your marriage certificate to avoid complications.

How to get a Dubai visa residency? Ways to get a UAE residency visa

New Dubai resident visa requirements

The United Arab Emirates government has amended a number of the prerequisites necessary to gain residence in Dubai as of the year 2018. According to the new requirements, foreign nationals who want to apply for a residence visa in Dubai based on a job contract need to present further a certificate of good behavior, which must be acquired from their respective countries of residency.

It is unnecessary to get this degree for those who are constantly switching occupations. A working email address is now required of any non-Dubai residents who want to apply for a residence permit in the emirate of Dubai. The applicants will get an email from the local authorities informing them of the status of their visa applications. In this case, we suggest you learn more about how to get a job in Dubai.

Trust us to get your visa residency

If you take advantage of the assistance provided by our local professionals, the process of immigrating to Dubai may be a straightforward and straightforward procedure. Our staff is standing by to address any concerns you may have about the visa and the residence permit and provide assistance with the associated paperwork.

Are you considering making investments in Dubai so that you may get a residence there? You could be interested in the Dubai residency by investment program, in which we can explain the steps for achieving the necessary status. If you are moving to Dubai from Pakistan, we can help you by offering the best real estate in Dubai.

How to get a Dubai visa residency? Ways to get a UAE residency visa

Relocating to an economic-free zone in Dubai

It is important to remember that not all residence requirements apply when an individual moves to a Dubai-free zone from another country. The authorities in charge of free zones in Dubai are the ones responsible for handing out resident permits, which may be obtained more quickly and with less hassle here.

When it comes to obtaining residence permits through employment, the free zone authorities will issue the visas as soon as the employee submits all of the documents required to start working.  On the other hand, when a company is incorporated in a Dubai-free zone, the issuance of a residence permit is included in the process of registering the company.

How to get a Dubai visa residency? Ways to get a UAE residency visa

Employment-based residence in Dubai

Whether beginning a new job in Dubai or joining other family members who already work and live in the city, applying for residence status is one of the most popular reasons for non-citizens to want to move to Dubai permanently. Upon relocating to Dubai, a foreign person may also gain residence if a UAE native is willing to sponsor them. This is in addition to the sponsorship that the employer provides.

In the first instance, foreign citizens will be granted entrance permission that will enable them to go to Dubai before the permitted residence permit. This will take place before the residence permit can be provided.

Top features of Employment-based residence in Dubai

When an employer in Dubai applies for an entrance visa for a foreign citizen employee, the Dubai firm must also submit an application for authorization to hire a foreigner and a copy of its business license. Since the validity of the entrance permit is only good for a period of two months, the process of obtaining residence must be completed within this timeframe.

Expatriatewishingsh to sponsor family members to obtain a residence visa in Dubamustto have a monthly income of at least 3,000 AED if the employer provides the accommodation or at least 4,000 AED if the sponsor has their own property.

Start your business to get Dubai visa residency

Individuals who are interested in establishing a company in Dubai have a number of organizational forms from which to choose. The limited liability corporation, which has a minimum share capital of one dollar and at least two shareholders, is the business structure that is both the most appropriate and the easiest to understand.

We note the short period of incorporation, which is around three weeks, as one of the advantages of this structure. Another advantage is the exceptionally advantageous tax system, which does not need to pay corporate tax since it is not enforced.

How to get a Dubai visa residency? Ways to get a UAE residency visa

Residency via Dubai company registration

Registering a corporation in the Emirate of Dubai or in one of the free zones it contains is one of the most common ways people get residence in Dubai. Compared to creating a business onshore in Dubai, which requires sponsorship from a local partner, registering a corporation in a Dubai-free zone enables the foreign investor to own the firm completely.

With this specific residence visa, a non-Dubai national may participate as a shareholder in a local business and be authorized to employ people in the UAE. The residency visa that may be acquired via the formation of a business in Dubai is valid for a period of three years and can be extended.

How to get a Dubai visa residency? Ways to get a UAE residency visa

Getting a residency permit for your family in Dubai

The majority of migrating foreign nationals to Dubai are also interested in submitting visa applications for their immediate and extended family members. They must be aware that it is possible for them to secure a resident visa for their immediate family members, including their spouses, children, and even their parents.

In order for the application to be granted permission to bring family members into Dubai, they must first satisfy certain requirements. Among them are the requirements that their pay must be at least 4,000 AED or 3,000 AED, but extra money will be necessary for lodging.

Top features of getting a residency permit for your family in Dubai

If an employee wishes to bring their parents with them, their company can sponsor them; however, the employee’s minimum annual wage must be 10,000 AED. To be able to bring one’s family with them to Dubai, the person who holds the residence permit in Dubai must first apply for an entry residence visa on their behalf. This process must begin at least 30 days before the family members are scheduled to arrive.

A marriage certificate and a pay stub for the applicant are two documents that will be required in 2023 to obtain a residence permit for a family member in Dubai. Additionally, the applicant will be required to provide information regarding the identification papers that each family member possesses.

How to get a Dubai visa residency? Ways to get a UAE residency visa

How can real estate investors apply for UAE resident visas?

You will be eligible to apply for one of the kinds of visas described above after you have located and completed the acquisition of an appropriate piece of real estate in Dubai. You will need to do the following actions to receive your resident visa for the UAE:

  • Send Your Application to the Department of Land and Survey in Dubai
  • Visit the office of the Dubai Land Department (DLD) in Deira, where you will be required to show the following papers in order to submit an application for a visa as well as information on a property:
  • The original title document to the property that was just acquired
  • Original passport (if you want to apply for other family members, you should bring their passports, too.)
  • A hard copy of the page displaying the visa status
  • photographs of the applicants in passport proportions
  • You will be provided with a letter of evidence written in Arabic after submitting your application. After that, you are free to go on to the next stage.
  • Deliver the DLD Letter to the Headquarters of the Dubai Police Department

Other steps for real estate investors to get Dubai visa residency

When you have received the letter from the DLD, you should next make a request to the Dubai Police Headquarters for a letter of good conduct. This letter serves as evidence that you do not have a criminal history and are thus qualified to apply for a resident visa. In order to get a letter of good conduct, you will need to provide a copy of your passport in addition to the DLD letter.

The issuing of the letter typically takes two full working days, along with the payment of a nominal cost that comes to around AED 220, and it is necessary before the letter can be issued. You will be able to go on to the next and final stage after you have received your letter of good conduct from the Dubai Police Headquarters.

Submitting Your Form to the DLD Office

In addition to all of the papers that were needed in step one of the application process for a resident visa in the UAE, you will need the following documents in order to complete the procedure:

  • Certificate of excellent behavior
  • A copy of the DEWA bill
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport
  • Marriage certificate (if the purchased property is a joint venture)
  • Certificate presented by the mortgage lending institution to the DLD (if you are mortgaging your property)

Confirmation of your mortgage

A confirmation of your mortgage and title deed may also be requested of you now. In such a case, you will need to provide the estate registration trustee division with the following papers and pay a cost of AED 1590.

  • Title deed
  • Banknote
  • Passport
  • A hard copy of the page displaying the visa status

You will be able to receive your UAE resident visa if you have completed these steps and followed the necessary procedures. The costs for each form of visa differ from the other, and the renewal fees are generally significantly less than the issuance expenses.

How to get a Dubai visa residency? Ways to get a UAE residency visa

What are the expenses associated with getting a residence in Dubai?

The process of acquiring a resident visa for Dubai may include the payment of specific costs; the amount of these fees is determined by the kind of permit that will be received. These prices may indicate things like:

  • The service costs, which include the application price for getting a visa, the charge for processing knowledge, and the fee for innovation
  • The cost that must be paid to get the medical certificate after the medical examination
  • The charge for acquiring an electronic residency permit or for amending the status of a visa that is about to expire
  • The costs charged by the bank and the amount required to have the Dubai work visa and permit from the Ministry of Labor.

Top features of the cost of getting a residence in Dubai

When an individual applies for a residence visa in Dubai based on their work, the Dubai firm that employs them is required to additionally provide a guarantee, which turns the employer into the applicant’s sponsor. Because of this, the total amount of money required to get a residence permit in Dubai can only sometimes be determined with complete accuracy.

In recent years, the amount of time required to complete applications for resident visas has been cut down. If you want to ensure a swift and uncomplicated application process, seek the assistance of our business incorporation agents in Dubai.

How to get a Dubai visa residency? Ways to get a UAE residency visa

Conclusion on how to get Dubai visa residency

Here it was our guide on how to get Dubai visa residency. The regulations governing residence in the United Arab Emirates have recently been relaxed, making it possible for non-Dubai residents to acquire citizenship by purchasing property in the city.

Another reason why investing in Dubai’s real estate market may be highly profitable is because of the recently enacted legislation regarding nationality in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Under this law, investors can now become citizens of the UAE, provided they satisfy specific requirements.

Suppose you are interested in purchasing the greatest off-plan property for sale in the United Arab Emirates and buying real estate in Dubai. In that case, the staff at AlKhail Real Estate is ready to assist you in both of these endeavors. Remember that you may ask any queries you have and get answers from our knowledgeable agents 24/7 online and on the site.

How to get a Dubai visa residency? Ways to get a UAE residency visa


let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

Can one purchase a home and set up residence in Dubai?

Thankfully, the criteria for obtaining residence in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been updated. The new laws enable foreign nationals to gain residency in the UAE by investing in real estate in Dubai and other locations around the country.

How low of a price point do you need to pay for a home in Dubai?

In Dubai, purchasing a home requires a minimum investment of one million dirhams.

Who is eligible to apply for a resident visa in the UAE?

Any nationality may apply for a resident visa in the UAE, except for citizens of the UAE and other GCC countries.

How long should a passport be valid for a Dubai resident visa?

If you wish to apply for a resident visa in Dubai, your passport has to be valid for at least six months from the date of application.

How much does it cost to get a visa to live in Dubai for three years?

If you are an applicant from Dubai without health insurance and want to secure a Dubai residency visa for three years, you will need to pay around 2,400 AED.

Can multiple persons apply for a Dubai investor visa?

An investor visa for Dubai may be obtained by anybody who makes an investment of more than one million UAE dirhams (AED) in the real estate market of this city, provided that certain conditions are met.

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