How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat?

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How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

The link between India and the UAE dates back millennia. As a result of the discovery of oil in 1960, many people from India moved to the UAE to find better employment prospects. Indians make up roughly 27 percent of the entire population of the United Arab Emirates and live in places such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

Not only do Indians constitute a significant portion of the labor force in Dubai, but they have also established themselves in a variety of professions, including those in the hospitality and entertainment industries, amongst others. In the following article, we will discuss how is life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat!

The quality of life for Indians living in Dubai

You can go to Dubai from India on a flight that is considered a short-haul journey. Because of their freedom to practice their faith and maintain their culture, many people from India have chosen to make Dubai their permanent residence.

Indians now have a much easier time in Dubai due to the city’s efforts to establish a sizeable Indian population there. In Dubai, one will have no trouble finding facilities and shops that specialize in the sale of Indian goods and Indian supplies. Also, before moving to Dubai from India, we suggest you know the best movers and packers in Dubai.

The following is a list of some of the challenges that Indians face while residing in Dubai:

Life for Indians in Dubai; About food

Anyone who misses the spices, pickles, and flavors of Indian food should know that there are so many Indian restaurants in Dubai that it doesn’t seem at all like you’re eating in Dubai. It’s almost as if you’ve eaten Indian food in India. This is good news for people who miss Indian food in India.

Even though Indians who live in Dubai have access to some of the world’s most lavish and delectable cuisine, their most beloved meal is no longer Pani puri but shawarma, which originates from the Middle East. Because there are so many Indian businesses in Dubai, residents of that country will have no trouble locating the goods they need in the city’s central business district. From traditional attire worn by Indians to gold to items sold in supermarkets.

How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

About school and life for Indians in Dubai

There are a large number of Indian schools in Dubai that adhere to the ICSE and CBSE educational standards for their pupils. However, most parents would rather have their children attend schools in the United States or England.

Life for Indians in Dubai; About language

Regarding the language, most inhabitants in Dubai are fluent in English. In addition to the signage on the roads, stores and information boards are also written in English. Indians may have trouble talking with one another and doing their occupations in the city due to these conditions.

However, it is not unheard of to come across a second Indian immigrant in these circumstances, and the likelihood is high that he would assist you in completing your tasks.

How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

Indian festivals in Dubai

You have found the paradise you’ve been searching for. Because it is home to several Indian organizations, it hosts various events regularly, including tournaments, outings, and celebrations of religious and cultural holidays. Because there are organizations and groups in Dubai that promote Indian religious culture and traditions, residents of India do not have to worry about feeling alone.

Dubai is known for its enthusiastic participation in the celebration of Indian holidays. During Eid, Diwali, Christmas, and the United Arab Emirates National Day, Indian immigrants go home to see their families and celebrate the festivities.

Life for Indians in Dubai and their religious

Due to the city’s respect for all faiths and the availability of a variety of worship spaces, Indian immigrants in Dubai enjoy a high degree of personal liberty. Churches, a Sikh Gurudwara, Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist temples may also be found in Dubai, in addition to the city’s high number of mosques.

How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

Indian Entertainment and their life in Dubai

Indians living in Dubai can see stunning Bollywood and Hollywood films at the theatre, as well as films in other Indian languages, such as Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam, which are shown at the majority of the city’s cinemas. You will often be able to observe Indian artists such as actors, singers, musicians, and comedians performing and engaging in thrilling performances in Dubai.

Some examples of these types of performers include: You may compare the spectacular live evenings in Dubai to the Bollywood nights you experience in India. Fans of cricket are overjoyed that Dubai has a stadium dedicated only to their beloved sport. Called the Dubai International Stadium, this venue now plays home to matches for the Indian Premier League and the Asian Cup.

How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

The Benefits of Becoming a Dubai Resident

Due to its location at the crossroads of east and west, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates provide an excellent starting place for individuals who like traveling. This legislation applies to you if you are an Indian who resides in Dubai.

Several nations, like Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and Azarbaijan, amongst others, either grant freelance visas in Dubai upon arrival or do not need a visa at all. Therefore, Indians who enjoy exploring new locations are quite glad to call Dubai home. They also have the option of traveling overland to nations that are nearby.

How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

The job prospects for Indians in Dubai

There is a significant population of Indians living in Dubai at all economic levels, including that business owners and professionals. Regardless of their country, everyone is welcome to find a job in Dubai and attain the level of success they rightfully deserve. Are you interested in working in Dubai but need help figuring out how to get started?

Because our site has a comprehensive guide covering how to obtain a job in Dubai and all of the recommendations for getting a job have been verified, you should read it. In the next paragraphs, we shall investigate some of these opportunities:

The presence of India in a variety of industries

In addition, Indian immigrants currently living in Dubai play an active role in various fields, including but not limited to healthcare, banking, education, retail, and other fields. In the free zones, they can launch their own business in collaboration with a local community member.

The city’s most well-known brands and franchises, including Lulu Hypermarket, Landmark group, Jumbo electronic, Danube, and Aster DM health care, were all founded by Indian businesspeople. Moreover, you should know the major cost of living in Dubai.

The participation of Indians in investment

Indians also have the opportunity to make profitable investments in the real estate market in Dubai. They can invest in freehold properties that are reserved for foreign investors. The most popular real estate developments in Dubai can be found in the freehold districts of the city. These districts feature a mix of luxury and budget-friendly real estate options.

Indians have various options to choose from within these properties, including apartments, duplexes, villas, and townhouses, when it comes to making an investment or constructing their ideal home. Buying a home in the United Arab Emirates is one of the most common ways to obtain residency there, which is another reason why this country is so desirable.

How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

Guidelines for Indian ex-pats in Dubai

You are required to do the following if you are an Indian immigrant living in Dubai:

  • In the United Arab Emirates, your passport and your visa are the two papers you need most. Also, you can get a Dubai work visa and permit.
  • Always check that your passport and visa have at least six months left on their expiration dates.
  • Keep your personal papers in a secure location because it will also be an issue if you misplace them or if someone else steals and mistreats them.
  • The United Arab Emirates adheres mostly to the Islamic faith. You are obligated to respect the five daily acts of worship that Muslims undertake.
  • Before you go to the United Arab Emirates, you should be informed of the local laws and the consequences of not complying with the laws that apply to your circumstances and position.
  • Make sure you only cross the roadway at designated pedestrian crossings at all times because the tools sometimes provide a path out of the situation.
  • Before you begin working in the UAE, you are required by the Ministry of Labor to get a current work permit to do so legally.
  • Obtain all-inclusive travel insurance covering medical costs incurred while traveling outside your home country before visiting the United Arab Emirates.
  • Under no circumstances may national symbols of the UAE, such as flags and other emblems, be disrespected.
  • During the holy month of Ramadan, practicing Muslims should be mindful of a number of important aspects. In this manner, you are not permitted to consume alcohol, dine, or smoke in public areas from when the sun rises until it sets.
  • Always be sure you have your identification card with you.
  • Before you leave the Emirates, make sure you take care of these tasks, such as canceling your work visa and settling all of your financial matters, including your bank account, credit card, and phone connection, among other things.
How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

Tips for Indian ex-pats on what not to do in the UAE

Things that you need to avoid doing when in the UAE:

  • Only sign checks once you have the desired amount of money in your signature bank account.
  • Do not be disrespectful to ladies. If they don’t want to speak to you, there’s no use in continuing the conversation. Avoid making eye contact with them. And anything else that has the potential to insult or aggravate females.
  • Do not photograph anything, particularly individuals or households that include women.
  • Do not bring any medications with you unless you have verified that their names are not on the prohibited substances in the UAE.
  • Do not get behind the wheel unless you have a license that was granted in the Emirates. Also, avoid getting behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking.
  • You should not insist on engaging in any activity that is prohibited in the UAE.
  • Avoid showing any disrespect against Islam or its ruling dynasty.
  • It’s illegal to take images of local occurrences like fires and post them online, so don’t do either.
  • Refrain from lighting up in places where it’s against the law to do so, including public areas.
  • Any sexual activity outside of marriage is considered illicit and may result in legal consequences.
How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

life for Indians in Dubai; Buying Apartment

At first, we settled into a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment at Lake View Towers in JLT for one year. My mother and sister kept me company for most of the first year after moving out alone. Before relocating to Dubai in 2016 to take a position with a health technology firm as Head of Product, the Husband traveled back and forth between Bombay and Dubai regularly.

We began our journey by relocating to a studio on Street 5 in the Discovery Gardens. After that, we moved to a peaceful one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment on Street 11 in Discovery Gardens, where we remained for the next three years, even after the two of us expanded to a family of four.

Suggestions for house hunting

We were looking for a well-lit apartment located next to a swimming pool that had plenty of parking, a roomy kitchen, and included maintenance and a chiller. While looking for a villa or apartment, if you find any symptoms of seepage in the apartment, make a right turn, then another right turn, and then get away as quickly as possible since it is not worth it.

Always choose the apartment that includes both the maintenance and the chiller in the rent. Installing a smart thermostat or a thermostat with an automated fan speed regulation and turn-off should be done if feasible. Because of this, we could reduce our monthly power costs by more than fifty percent.

The thermostat paid for itself in less than a quarter of a year. We kept the air conditioner running around the clock at a constant temperature, and it was programmed to switch itself on and off just when necessary.

How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

life for Indians in Dubai; Transportation

Despite what most people think, it is possible to get by in Dubai without owning a vehicle. Be sure, however, that your apartment either has a shop on the grounds or one that is just a short distance away so that you can make any necessary fast purchases.

To go to his workplace in Knowledge Village, which was around 15–20 minutes away, the hubby took bus number 85. The men of Bombay are fond of (crave) the city’s public transit. He has often shared with me the stories of his acquaintances from the train and the bus.

Dubai roads simply keep getting better. Using GPS navigation may assist a person in finding the most efficient routes. Invest in a vehicle equipped with either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. It is just incredible. Incorporating Apple Car Play into our Volkswagen CC made the drive to any location in Dubai or Abu Dhabi an incredible joy.

Indian expat’s life in Dubai; Groceries

The heat of the summer here is beyond comprehension. Even though everything can be delivered to your home, the process still takes some time. When having your groceries delivered to your home from Carrefour, we strongly suggest using the valet trolley service.

Ride your bike over to Spinneys for the most recently harvested agricultural goods. Some vegan or specialty food items are difficult to find at Carrefour. The quality of the meat and salmon is good, but Spinneys is generally superior.

Naturally, we can’t say enough good things about Kibsons. They are amazing and provide the best avocados, vegan food, and the most diverse range of hypoallergenic milk products (you should definitely try their Oatly ice cream). Additionally, their packaging is friendly to the environment.

Have a car? You can buy fish and vegetables that have been freshly caught or flown in at the Deira Waterfront fish and vegetable market.

How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

The street food culture of Indians in Dubai

However, there is also a flourishing tradition of street cuisine in Dubai. Bur Dubai and Deira are not only older portions of the city; rather; they are a melting pot where flavors from all over the globe come together. You can purchase shawarmas, biryani, and mandi here, along with an endless variety of other cuisine items to satisfy a wide range of preferences and, more crucially, price points.

The ancient city caters to everyone, from migrant laborers and travelers to those with a comfortable financial standing. Having said that, Dubai is not Punjab, a place where one would never be offered poor-quality cuisine. We had many unpleasant and annoying encounters with the cuisine and the wait personnel.

Restourants in Dubai for indian expacts

If the best 24-hour restaurants in Dubai closed before they had a chance to serve customers, you obviously got everything. It’s easy to be fooled by appearances; a room full of vacant seats sometimes means something other than what it seems to imply. Certain businesses have armies of customers that prefer home delivery.

Having said that, if you witness taxis and huge SUVs squeezing into the little parking spot in front of the restaurant like they’re playing Tetris, you can be confident that you’ve found a hidden treasure of the culinary world.

If you notice Italian sports vehicles, though, you should consider them seriously before buying one—unless you want to rack up a few thousand points on your AMEX card.

How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

Health services for Indian ex-pats in Dubai

Even if Dubai has many medical facilities and professionals, it is still important to take advantage of the many options for entertainment that the city provides to keep a healthy lifestyle.

The tales that you post on Instagram are 100% authentic. This is a country that is completely preoccupied with leading a healthy lifestyle. The city of Dubai promotes a healthy lifestyle and hosts various events and competitions centered on physical activity, such as the Dubai Marathon and the Dubai Fitness Challenge 30×30.

There are usually some fitness events occurring in the city all year round, but during the winter months of October-February, Dubai becomes a key center for such activities. These events often take place in the Dubai International Sports City. You can find people jogging on the sidewalks even at two in the morning.

The best healthcare provider and services for Indians in Dubai

If you are in a situation where you need to visit a healthcare provider, you should have a solid understanding of what your insurance covers and does not cover before you go. Uncovered costs can quickly add up.

If your health insurance would pay for it, American Hospital might be your one-stop shop for any of your medical needs. Because of its proximity to Discovery Gardens, Saudi German Hospital was our first choice in an emergency.

I felt the most comfortable at Dr. Suleiman Habib Hospital, which, in addition to having an outstanding emergency department, is also home to a gynecology and pediatrics division that is exceptionally kind and considerate.

How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

Life In Dubai For Indians: Things To Know Before Moving To Dubai

If you, too, have fantasized about experiencing the abundant way of life in Dubai, there are a few things you should be aware of before you board the aircraft. Before you decide to relocate, the following is a comprehensive list of everything you need to be aware of:

Living in a virtual tax-free lifestyle for Indians

The United Arab Emirates Federal Government does not levy taxes on firms or individuals, which means that you get to keep all of the money that you make. This comes as a relief to many people. Property taxes and taxes on capital gains are not something that citizens are required to pay either.

Not everyone is exempt from paying taxes. Several categories of listed firms are required to make tax payments. The oil industry is at the top of the list as the most notable of the businesses. A staggering rate of 55% is applied to the taxation of oil companies. This is a big statistic, given that oil is the primary driver of Dubai’s economy.

Brand-new weekend for Indians in Dubai

You’ll need to readjust your schedule to accommodate the new work week. Your weekend will begin on Friday and last until Saturday this time, rather than on Saturday and Sunday as usual.

Why? Since Friday is considered a holy day in Islam, it follows that no labor may be done on that day. It’s going to take some time to get accustomed to, but after a few weeks, you’ll be back in the flow of things in no time.

How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

Extremely High Cost of Living for Indians in Dubai

You should budget accordingly since the cost of living in the United Arab Emirates is 4.6 times more than in India. The cost of living in Dubai is around one hundred percent greater than the average for the United Arab Emirates, which may be one reason it tends to attract those who lead wealthier and more luxurious lives.

The cost of renting a home or apartment has increased dramatically over the last several years, particularly in regions that are highly sought after by expatriates. The typical cost of a home in Dubai is around £478,128 (or $670,000). In addition, the prices of houses in Dubai dropped by 6.6% in 2020, which is encouraging news for potential purchasers.

Medical coverage is mandatory for Indians in Dubai

Accessing Dubai’s healthcare system might be challenging for foreigners living in the city. As a result, it is prudent to cover any ongoing or unexpected medical difficulties by investing in a high-quality health insurance plan.

If you are going to be working in Dubai or if you find a job while you are already there, it is in your best interest to negotiate medical insurance with your new employer. Your new company may be able to pay for it in certain cases.

How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

Keep to the established

The stringent penalties and zero-tolerance policy in Dubai are the primary factors contributing to the city’s very low crime rate. Take a look at some of the stringent requirements that must be met.

It is against the law to be in possession of poppy seeds, it is considered rude to photograph another person without their agreement, it is against the law to eat and drink on any form of public transportation, and it is illegal to use profanity in public. These behaviors are criminal offenses with the potential for incarceration and monetary penalties.

Strong ties to the community

In Dubai, you may use the Metro, buses, water taxis, trams, or ferries to get to the city. There are also a variety of other public transportation alternatives. The Metro is, by a significant margin, the most frequently used form of public transportation. Each trip only costs 3.5 AED, equivalent to INR 63, making it a clean and effective mode of transportation and a very economical one.

Taxis are reasonably priced, with a baseline fee of 12 AED (INR 216). In addition, since Dubai has developed its own app that works similarly to Uber, passengers no longer have to waste their time flagging down vehicles.

How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

It’s legal to drink Indians in Dubai

Even if you are drinking in your home or at a friend’s house, you still need an alcohol license to consume, store, or transport alcohol in Dubai. This is the case regardless of where the alcohol is consumed. To get a license, you will be required to provide copies of your passport, a visa, a picture of your passport, and an Emirates ID.

If you are discovered drinking in public when you have a license to do so in Dubai, you might face a substantial fine or perhaps time in prison, depending on the severity of the situation. This freedom is also available for those moving to Dubai from Pakistan.

The workplace will need personal information

If you are living abroad, everything, and we do mean everything, will be delivered to the address of your job rather than your own residential address. The reasoning for this is that since it is probable that your company will also function as your sponsor, getting in touch with you via them will be the safest and most dependable option.

In addition to this, creating a bank account in Dubai will need approval from your company before you can proceed with the process. You should know a complete guide on how to get a job in Dubai.

How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

It is really secure for Indian ex-pats to live in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates was the only nation in the world in 2020 to have three of its cities – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah – all ranked among the top ten safest cities in the world. The employment of severe penalties, lengthy jail terms, well-publicized convictions, and undercover police officers are all factors that contribute to Dubai’s image as one of the safest places in the world to reside.

You have a good chance of discovering an expensive automobile abandoned in front of a store with the keys still inside the ignition or a laptop computer if there has been no one nearby for at least half an hour.

Every night is ladies night

It has been said that Dubai is the location in the Middle East that is most welcoming to women. In addition to the fact that Dubai is an exceptionally risk-free city, the city also has several services exclusive to women. These facilities include ladies-only cabs and metro carriages.

Some beaches even have days reserved just for women. This is not a mandate from the government of the UAE but rather an alternative for ladies who want their own space.

How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

The use of English is widespread for Indian ex-pats in Dubai!

Because English is the predominant language in Dubai, learning Arabic will only be necessary if you want to go about the city. Having said that, the vast majority of individuals who make their home in Dubai will, throughout the course of their stay there, learn at least some Arabic.

Dubai is largely devoted to brunching

Brunch is a popular meal in Dubai, and it’s probably fair to say that it’s the meal that will stick in your memory the most. Festivals, personal accomplishments, birthdays, and friendships may all be celebrated together with the help of a community during brunch.

To put it another way, brunches in Dubai are comparable to enormous banquets, dazzling parties, and never-ending entertainment extravaganzas, all of which are combined into one, covered in chocolate, and presented with fireworks on a big platter. Brunches are social gatherings on weekends and center on food and drink. Stacks of food that are mountainous, overpowering, and wealthy.

How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

There is no dress code for Indians in Dubai!

You are not restricted in any way in Dubai and are free to wear anything. Nobody needs to wear the traditional garb, consisting of the Kandura for men and the abaya (hijab) for women.

You do not need to wrap a scarf over your head unless you are going into a place that is considered to be traditional or religious. However, it is recommended that your shoulders be covered in regions such as Old Dubai or the souks of Deira (the local markets).

Muslim holidays for Indian ex-pats in Dubai

Holidays in Dubai revolve around many aspects of Islamic practice. During the holy month of Ramadan, the normal workday is cut down to only six hours, and many people take advantage of this by going on vacation during this time. This is standard practice in all nations that follow Islam.

During the month of Ramadan, those who are not familiar with the holiday will be expected to follow a different set of guidelines than usual. For the whole month of Ramadan, eating and drinking in public during daylight hours is strictly prohibited; if you are discovered breaking this rule, the authorities are likely to take disciplinary action against you.

Convenience in commercial transactions

The most recent yearly evaluations from the World Bank placed the United Arab Emirates at position number 16 out of 190 economies regarding the ease with which businesses may operate there. This is mostly attributable to the country’s provision of prospective business owners with opportunities, skills, education, access to capital, and assistance.

How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat

Conclusion on how is life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat?

As you read this post, you know how is life for Indians in Dubai as an ex-pat. They have been accepted fully into the fabric of Indian society, and several chances for developing their skills have been made available in Dubai.

In addition, the life structure in Dubai for Hindi speakers is beyond what you could ever think, with high standards of safety, superb infrastructure, and state-of-the-art facilities and services. Because of our embargo, this was the only means of subsistence for Indians living in Dubai. Reviewing a house for sale in Dubai is required to get a house in this city.

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