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Terms and Conditions (Terms of Use)

Please carefully read these Terms and Conditions (Terms of Use) before using the Alkhail website and the Alkhail mobile application operated by Uneed Portal LLC. By browsing through the website or using the mobile app, you agree, accept and are expected to comply with the company’s terms and conditions. If you disagree with any of the provisions, you may discontinue browsing our site or using our mobile app.

Definition of Terms

The terms “we”, “our”, “us” mean Uneed Portal LLC and its officers, employees and its agents. “Website” refers to Alkhail.ae and the mobile app.


All copyright, trademarks, content (website logo and text) and other intellectual property rights in this website are owned by Uneed Portal LLC. Any information that you get from the website can only be used for personal and noncommercial purposes only. Any illegal distribution or selling of the website’s content without our consent are subject to existing copyright laws. We also respect the intellectual property rights of others so we ask you do the same. We can decide to terminate the access of users who have a proven record of copyright infringement. Important note: All logos and images (artistic renders and photos) that we use for the projects are mainly utilized to refer to the original brand, company or developer.  Uneed Portal LLC is not directly affiliated to the owners and employees of the brands mentioned in the website.

Contacting Developers

By providing your name, contact number and email on the website’s call back request feature, you authorize Uneed Portal LLC to give your personal information to your chosen property developer. Filling out the call back request form will allow any representative from the developer’s end to personally contact you without the developer necessarily informing us.

Third-Party Links and Materials

Alkhail.ae uses links to third-party websites and materials provided by third-parties for our services. Uneed Portal LLC does not endorse nor take responsibility for such products, services, websites, and materials. Your access to any third-party link or material in line with our services are exclusively between you and the third-party involved. It is not our duty to approve or monitor materials provided by third parties that you have accessed through our website. Any damages that may arise with your dealings with third-party websites will not be our responsibility.
  • Google Maps
Your use of Google Maps is subject to Google’s terms of use.
  • Youtube
Your use of Youtube is subject to Youtube’s terms of use.
  • LiveChat
Your use of LiveChat is subject to LiveChat’s terms of use. Change of Content/Use Uneed Portal LLC reserves the right to edit, replace or totally remove the website or any part of it without notice and shall not be liable for the said changes. We also have the discretion to change the Terms and Conditions at any given time. Your continued use automatically constitutes to your acceptance of

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