List Of Apartment For Sale In Edge apartments At Business Bay

عنوان ٹائپ کریں سائز بستر غسل قیمت مزید معلومات
1 بی آر اپارٹمنٹ 580 Sq Ft 1 1 AED1,047,000.00
2 بی آر اپارٹمنٹ 880 Sq Ft 2 2 AED1,665,000.00


Edge apartments At Business Bay

The Edge Apartments at Business Bay are ideal home choices to take into consideration if you want to live the authentic cosmopolitan lifestyle in the most opulent manner. These amazing apartments in Dubai are situated on the outskirts of Downtown Dubai and Business Bay, which is figuratively the world’s center of luxury. There are, however, a lot more aspects of The Edge project that you ought to be aware of. Therefore, read the entire content.

Edge apartments At Business Bay

Edge Apartments: Dubai residences with the best features!

The Edge Apartments are extremely opulent off-plan properties for sale in Dubai and have excellent characteristics. The Edge Apartments have a number of noteworthy qualities, some of which are listed below:

  • Including two magnificent towers
  • Presenting flats in Dubai for sale with cutting-edge construction
  • Providing 1BR and 2BR homes with views of the Burj Khalifa
  • Featuring a view of the Dubai Canal’s captivating seas
  • Offering a lot of luxurious facilities
Edge apartments At Business Bay

Business Bay is the Edge Apartments Project’s Special Address in Dubai

Business Bay is the location of The Edge Apartments. Living in Business Bay means being in the heart of the capital of luxury for the entire globe. The greatest recreation, eating, shopping, and educational options the city has to offer are near to your house. You may also have views of the opulent metropolis, the gorgeous Burj Khalifa, and the captivating Dubai Canal from properties for sale in Business Bay. You will be among the most affluent inhabitants of Dubai in terms of connection as well!

Edge apartments At Business Bay

Edge Apartments’ Luxurious Amenities in Dubai!

The Edge Apartments are ideal urban havens for savoring the best of luxury cosmopolitan life thanks to the following features:

  • Coworking locations
  • A game room
  • Social area
  • Recreation deck
  • Fully furnished gym
  • انفینٹی پول
  • A gym outside
  • Grill area
  • Padel fields
  • Yoga place
  • جاکوزی
Edge apartments At Business Bay

Exactly why should you choose Alkhail?

The Edge Apartments at Business Bay are created to offer the best in luxurious urban living. Simply get in touch with Alkhail Real Estate to purchase your ideal property in this development and take advantage of our exclusive services, which include:

  • Services for residents
  • Direct real estate purchases from builders
  • Free WhatsApp consultation
  • Free reservation
  • One minute to book
Edge apartments At Business Bay

ادائیگی کا منصوبہ

قسطسنگ میلادائیگی (%)
1st قسطBooking AED 50,000 – 20% Balance in 14 Days20%
2این ڈی قسطIn 6 Months20%
3rd قسطمکمل ہونے پر60%

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