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Also, throughout the United Arab Emirates’ history, the building has been integral to the country’s growth and development, and Sharjah city is known for its architecture.

在本文中,我们将 回顾沙迦最好的建筑公司.因此,如果您正在寻找这些公司,这篇文章将是一个很好的资源。




One of the most common industries one can find in any city is the construction of buildings. Moreover, you can find so many skyscrapers, towers, and many other top-notch buildings. This city is the best place for investment and buying apartments or property since there are so many top construction companies working there.

虽然有一个 完整指南 阿尔努尔岛 在沙迦,这个城市还有其他几个旅游景点。例如,沙迦沙漠公园是顶级旅游目的地,您可以学习 关于沙迦沙漠公园 及其景点。

此外,有很多公司专门从事建筑业,还有一些其他的 沙迦的搬家公司 帮助人们满足建筑施工和搬家的需求。




1. Al-Manakh Building Contracting Company, one of the most famous construction companies in Sharjah


Al Manakh 拥有超过三年的建筑专业知识,是沙迦最负盛名的建筑公司之一。该公司专门开发住宅和商业建筑、塔楼和庄园。

Al Manakh Sharjah 进行的所有开发都是按照总承包和建筑 ISO 9001 和 ISO 14001 许可证下的高质量标准执行的。

2. Sharjah General Contracting Company, one of the top construction companies in Sharjah


自 1995 年成立以来,沙迦总承包公司一直处于沙迦基础设施成就的最前沿。

They have considerable experience in constructing a wide range of transportation and transportation-related infrastructure that is essential to the region’s economic and societal development and success. They are one of the great construction companies in Sharjah and have an important position in the development of the city. Taking on large-scale projects and providing nothing less than the best sets this construction company apart from the others.

3. Best Building Contracting Company, an excellent construction company in Sharjah


The BEST Building Co. is the next brand on our list of construction companies located in Sharjah. The company’s headquarters are in Al Majaz, which has built notable structures like Al Zahra Hospital, Al Rund Tower, and Al Ma’arifa International Private School. They are a great construction company in Sharjah that built important buildings in the city.

BEST Building Co. Sharjah 在过去的 4 年中一直在开展业务,其业务实践基于适当的规划、智能设计和及早交付任务,同时不牺牲工作质量。

4. Asia-prime; Best Turn-key Construction Company in Sharjah


Asia-Prime is a Sharjah-based building construction contracting firm that specializes in turn-key projects. The company’s headquarters are located in Dubai. Asia-Prime focuses on offering cost-effective design-build solutions for time-sensitive projects by using cutting-edge construction technologies and industry best practices. They are one experienced construction company in Sharjah.


5. CHC Building Contracting; The Most  Flexible Construction Company in Sharjah


沙迦的建筑企业有了 CHC 的新成员。自 2004 年成立以来,该公司已在沙迦市场稳步确立自己的地位,成为该地区最具灵活性和适应性的建筑公司之一。

CHC Sharjah has a wide range of clients because of its use of cutting-edge innovation and state-of-the-art equipment. Building hotels, hospitals, malls, theatres, industries, and even houses of residence has been a high point of their career. Although they are a newcomer in the profession, they have been very professional and are considered one of the most famous construction companies in Sharjah.

6. United Engineering Construction (UNEC), the great construction company in Sharjah


The award-winning UNEC Construction company has risen to prominence in the development industry due to its unwavering commitment to building dazzling new skylines for a brighter future. Mega-structures, such as those in the United Arab Emirates, are the organization’s specialty, focusing on design, development, and architectural solutions. UNEC combines cutting-edge technology, productivity, and new methodologies to deliver safe and environmentally friendly projects. The company is one of the leading construction industries in Sharjah.

7. Prestige Constructions; A High-level Construction Company in Sharjah


Prestige Constructions is a Sharjah-based construction company with over 22 years of expertise in the retail, commercial, industrial, and academic building sectors. When it comes to any project, the organization takes pleasure in its high service level. For example, the Nesto Hyper Market, Amity High School, Pace Academy, and Huzaifa Warehousing Complex are among their most notable developments. One of the best in the construction industry in Sharjah and you will see a building on each side of the city from their portfolio.

8. Al Marwan; Road and Infrastructure Development company in Sharjah


在沙迦的土木承包商中,Al Marwan 一直是道路和基础设施发展的主要参与者。

In addition to working on roads and buildings, this civil engineering company in Sharjah has a core area of competence in building construction. As a result, it has been involved in some of the most famous construction projects in Sharjah. Among Al Marwan’s projects in Sharjah is the development of the Hilton Sharjah and The Grand Avenue in the city. They are one of the best road construction companies in Sharjah.

9. OMIS Contracting Career; construction Company With the Best Services in Sharjah


As a construction company that has been around since 1986, OMIS Contracting has a long history of offering the best possible services. The firm has a well-earned reputation for executing projects on time and under budget, meeting the needs of its customers. They are one of the most experienced construction companies in Sharjah.

该组织已通过 ISO 9001:2008 标准认证,并在迪拜和沙迦设有分支机构。此外,OMIS Contracting 的两个办公室拥有“无限”类别的贸易许可证。阿拉伯联合酋长国经济与规划部已将其指定为“特级”公司。以下是他们在建筑专业领域的一些专业领域:

  • 沿海度假村、游乐园和花园
  • 住宅和商业大厦
  • 酒店、购物中心和学校建筑是
  • 私人别墅
  • 基础设施和道路
  • 陈列室和工业仓库

OMIS Contracting 有一个基于提高质量计划的综合战略,其中包括创建目标、识别问题、评估结果以及提供有用的反馈以鼓励未来的发展。

10. Anwaralquds; Fast and Well-done Construction Company in Sharjah


他们从 2010 年开始,由三名工人完成他们在阿拉伯联合酋长国建立受人尊敬的声誉的目标。

They now have a staff of 220 employees and have built a solid basis for their brand in the UAE due to their years of hard work and perseverance. The number of projects the organization has done and is presently doing is a good indicator of its extraordinary success. Although they are newcomers to the construction industry in Sharjah, they have gained a good reputation and popularity.



The best construction company in Sharjah

有这么多并不奇怪 沙迦的建筑公司.您可以根据自己的需要和可用的金额来选择它们中的每一个。由于我们正在讨论建造和建造项目,您可能会觉得有趣 在沙迦购买待售房产.

如果您是寻求购买房地产机会的投资者, 哈伊尔真实状态 可以帮助您找到最适合您和您的需求的房产。我们可以帮助您在阿联酋寻找房屋、公寓和其他房产,尤其是在沙迦。