Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

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Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

When we speak of Dubai, we picture a really tall, beautiful structure. But we must note that there are many new attractions in the city and lovely green spots in the city that few would know about.

Next to all the public parks within Dubai, Creek Park is situated outside the city, owing to its position. The Creek Park is situated between BurDubai and Deira. It is one of the biggest as well as one of the oldest parks in Dubai.

The park is home to various fascinating attractions. Below we analyze things to do when at Creek Park Dubai.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

All About Creek Park in Dubai

Dubai Creek Park is situated on the bank of Dubai Creek and was opened in 1994. Dubai Creek region links the commercial seaport to the desert. It is accessible by sea and also contains three helipads, a communication center, and an emergency room. It travels through the center of the Dubai City region.

The Creek Park is the second-largest park in Dubai. It encompasses enormous acres of grass, gardens, and children’s play spaces. Its beautiful green environment and a nice breeze coming from the sea make it the greatest spot in Dubai to spend an evening with your family and loved ones.

Perfect park, the Perfect experience

Creek park has five access gates. Three gates are on the main roadway, and two gates are on one side of the Al Garhoud and Al Maktoum bridge. The admission charge for this vast park is simply AED 5 per head for adults. The encouraging news is that Creek Park provides tourists with parking that is easily accessible to them.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Things to do in Creek Park Dubai on your first visit

The activities available at Creek Park, Dubai, will be covered in the following:

Visit Dubai Creek Park and see the dolphin show

Going to the dolphin show will surely be a memorable experience for anybody who visits Creek Park. You may already be aware that dolphins are very intelligent creatures, but if you want to have a deeper comprehension of this topic, you should attend this event at Dubai Creek Park.

Top features of visiting dolphin

This is a program that both youngsters and adults will find to be highly intriguing. Dolphins are able to do a variety of amazing stunts, such as juggling and leaping through hoops. You could observe the dolphins teaching their young how to swim if you’re fortunate.

In addition to the dolphinarium, there are some other amenities, such as a trampoline, a mirror maze, a 5D and 7D theater, and more. In addition, twenty different species of birds may be seen up close in the park.

  • Time: 10 AM- 7:30 PM | Sundays closed
  • Price: AED 75 for Adults and AED 45 for Kids
Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Visit Dubai Creek Park for a picnic

Going on a picnic at Creek Park is just one of the dozens of ways that visitors to Dubai might spend their vacation time. You won’t only get to appreciate the lush vegetation; you’ll also get a picture-perfect vista. After visiting this park, we suggest you go to Al Twar Centre in Dubai. Moreover, before you go, it is better to see a guide to Al Twar Centre in Dubai.

What to do while on a picnic at Creek Park Dubai?

You may also enjoy cooking and grilling with your loved ones and friends at one of the park’s many supplied barbecue areas, which are located around the park. Creek Park in Dubai has a number of different pre-installed BBQ stations from which visitors may choose.

One thing to remember is that if you want to have a picnic in the park on the weekend and do it during the holiday season, you will need to get there early since the park will become packed very fast.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Visit Dubai Creek Park’s Children’s City to take classes

If you bring your children to Dubai Creek Park, you must stop by the children’s city at some point during your visit. The Children’s City is an indoor information and entertainment facility that helps children learn new things via play and direct experience.

A planetarium, a nature center, a worldwide exhibition, a technology gallery, and an earth science gallery are some of the places that can be found at this location. Children under six years old are welcome to participate in the games designed for their age group. The facility also has a theater that is entertaining for people of all ages, including young children.

Top features of visiting Dubai Creek Park’s Children’s City

If you want your children to spend the day with you, make sure that they have fun and that they also learn something along the way. It is recommended that you go with Creek Park Children’s City. It is an indoor information and entertainment center that provides children with a variety of opportunities for hands-on learning.

In addition to a planetarium, a worldwide exhibition, a technology and earth science museum, and a nature center, Children’s City also has a global exhibition. There is a toddler’s play area for children under the age of 6, with activities that are tailored to their age group for children who are less than the age of six.

  • Time: Weekdays 9 AM – 7 PM | Weekends 2 PM – 8 PM
  • Price: AED 15 for adults | AED 10 for Children
Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Have fun on the playground in Dubai Creek Park

If you don’t have time to go to kids’ city, you may take your children to the playground in Creek Park instead. Your children will be able to enjoy the swings, slides, and climbing frames at the playground while you have some time to rest or go for a walk nearby.

Top features of visiting the playground in Dubai Creek Park

This play area provides everything your children might need to have a good time and keep themselves engaged. We strongly recommend that you participate in the excitement and let the play area transport you back to happier times in your youth.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Reserve a Dhow at Dubai’s Creek Park

Take advantage of the opportunity to take a trip aboard a dhow while you are in this area. At Dubai Creek Park, you may hire a small wooden dhow that you can use to take a trip on Dubai Creek.

You would visit the teeny boardwalk located close to where the wooden dhows are docked when you ride one of the little dhows. Also, you can visit Creek Tower and learn interesting facts about the Dubai Creek tower.

Top features of reserving Dhow at Dubai’s Creek Park

Your journey in the traditional dhow, along with the calm ambiance of the surrounding region, is sure to be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life.

Because of the atmosphere there, you will imagine that you are living in a Hollywood movie. You may also want to check out the little boardwalk located close to the dhow area at Creek Park Dubai.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Take a trip on the miniature train to Dubai Creek Park

It is possible to have a really unpleasant experience at Dubai Creek Park if you come there with your children and want to go all around the park in an effort to get a comprehensive view of it. Your family would have more fun and find it simpler to complete the task if you all took a journey on a miniature train.

Top features of taking a trip around Creek Park Dubai with train

Adults will find it peaceful, while children will find it incredibly thrilling, and you will have no trouble moving freely between the many sections of the park. Make sure to take the little train through the park in the afternoon if you want to avoid being overexposed to the scorching heat of Dubai’s sun while you’re in the park.

  • When: 8 AM – 11 PM Sun-Wed | 8 AM – 12 PM Thurs- Fri
  • Price: AED 5
Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Take a bike ride in Dubai Creek Park.

You can ride a bike through the park if you want to exercise while there. The park is a great place to do both. Cycling throughout the park allows you to move at your own pace and create your daily schedule.

Top features of riding a bike in Dubai Creek Park

While you’re out on your bike, you may take in the stunning surroundings, which may include flowerbeds and themed gardens. You may hire a bicycle at the park if you still need to get one of your own. It would be a fun activity for you to do with your family or friends while you explore the park.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Explore Dubai Creek Park by cable car

After going on bicycle rides and riding the miniature trains at Creek Park, taking a trip in a cable car is the most thrilling thing you can do there. The ride on the cable car lasts for an hour and traverses the 2.3 kilometers that make up the park.

Since the cable car rides 30 meters above the park, passengers may enjoy an aerial view of both the park and the surrounding region throughout their journey. It is a wonderful opportunity to take in the splendor of Dubai Creek and the many sites and activities that can be found in ancient Dubai.

Top features of exploring Dubai Creek Park by cable car

Aside from that, travelers may get a good look at the skyline of Old Dubai as well as the buildings that are the primary draw for explorers along Sheikh Zayed Road. In a nutshell, Dubai Creek Park is an all-inclusive experience that can be reasonably priced. Everyone has the opportunity to make use of their time to the utmost since there are so many free facilities and salaries are so cheap.

At Creek Park in Dubai, you have a number of activities from which to pick. All in the same location, you may go from riding a bike to riding a cable car. From intrepid explorers to everyday hardworking parents, No one feels left out at Dubai Creek Park.

  • Time: 8 AM – 11 PM in Winter, 5 PM- 9 PM in summers
  • Price: AED 25 for Adult and AED 10 for kids
Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Dine in Dubai Creek Park’s scenic setting

Going out in Dubai often culminates in some kind of dining; the same holds true for Creek Park. There is one primary restaurant that is well-known for the quality of its seafood. Also, you can find creek Tower around this park, which is the most famous building in Dubai.

Top features of eating in Dubai Creek Park’s scenic setting

In addition, there are many snack kiosks, outlets, and historic cafés where you can pick up a bite to eat or a drink on the go. If you have a passion for the cuisine of the Middle East, there are a variety of shawarmas that you may try.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Enjoy a round of golf at Dubai Creek Park

Miniature golf is a fun activity that can be enjoyed to the fullest in Dubai Creek Park. A golf course with 18 holes is available for use at Creek Park, where you can get some practice or show off your skills. At Dubai Creek Park, the mini-golf club is popular among both residents and visitors from other countries.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Grilling Areas at Dubai Creek Park

Creek Park offers a variety of free facilities, including barbecue areas, for visitors to make use of during their time there. Families who enjoy spending time together outside often go on picnics, where they prepare and eat their meals.

Top features of grilling at Dubai Creek Park

Picnickers are drawn to locations where they can cook their own food at their own pace and share their creations with their companions. Creek Park has a variety of free amenities, one of which is a grilling area, which may be found at any of the park’s several BBQ locations. People spend time with their families while preparing meals and socializing with one another.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

The fee to enter Creek Park in Dubai

A total of five access gates can be found in Creek Park in Dubai. Two gates contact the Al Garhoud and Al Maktoum bridges on one side each. While the remaining three are located on the main street.

The Creek Park Dubai admission cost is 5 AED for each individual visitor, which is necessary for the administration of this beautiful park. This price is fairly reasonable and is within everyone’s financial reach. This admission price is not up for discussion and is not refundable.

Those arriving via the Dubai Subway should enter Gate 4 since it is the closest point to the metro. The park provided berthing for four different types of tourist boats arriving from Dubai and Deira.

Creek Park Timings

Park is open daily from 08:00 am to 10:00 pm in winter and from 05:00 pm to 09:00 pm in summer.

Amenities near Creek Park Dubai

We’ve got you covered right here if you’re looking for more activities to do in and around Dubai. While all is going on, it’s time for Dubai Creek to enter the spotligh.

Restaurants near Dubai Creek Park

If you have a passion for seafood, you will want to take advantage of the opportunity to dine at one of the restaurants in Dubai Creek Park. There is food here that hails from each and every region of the planet.

Simply relax and savor the delicious meal while taking in the breathtaking sunsets. However, the creek region is home to some of the country’s finest seafood restaurants.

Try Abra rides near Creek Park Dubai

If you visit Dubai Creek and don’t take a trip on an abra, you can only claim you’ve experienced all the creek has to offer. In all seriousness, you will be able to explore additional bazaars or souks once you find a way to cross the creek.

Top features of Abra rides Creek Park Dubai

Get on an abra in either Deira or Bur Dubai, pay your one dirham fee (yes, just Dhs1), and take in an entirely new perspective of Dubai’s oldest neighborhood. Abra rides are available in both Deira and Bur Dubai.

You can find Abras scattered along Dubai Creek; however, the neighborhood of Al Fahidi is where you should head to for the easiest access to these water taxis.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Shop for gold in the area next to Dubai Creek Park

You should take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go gold shopping at one of the most comprehensive collections of gold in the whole globe. If you are at Creek park, you should go to the gold souk in Creek Deira, where you should remember to haggle with the merchants there.

Top features of shopping gold near Creek Park Dubai

To get more acquainted with the gold stores in Dubai, read about the most popular gold shops in Dubai if you are interested in gold. Also, if you are interested in gold, learn about the most popular gold shops in Dubai.

You will not take advantage of pass up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go gold shopping at one of the most comprehensive collections of gold in the globe. If you are at that location, Go to the Gold Souk in Creek Deira, and while you’re there, don’t forget to haggle. Never accept the first price that you are offered.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Taking a picture at Dubai Frame

At Zabeel Park, the remarkable construction known as Dubai Frame not only presents the city in the form of a gigantic picture frame but also allows people to wander inside and even climb to the top of the structure’s bridge.

After taking your picture, you should go to the best 24-hour restaurants in Dubai. These restaurants will make you feel satisfied and happy with delicious food.

Top features of visiting Dubai Frame

And whether you go during the day, at sunset, or at night, the views of “old” and “new” Dubai from a sky glass bridge that is 150 meters high are breathtaking no matter when you go.

If you didn’t already know, the bridge’s underside is totally transparent, making it a terrifying structure to cross at any time of the day or night. You’ll get a reputation as one of the most courageous in the group if you go over it.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

There is nothing quite like teeing off right next to the salty breeze coming off of Dubai Creek, which is why the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club has become such a popular destination for golfers in Dubai. Ah, there is nothing quite like it.

Top features of playing at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

This course, which has won several awards, is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful 18-hole Championship and Par 3 golf courses in Dubai, and the fact that it is situated in the midst of the city makes it easy to get there.

There is even a platform on the stream that you can stand on to tee off on one of the holes at this course, which features a state-of-the-art school and superb 19th holes. After completing the game, go to the Boardwalk or QDs to unwind and have some refreshing drinks.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Fireworks and entertainment around Creek Park Dubai

Suppose you have lived in Dubai for a significant amount of time. In that case, you are aware that the city celebrates numerous occasions in a grand manner, which includes the use of fireworks, live entertainment in the streets, and an abundance of concerts.

Top features of watching fireworks around Creek Park Dubai

You will discover that Dubai Creek is an excellent location to see the people congregate to celebrate national holidays, shopping festivals, Halloween, Christmas, or any other holiday you can think of.

This is because Dubai Creek is located in the heart of the city. Make it a habit to return to Time Out Dubai for the most recent information on the most impressive upcoming firework displays and other upcoming events.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Pay a visit to Hindi Lane near Creek Park Dubai

Hindi Lane is a lively labyrinth of stores near Dubai Creek that are draped with magnificent wreaths of fresh flowers, posters, knickknacks, and teeny-tiny hole-in-the-wall cafés selling Indian food.

Top features of visiting Hindi Lane near Creek Park Dubai

It is located in a location that is snugly situated between Meena Bazaar and the Creek. Pay a visit during the time of Diwali, when the shops are decorated with candles and a variety of blinking, multicolored fairy lights and are covered in their entirety. It’s a dream come true for photographers.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Go to the museum of illusions

The experience of visiting the Museum of Illusions in Dubai, which is located in Al Seef along Dubai Creek, challenges the preconceived belief that we are immune to being fooled by any kind of smoke and mirrors trick.  After visiting the museum, eating at the best Indian restaurants in Dubai will give a very good memory of Dubai.

Top features of going to a museum of illusions

As soon as a visitor enters the building, they are immediately surrounded by a plethora of deception and deceit due to the fact that it has more than 80 distinct exhibits, each of which is amazing (and worthy of being featured on Instagram) in its own right.

It is a wonderful way to spend a few hours since there is so much to wow you, whether you are traveling through a Vortex Tunnel or expanding or contracting in the Ames room. One of the most enjoyable activities available in Dubai Creek.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Walk around Dubai Creek for some fresh air

Walking around Dubai Creek is a delightful way to spend a day. The fact that it is a somewhat basic trail that has souks, shops, and restaurants as rest stations make it an obvious choice for those evening-time strolls.

Because it is a lengthy 14 kilometers, we suggest that you choose the route from Al Fahidi to Al Seef. This route will take you through the ancient regions of the United Arab Emirates all the way up to Old Dubai, but it will also include some contemporary touches.

Top features of walking around Dubai Creek for some fresh air

It is possible to find everything from ice cream parlors to coffee shops. The interior design may range from classic Arabic architecture to contemporary places designed in the form of shipping containers. Canopy by Hilton Dubai Al Seef, previously known as Zabeel House, will be your last destination. Getting a cab to take you back home is relatively easy to do from that location.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Enjoying The Festival City Mall near Creek Park Dubai

It’s not like you can view Dubai Creek from inside a mall, but the mall is just next to Dubai Creek, and what’s the harm in a little bit of retail therapy? A shopping center is already successful if it has an entire IKEA store.

Because the majority of the interiors of our houses are decorated with Swedish furniture, going to Dubai Festival City Mall on the weekend is one of our favorite things to do.

Top features of enjoying The Festival City Mall near Creek Park Dubai

We are sure that it has been the subject of many disagreements, but ultimately, this is the reason why. This shopping center is located next to Dubai Creek, and in addition to that, it has more than fifty different restaurants and cafes, some of which are PF Chang’s, Sugar Factory, Tortilla, and Hard Rock Cafe. In addition, there is a Fabyland and an 18-screen Novo Cinema featuring an IMAX 4D theater.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Shopping at the Old Souks around Creek Park Dubai

Are you interested in the Old Souks Bargain? You may have your choice of gold, spices, or textiles. Visiting the souks has got to be one of the most enjoyable activities that can be done in Dubai Creek.

You will be able to tour some of Dubai’s traditional marketplaces, which at one time served as some of the city’s most significant commercial centers, on each side of Dubai Creek. These markets date back to the city’s early years. The Gold Souk may be found on the Deira side of Dubai Creek, whilst more textile businesses can be found on the Bur Dubai side of the waterway.

Top features of Shopping at the Old Souks around Creek Park Dubai

It is claimed that the Gold Souk is home to up to 10 tons of gold at any one time. Additionally, there are hundreds of jewelry stores in the area that sell some fantastic pieces. In the meanwhile, you may purchase plenty of fresh herbs, spices, ingredients, medicines, and other items in the Spice Souk, and in the Textiles Souk, you can buy textiles, clothing, and other items.

Taking in the sights, sounds, and aromas of the souks in Old Dubai during your time in Dubai is easily one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences you can have here.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Spend an exciting time in QD’s bar near Creek Park Dubai

It’s been there for a while, but there’s no denying that it still packs a punch – a reputation that was confirmed on our most recent visit to the timeless outdoor venue QDs. QD has live sports, a live DJ, food being brought up left, right, and center, and lots of shisha in operation.

Top features of spending time in QD’s bar near Creek Park Dubai

It is located on a huge waterfront terrace with a beautiful cityscape backdrop right along Dubai Creek. You can expect a variety of Arabic mezze, Mediterranean fare, seafood, and barbecues, all of which will be served beside breathtaking views of Dubai Creek. Visit this pub towards the end of your day exploring Dubai Creek for things to do if you’re seeking something to do there.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Cultural Understanding Center of Sheikh Mohammed

The center near Dubai Creek is well-known for its question-and-answer sessions with its Emirati hosts during breakfast and lunch. Recently, however, they have expanded their program offerings to include dinners as well as Fuala, the traditional Emirati custom of welcoming guests with tea and pastries.

Top features of visiting the cultural center of Sheikh Mohammed

Taste some typical Emirati food, coffee, and snacks, and feel free to ask your hosts any and all questions you have ever had about the United Arab Emirates and its culture. When you combine lunch with a historic trip to the neighborhood, you will get the opportunity to hear about the history of Dubai from someone whose family was there at that time.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

Conclusion on the things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

If you are bored of surfing Dubai and need to be estuary, visiting Park Creek and inhaling its pure air might be a highly manicured alternative for you. You can find so many things to do when at Creek Park Dubai Dubai. Creek Park is a package that one may purchase on a minimal price. It is feasible for everyone to enjoy their time by enjoying various free amenities and inexpensive salaries. The park is one of the nicest and most beautiful locations to visit in Dubai.

If you want to make these Dubai amenities accessible all the time and enjoy a quiet and dreamlike existence, you have to reside in Dubai. To reside in Dubai, you first need a visa and a house. We have gathered the needed documents on these two central themes in acquiring a Dubai resident visa and houses for sale in Dubai. For further details, AlKhail Real Estate specialists through WhatsApp.

Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai

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