List Of Apartment For Sale In Jawaher Residences at Maryam Island, Sharjah

عنوان ٹائپ کریں سائز بستر غسل قیمت مزید معلومات
1 بی آر اپارٹمنٹ 700 Sq Ft 1 1 AED700,000.00
2 بی آر اپارٹمنٹ 1100 مربع فٹ 2 2 AED1,030,888.00
3 بی آر اپارٹمنٹ 1600 مربع فٹ 3 3 AED1,690,888.00
4 بی آر اپارٹمنٹ 2200 Sq Ft 4 4 AED2,300,888.00


Jawaher Residences at Maryam Island

Buying a property in Sharjah gives you the opportunity to own a property in the UAE, or make an investment in an affordable way. Besides, Sharjah has some beautiful locations in which you can experience great lifestyles. Jawaher Residences at Maryam Island are among these homes in Sharjah that are not only affordable, but also bring you amazing island living. To know more about the project, do not miss the rest of the text…

Jawaher Residences at Maryam Island, Sharjah

Key Features of Jawaher Residences

Owing to their features, Jawaher Residences are sought-after properties for sale in Sharjah. Here are the most important features:

  • Offering affordable flats for sale in Sharjah
  • Comprising of studio to 4BR options
  • Boasting an incredible waterfront address
  • Perfectly connected to Burj Khalifa, University of Sharjah & airports
  • Equipped with an array of amenities
  • Coming with an easy payment plan
Jawaher Residences at Maryam Island, Sharjah

Waterfront Address of Jawaher Residences in Sharjah

The unique location of Jawaher Residences in Maryam Island is what makes these apartments in Sharjah appealing. Maryam Island is actually a waterfront community where you can enjoy island lifestyle in Sharjah. Besides, you will have a lot of facilities around your home; from university to restaurants to shopping destinations and many more. Although these properties are located in Sharjah, you will have easy access to the emirate of Dubai and all of its facilities as well. Below are some of nearby places to properties for sale in Maryam Island:

  • 20 mins to University of Sharjah
  • 20 mins to Sharjah Intl Airport
  • برج خلیفہ تک 25 منٹ
  • 10 mins to Sahara Center Shopping Mall
  • 5 mins to Expo Center Sharjah
  • دبئی کے بین الاقوامی ہوائی اڈے پر 15 منٹ۔
Jawaher Residences at Maryam Island, Sharjah

Amenities of Jawaher Residences in Sharjah

Jawaher Residences are equipped with an array of amenities to provide you with a comfortable lifestyle. These amenities include:

  • جم
  • تیراکی کا تالاب
  • بچوں کے کھیل کا علاقہ
  • مناظر والے باغات۔
  • 24/7 سیکیورٹی۔
Jawaher Residences at Maryam Island, Sharjah کیوں؟ is a real estate website through which you can secure your ideal unit in Jawaher Residences at Maryam Island. However, this is not the only service we provide you with. As our client, you will benefit from the following services as well:

  • Residency services
  • Direct property purchase from developers
  • FREE consultation on WhatsApp
  • مفت بکنگ
  • 1 منٹ میں بکنگ
Jawaher Residences at Maryam Island, Sharjah

ادائیگی کا منصوبہ

قسطسنگ میلادائیگی (%)
1st قسطتعمیر کے دوران20%
2این ڈی قسطہینڈ اوور کے بعد 3 سال۔70%

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