Top 25 Shopping Malls in Dubai

Top 25 Shopping Malls in Dubai

Living in Dubai and buying properties for sale in Dubai is a dream for many people. Because the standards of living in Dubai are very high and you can live a comfortable life. One of the reasons for this comfortable life is the existence of large shopping malls in all neighborhoods of Dubai that easily meet the needs of the residents. Also, Dubai is one of the most important shopping destinations for tourists. With its diverse and endless shopping malls where all the world’s renowned brands have branches, the city is a shopping paradise for shopaholics. But if we do not know which shopping mall to go to, we waste our time. So it’s better to collect complete information about shopping malls in Dubai so that we can both shop and enjoy shopping without worrying. We introduce some of Dubai shopping malls and their features below:

Top 25 Shopping Malls in Dubai

1. Dubai Outlet Mall, The First Outlet of The Middle East Among Dubai Shopping Malls

The tradition of out-of-state stores is to sell goods that have not been sold in the brand’s main stores or are no longer fashionable. These types of goods come at high discounts (40 to 90 percent). If you’re one of those people who doesn’t care about fashion but likes to buy from famous brands at reasonable prices, Outlet stores are exactly right for you and it is one of the top malls in Dubai.

Dubai Outlet Mall, the first outlet of the Middle East among Dubai shopping malls
  • Where’s the Outlet Mall?

Outlet Mall of Dubai is Dubai’s most famous market with more than 1,200 international brands. In this mall in Dubai, you can buy clothes, bags, and shoes, as well as home appliances, jewelry, toiletries, perfumes, and even mobile phones and computers in this center, and you can use the small outlet mall amusement park without paying. As you’ve seen, this shopping mall has everything you need, but if you love gold and jewelry, be sure to read the most popular gold shops in Dubai article on our website and find out where these stores are. In the outlet mall one of Dubai’s best shopping malls, you can shop and tour the lounge after a long day and get free coffee on Sundays and Wednesdays. Outlet Mall is located on Al Ain Road and is easily accessible by taxi or bus.

Where's the outlet Mall

2. Outlet Village, An Unparalleled Shopping Experience From Dubai’s Best Shopping Malls

Outlet Village on Jebel Ali Road is a shopping mall in Dubai that is unique in every direction. When you step into Outlet Village, the first thing that attracts your attention is a shopping mall with classic European architecture in the Abu Dhabi Desert.

  • Outlet Village Dubai Resorts

There are numerous restaurants, cafes, and dining halls in Outlet Village that are ideal for both belly and refreshment. Of all the selected hotels and renowned tourism centers of Dubai, there is a means of transportation for Outlet Village. Like Outlet Mall, there is a childcare department with play and entertainment facilities. So it is one of the best shopping malls in Dubai.

Outlet village Dubai Resorts

3. Dragon Mart, a mall with a design of Little China in the Heart of Dubai

Undoubtedly, one of the most different shopping malls in Dubai is Dragon Mart. The shopping mall, which is the largest Chinese shopping mall outside the country, is built in the form of dragons and has an area of 150,000 square meters. The most important advantage of Dragon Mart is that you can get a variety of cheap porcelain items ranging from building materials to apparel and stationery and office supplies here.  We can say it is one of the top shopping malls in Dubai. Dragon Mart is located on Al Ain Road and is easily accessible by taxi and bus.

Dragon Mart, Little China in the Heart of Dubai

4. Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall, one of the top shopping malls in Dubai

Ibn Battuta is one of Dubai’s largest shopping malls, but its reputation is not limited to this feature. In addition to being a very large shopping mall, Ibn Battuta is also a cultural and historical center. The shopping mall is named after Moroccan tourist Mohammed bin Battuta and has a special architecture due to its designation. It has a great level in the list of malls in Dubai.

  • Parts of Ibn Battuta

The shopping mall has six parts: Iran, China, India, Andalusia, Egypt, and Tunisia, six regions to which The Moroccan Ibn Battuta traveled during his lifetime, and the architecture of each section is completely in accordance with the traditional architecture of that country. When you enter Iran, it’s as if you’ve entered Iran. This unique architecture makes Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall one of the most beautiful shopping malls in Dubai, making it a good and attractive recreation.

Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall, beyond a shopping mall
  • Access to Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall currently has about 300 stores where the goods that are offered are not so cheap. At the time of the auction, you can buy affordable goods in this beautiful shopping mall. It is very easy to access Ibn Battuta because it is located on Sheikh Zayed Highway, which is one of the main highways of the city. There are also a variety of attractive restaurants and cafes in this shopping mall that complete the joy of touring. So don’t miss this beautiful shopping mall in Dubai.

Parts of Ibn Battuta

5. City Center Deira, The Endless Charm of a Shopping Mall in Dubai

Before the shopping malls of Ibn Batuta and the Emirates Mall and the Dubai Mall were built, the title of Dubai’s largest shopping mall belonged to City Center Deira. Deira’s flamboyant shopping mall hosts a large number of the world’s most famous brands in fields ranging from home appliances to apparel. There is also an Ikea and Carrefour branch (French hypermarket) in the shopping mall. So with this description, City Center Deira would be one of the top shopping malls in Dubai.

City Center Deira, the endless charm of a shopping mall
  • Luxury Shopping in City Center Deira

Note that you can’t expect an affordable and economical purchase at City Center, but almost everything can be found here. In addition to these, one of Dubai’s most attractive shopping malls with a bowling hall, 11 movie theaters, an exciting indoor amusement park, 50 restaurants, and fast food is also a full-fledged entertainment center in Dubai. If you travel in Dubai, don’t forget to visit this shopping mall.

Luxury shopping in City Center Deira

6. Dubai Mall, The World’s Largest Shopping Mall in Dubai

Dubai Mall is one of the sectors of the massive Burj Khalifa project, which is the tallest tower in the world. Dubai Mall today is the largest commercial and recreational center in the world. Dubai Mall opened in 2008 with 1,000 stores, with the number of stores reaching 1,200 over the past few years. The extraordinary advantages of this shopping mall such as its proximity to the city center and luxury hotels make it one of the most popular shopping malls in Dubai.

Dubai Mall, the world's largest shopping mall
  • Recreation in Dubai Mall

In Dubai Mall, except for branches of prestigious international brands, there are plenty of amenities to enjoy, such as an aquarium, ice playground, cinemas, and restaurants that cover a variety of tastes and you can spend a happy and unforgettable day alongside shopping. By the way, if you are interested in gold, there is a magnificent and attractive market in Dubai Mall, which is not a blessing to visit. Dubai mall’s other attraction is the existence of the world’s largest confectionery shop, a 930 square meter confectionery store. To visit and enjoy all the facilities prepared in Dubai mall, you need 2 or 3 days. So notice your Dubai visit visa, if you need more days we guide you on how to renew your Dubai visit visa.

Recreation in Dubai Mall

7. Emirates Mall, Skiing in the Dubai Desert

If anyone claims Emirate Mall is one of Dubai’s top shopping malls, they are not out of the way. Like all top shopping malls in Dubai, UAE Mall has world-renowned brands in various fields. The advantage of this shopping mall is that you can also make a good purchase on a modest budget. So it would be one of the affordable shopping malls in Dubai. In this shopping mall, both high-end brands such as Prada, Dior, Gucci, and Valentino have branches, as well as medium-sized brands such as Zara, Achandam, and Mango.

There are other attractions like amusement parks, cinema complexes, theaters, and the food court is a very famous and diverse complex. But the Emirate’s most special attraction is the indoor skiing space where you can ski on real snow. So we can say the top and the best shopping mall in Dubai is Emirates mall.

Emirates Mall, skiing in the Dubai Desert

8. Marina Shopping Mall, Shopping with Sea View in Dubai

Marina Mall opened in 2008 and on 4 floors everything is found and almost makes you needless of all other shopping malls. So it is one of the best shopping malls in Dubai. At Marina Mall, there is a branch of the British supermarket chain Withers that offers the best quality food. In Marina mall, like other shopping malls, there are recreational facilities such as children’s parks, cinema halls, food court, etc.

Marina Shopping Mall, Shopping with Sea View
  • Harry Potter Footprints in Marina Shopping Mall in Dubai

One of the features of Marina mall in Dubai, that appeals to Harry Potter lovers, is the roof design of the complex, known as the Hogwarts School roof design. Another feature of Marina Mall is the sea neighbouring, where this beautiful landscape makes Marina mall one of the most popular shopping malls in Dubai for tourists to enjoy relaxing in sea-facing cafes and restaurants alongside shopping.

Harry Potter footprints in Marina Shopping Mall

9. Wafi City Shopping Mall, Egyptian Architectural Glory in Dubai

Wafi City is undoubtedly one of Dubai’s most luxurious shopping malls in Dubai. The shopping mall is designed with an impact of magnificent Egyptian architecture in the form of cones with large windows. On the walls are images of Egyptian pharaohs and elders, and outside Wafi City, statues of the Egyptian pharaohs have been placed, which give the shopping mall in Dubai a different look.  It is necessary to consider that Wafi city prices are relatively higher than other shopping malls in Dubai and it’s important to know before planning to shop and go to shopping malls, so it is one of the most expensive shopping malls in Dubai. But don’t worry. There are always discount shops in Dubai where you can make a budget-friendly purchase. Read the best 1 to 10 dirham shops in Dubai article on our site and safely choose the location you want to buy.

Wafi City Shopping Mall, Egyptian Architectural Glory
  • Diversity in Wafi City

In Wafi City, there are 350 stores, 30 restaurants, a very large department store, and a hypermarket. As you know, at the Hypermarket, you can find all the food that comes to your mind. But if you love chocolate and maybe you won’t find your desired chocolate in a mall so we suggest you read the best chocolate shops in Dubai article and get to know Dubai’s charming chocolate shops. If you are interested in Arabic goods, you will find attractive things in one of the 150 Arab stores in Souk Khan Marjan Wafi City. Wafi City is easily accessible by metro. The nearest metro station to Wafi City is Health Care City on the Metro Green Line. Be sure to wear the right shoes for a walk in this shopping mall because there is a long walk waiting for you. If you are a coach potato person, it isn’t suitable shopping mall for you.

Diversity in Wafi City

10. Al Ghurair Shopping Mall, Dubai’s First Major Shopping Mall

Al Ghurair Shopping Mall was built in the years when Dubai was very different from today. Dubai today is full of magnificent shopping malls, each dubbed the world’s largest and most luxurious. It opened in 1980 and is actually one of Dubai’s first shopping malls.

  • Buying Traditional Handmade Structures in Al Ghurair Shopping Mall

Al-Ghurair architecture is a hybrid style of Arabic and modern and has little area compared to other shopping malls, but it is worth heading out of due to the variety of goods as well as the affordable price.  It is one of the most affordable shopping malls in Dubai. In this shopping mall, in addition to reputable brands, you can find Arabic goods such as rugs and jewelry, as well as African handmade. There are also restaurants, cafes, and cinemas in this shopping mall. Access to Al-Ghurair by metro is very simple. It is true that it is smaller in terms of area than other Dubai shopping malls but has all the facilities.

Al Ghurair Shopping Mall, Dubai's first major shopping mall

Located on the famous Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah Plaza is a small and old shopping mall that continues to have its own fans despite its large and diverse shopping malls. This shopping mall in Dubai with its attractive pink view has different hobbies to offer and is suitable for those who are tired of the commotion of big shopping malls in Dubai and are not interested in buying from famous brands or prefer to try different places. It has a good level in the list of shopping malls in Dubai.

In this shopping mall in Dubai, independent stores will service you in an interesting combination. At the T-shirt shop, you can test your creativity by designing t-shirts, visiting traditional medicine stores, and buying souvenirs from small shops, special souvenirs, or memorabilia.

Jumeirah Plaza Shopping Mall, old and still popular
  • Jumeirah Plaza Shopping Mall, A Place For Native Purchases in Dubai

Another difference between Jumeirah Plaza and other Dubai shopping malls is that most locals go shopping. There is also an exhibition hall in Jumeirah Plaza where various cultural programs are performed. Upstairs there is also a large craft shop and children’s playground. Jumeirah Plaza is close to the city’s famous hotels and it is very easy to access. So it is one of the favorite shopping malls in Dubai for residents.

  • Comfort in Jumeirah Plaza Shopping Mall

Within the Jumeirah Plaza complex, there are hotels and furnished apartments for rent. So if you prefer a compact but well-equipped and varied shopping mall for shopping and time spent in large and crowded shopping malls, Jumeirah Plaza in Dubai is the best choice for you. To relieve fatigue, you can rest in the cafes and restaurants of this complex and go shopping again.

Comfort in Jumeirah Plaza Shopping Mall

12. Mercato Shopping Mall, The Joy of Walking The Streets of Paris in Dubai

The root of the word Mercato goes back to Italian and means store. The Italian name is chosen for this shopping mall, as the architecture of this shopping mall is similar to the Renaissance architecture in the country. The interior architecture of this shop also reminds you of walking in large shopping malls in European countries such as Italy and France. So with shopping in this shopping mall in Dubai, you can feel a new sense too.

Aside from the beautiful and luxurious architecture of Mercato Shopping Mall in Dubai, the mall is owned by more than a thousand stores and is one of Dubai’s shopping malls with many outlets and brands from all over the world. Brands such as Nike, New Balance, Tommy Hillifer, and … so there are all brands you think here.

Except apparel, for all ages, bags and shoe stores, jewelry, watches, home appliances, hygiene cosmetics, etc. There is also a sight in Mercato Shopping Mall. You can go sightseeing in this shopping mall for hours and don’t get tired because the facilities here are great. A play center for children and families, restaurants, bars and cafes, a large cinema and supermarket, the complex is all over. It has a good level in the list of the shopping malls in Dubai.

The large variety of restaurants and cafes makes everyone in the shopping mall satisfied. Cinema Wax, the luxurious and wonderful cinema of the series, gives you a new experience of going to the cinema. Another strength of the complex is that many of the exhibitions and festivals held by European countries in Dubai are in the complex. As well as in the fashion salon of this store, the world’s leading brands showcase their new productions. Mercato is one of the great shopping malls in Dubai.

Mercato Shopping Mall, the joy of walking the streets of Paris
  • Mercato Shopping Center Opening Hours

The shop and its cafes and restaurants are open from 10 am to 10 pm, and the supermarket serves you from 8 to 12.

  • Address of Max Shopping Mercato Dubai: Jumeirah Beach Road, Mercato Shopping Mall
Mercato Shopping Center opening hours

13. Burjuman Centre, One of the Oldest Shopping Malls in Dubai

One of Dubai’s oldest shopping malls is Burjuman Shopping Mall, which is also easy and hassle-free to access because of its convenient location. The shopping mall, which has 320 stores, is home to many of the world’s top brands. From luxury and price-oriented brands like Louis Vuitton to other brands like Gas, you’ll find each one you want in our tower shopping mall. So it is an affordable shopping mall in Dubai and an expensive one too. The shopping mall has an older part and a newer one.  The older part is full of luxury shops from the world’s top-notch brands.

In this shopping mall, you can enjoy a variety of delicious and first-class dishes of the best quality in its 40 restaurants and cafés. Cinema Wax, a very large supermarket, amusement park, and well-equipped car parking area are other amenities of this high-rise and lovely shopping mall. With these facilities, it is one of the best shopping malls in Dubai.

  • Timing: 10:00 am – 23:00 pm
  • Address of Burjuman Dubai Shopping Mall: Khalid Bin Alwaleed Street, Burjuman Shopping Mall
Burjuman Centre, one of the oldest shopping malls in Dubai

14. Dubai Festival City Shopping Mall in Dubai, Combining Beach Resort and Shopping Pleasures

A spectacular shopping mall next to Beach Nahr, home to many world-class brands, is Dubai Festival Center. This shopping mall in Dubai is highly regarded by tourists because of its many recreational facilities, being on the beach, and its very pleasant view. Shops of this shopping center from the best clothing brands to home appliances, furniture, electronics, etc offer tourists.

Although you have to have a lot of money in your account to buy from luxury and expensive shops, festivals and various occasions make the shopping mall offer their goods at a discount for a long time. But it is listed in an expensive shopping malls in Dubai.

Next to the building of this shopping mall, there is a road to stroll along the beach and see the ground stores. Luxurious yachts, restaurants, and cafes with first-class food and drinks also make you have a happy day. Dubai Festival Center Cinema Complex invites you to a memorable spectacular film. Also, a bowling hall, children’s playground, hypermarket, and parking with a capacity of 13,000 cars make Festival Center one of the most popular shopping malls in Dubai.

  • Dubai Festival Center opening hours: 10 am to 10 pm
  • Address of Dubai Festival Center: Sheikh Zayed Road, Festival Center
Dubai Festival City Shopping Mall, combining beach resort and shopping pleasures

15. Al Karama Shopping Mall is one of the best shopping malls in Dubai

Maybe you’re looking for a more affordable shopping mall in Dubai and you don’t want to spend all your money on luxury goods from Dubai’s glamorous malls. So come to Al Karama Shopping Mall. Here, one of Dubai’s oldest markets, it’s full of cheap shops offering you a variety of goods. These days, a number of shops in this shopping mall are new, but you’ll still find shops where you can get whatever you want at the best price. There are also restaurants and cafes for you to relax after shopping.

  • Al Karama Shopping Center opening hours: from 10 to 22
  • Address of Al Karama Dubai Shopping Mall: 2 km from Rashid Port, near Khur Dubai
Al Karama Shopping Mall is one of the best shopping malls in Dubai

16. Nakheel Mall, one of the best shopping malls in Dubai

Nakheel Shopping Mall is one of the best shopping malls in Dubai with many home appliances, cinemas, and more. Not everything is fully open yet, but there will be more than 300 shops and restaurants, including H&M, American Eagle, Kurt Giger, Gannett, and a toy store. There is also a whit-day shop with an area of 4,200 square meters. Famous restaurants have branches in the shopping mall that you can use to make meals. There will also be Cinema Wox to watch movies of the day. Children can also use a trampoline park, which covers 1,220 meters, for play and entertainment. It is a good place for families.

Nakheel Mall

17. City Centre Mirdif, an excellent shopping mall in Dubai

The reason for naming this business center is located in the Mirdif neighborhood. Shops in this city center include Hamleys, Decathlon, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Zara, and Mango. It is one of the great shopping malls in Dubai. As a good destination for shopping and excursions, there are great restaurants in this location. If we want to introduce you to the best restaurants in Mirdif, we have to name the Gazebo, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Zarfan, and more. So it is a good place to visit in Dubai.

Besides shopping in Mirdif center, you can do other exciting activities like Magic planet, Little Explorers, and iFly Dubai, a unique indoor skydiving experience. If you want to do exciting things, be sure to visit top aquarium shops in Dubai and visit various beautiful fish and plants.

Address of City Centre Mirdif: It’s located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. City Center Mirdif opens from 10:00 am to 10 pm Sunday to Wednesday and 10:00 am to 12:00 am Thursday to Saturday.

City Centre Mirdif

18. Times Square Centre, not really famous but a cool shopping mall in Dubai

The Times Square Centre may not be very famous but it has its fans due to its warm and intimate environment, diverse shops and recreational activities. You will visit Sharaf DG’s massive flagship store in Times Square Center, As well as the unique brand of Antika, which sells beautiful Indian furniture and sofas. In the Middle East, it is famous for fine handiwork and art. It is one of the great shopping malls in Dubai.

For entertainment, head to the Adventure Zone where climbing walls and airparks will increase your heart rate. Then go to Chill Out Lounge, the first of its kind is in the EMIRATE where you can eat delicious food in subzero temperatures while around you are covered with ice. It’s located in Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Qouz, Dubai. It’s open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Times Square Centre

19. Al Barsha Mall, one of the top shopping malls in Dubai

If you live in Al Barsha, you have more options than this shopping mall in the UAE. Al Barsha is one of the cheap shopping malls in Dubai, with a large Hypermarket that offers a great discount. It has a good level in the list of shopping malls in Dubai. Also, there’s a Gold gym, Daiso, and many abaya stores along with cheeky monkeys and Kiddieville to keep the children busy. Al Barsha is located in Al Barsha, Al Asayel Street. It starts to work from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Saturday to Wednesday and 10:00 am to 12:00 am on Thursday and Friday.

Al Barsha Mall

20. Arabian Center, one of the best shopping malls in Dubai with its medium size

This medium-sized shopping mall may not be so magnificent, but it has everything buyers need under one roof. From furniture, apparel, and jewelry to sportswear, Arabian Center is the location for famous stores like Homes R Us and Daiso. It is one of Dubai’s shopping malls with a cinema feed, a playground for children, and a large hypermarket. The center offers many services that have branches of Amer Center, Galadari, and Emirates Driving Institutes. It is located in Alkhawaneej Road, Amizhar and it opens every day with timings depending on the day.

Arabian center

21. City Center Meaisem, one of the excellent shopping malls in Dubai

You can easily spend time and see luxury brands on it. This shopping mall is one of those shopping malls in Dubai that is worth visiting. This one-story shopping mall is in Dubai Production City, and its residents hang out at Dubai Sports City, Motor City, and Jumeirah Golf Estates. From Contrepoint, Shoexpress, The Body Shop, and M.A.C buyers would find different, Luxury, and reasonable brands here. Two other very important things that add to the charm of this shopping mall are, Carrefour and Mediclinic. This is while there is Magic Planet which has the latest video games and makes hobbies for families. Take care and look around well so you don’t know about the events that are happening in this shopping mall and double the joy of your shopping. It is one of the greatest shopping malls in Dubai to visit. The shopping mall starts to work from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Sunday to Wednesday and 10:00 am to 12:00 am on Thursday to Saturday.

City Center Meaisem

22. The Spring Souk, a famous shopping mall in Dubai but for neighbors

The Spring Souk is famous with neighbors. And is located next to Springs 7. Spring Souk Dubai. There are a variety of brands here, especially Carrefour Market. You could get reasonable knick-knacks from Miniso, a great handbag from Parfois and the latest read from Borders. When you’re shopping, you can eat at one of the great restaurants at the Spring Souk or see one of the last films in the world in the cinema to make yourself happy. Has all the amenities a renowned shopping mall should have. It is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Sunday to Saturday.

The Spring Souk

23. Oasis Mall, one of the luxury shopping malls in Dubai

The Oasis mall is one of the luxury shopping malls in Dubai. It’s located in Sheikh Zayed Road and it is in a good location for Al Qouz and Al Safa’s residents. If you are in the Stylish position at your home, you have to pop into furniture stores such as Home Box and Home Center. Also, if you are interested in beautiful plants to make the space inside and outside your home more luxurious, read the shops to buy plants in Dubai article and have the list of these stores ready. Those who are looking to rebuild their clothes cabinet should visit Centrepoint or Max whereas Nishat Linen is great for some stylish Pakistani ethnic wear in Oasia mall too. Fun Park entertains the younger ones and its food court is a great place when you don’t know what to eat. It is a great shopping mall in Dubai to visit.  It is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm and 10:00 am to 12:00 am on Thursday and Friday.

Oasis Mall

24. Cityland Mall would be one of the great shopping centers in Dubai

The Cityland Mall is located next to Global Village Dubai. We have to say buyers could shop at Carrefour and a few other shops, because it isn’t open yet fully. Once this shopping mall is complete, we will have a central park with many exciting items and very beautiful gardens. Also, wait for a very good water park for your kids.

Cityland Mall

25. Palm Strip Mall, one of the popular shopping malls in Dubai

This shopping mall has an alfresco café and attractive art galleries. This atmosphere is so related to Jumeirah’s lifestyle. It’s really near to the Jumeirah mosque under the shade of palm trees. The shopping mall is named after a retail outlet in California and is very popular among locals.

Palm Strip Mall

Add these Top shopping malls in Dubai to your list!

Thank you for accompanying us until the end of the article. As you can see, we have prepared a list of shopping malls in Dubai with their features for you to make better decisions about where to buy what. As you read, it is easy to live in Dubai because of its access to various shopping malls in different parts of it, and most importantly, we are facing different markets at budget-friendly and luxury prices in different regions of Dubai. This is why buying a real estate in Dubai is a perfectly wise decision to live in. For more information, you can contact AlKhail real estate experts to make the best offers to buy an apartment in the UAE according to your circumstances and interests. Alkhail agency is here to realize your dream home.

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