Best free things to do in Dubai

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Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Incredible skyscrapers, hotels, shopping centers, and tourist attractions have helped make Dubai a global destination. But if you’re trying to save money, you may wonder, “Where can I go in Dubai that won’t cost me anything?” The good news is, you’re in luck!

There are many no-cost activities to engage in when visiting Dubai and the many high-priced options available. Let’s check out all the best free things to do in Dubai, from old neighborhoods to green spaces.

Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Free Things To Do in Dubai: Nature and Wildlife

Do you want to know about all the free landscapes you can see in Dubai? Let me introduce you to some of the best ones.

Hoover, before visiting Dubai, you should know all the dos and don’ts of visiting Dubai. These travel guides will help you to have a good journey in Dubai.

Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Free Birdwatching at Ras Al Khor in Dubai

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is the place to go if you’re the kind of person who understands that twitching may refer to more than just involuntary spasms. Although the colorful flamingos are the most famous residents of this bird sanctuary, visitors may also see herons, cormorants, and ospreys from the free hides.

  • Timing: Open daily 7.30am-5.30pm (Oct-Mar), 6am-6pm (Apr-Sep).
  • Location: Ras Al Khor
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Free Camping at Al Qudra Lakes in Dubai

Spending the night under the stars in Al Qudra Lakes may be the ticket if you have trouble getting completely out of control. The evenings may be cold despite the area’s cleanliness, so be sure to create a fire and stock up on marshmallows before dusk. Also, you can find many things to do at Al Qudra Dubai.

  • Timing: Open daily, 24/7.
  • Location: Al Qudra.
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Free Leap at the Big Red: Best Thing To Do in Dubai

If you visit Dubai and skip the desert, you haven’t experienced anything. No trip to the desert is complete without a snapshot of you flailing your arms and legs atop Big Red, the tallest dune in the emirate.

Just take a moment to relax and soak in the breathtaking scenery of the Empty Quarter. Even though gas isn’t cheap, getting about Dubai is completely gratis if you own a vehicle.

  • Timing: Open daily, 24/7.
  • Location: Rub’ al Khali (The Empty Quarter).
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Rest at Zabeel Park; Relaxing Free Thing To Do in Dubai

Zabeel Park is a fantastic area to relax on the grass and watch the clouds drift past in the middle of the city (unless rowdy children surround you). Although there is likely a lot going on, it is possible to escape the city and reconnect with nature.

  • Timing: Open Sun-Wed 8am-10pm, Thu-Sat 8am-11pm.
  • Location: Zabeel area
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Free Visit to Al Barsha Pond Park; Best picnic in Dubai

This (obviously) pondside location is perfect for a winter picnic, so bring your blanket and relax for the day. When you’re done stuffing your face with cherry tomatoes and piccalilli, you may relax in the sun on the expansive grass that overlooks the pond, which is really much larger than a typical pond.

  • Timing: Open Sun-Thu 8am-10pm, Fri-Sat 8am-11pm.
  • Location: Al Barsha
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Enjoy the morning in Al Jaddaf; Free relishing in Dubai

Al Jaddaf, located just south of Dubai Creek, is more than just a hotel district, as its name (“The Rower”) refers to the area’s long history of dhow construction. You can see the sun slowly rise over the Downtown cityscape without having to get up early to catch a boat. That’s a great way to kick off the day.

  • Timing: Open daily, 24/7.
  • Location: Al Jaddaf.
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Al Sufouh Beach at sunset; Free Relaxing in Dubai

While there are many beautiful vistas from which to see the sun change into his nightcap, gathering with your loved ones on the quiet Al Sufouh Beach is an unforgettable opportunity that no amount of money could ever purchase for you. Likewise, you do not need it.

  • Timing: Open daily, 24/7.
  • Location: King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St, Al Sufouh.
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Have a Free romantic surprise at The Love Lakes in Dubai

Are you in search of the most romantic place on earth? Near the Al Qudra Lakes, you’ll find the “Love Lakes,” a pair of interwoven heart-shaped lakes. The location near The Last Lake of Al Qudra is even marked on Google Maps with a red heart icon.

Traveling down D63, through the Last Exit, and then turning right onto the road that also goes to Al Qudra Lakes is the most direct approach. When the weather starts to drop down, pack a picnic and go to this peaceful location for a relaxing walk and a relaxing meal.

  • Timing: Open daily, 24/7
  • Location: Al Qudra.
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Drive Through the Desert; Free Nature-satisfaction in Dubai

You’ll need a four-wheel drive car and a driver with some talent. Moreover, even if you don’t live next door to rallying star Sébastien Loeb, one of your friends is certain to own a suitable vehicle and be willing to take you for a ride over the dunes of the Dubai desert.

You’re free to go (though you may have to give them an IOU), but make sure your navigation skills are up to snuff, or you could have to pay to get back.

  • Timing: Open 24/7 (best to go during the day, though).
  • Location: Various locations on the outskirts of Dubai.
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Free Things To Do in Dubai: Culture and Art

Let’s see the best cultural beauties in Dubi:

Al-Serkal Street; Free walking and enjoyment in Dubai

Alserkal Avenue in Dubai’s Al Quoz is home to several art galleries, performance venues, and delicious eateries and is often considered the city’s most artistic and trendy district. This once-bustling industrial district is now a buzzing hub of creative activity, with engine oil having been replaced with oil on canvas.

You may taste Dubai’s rich cultural scene without breaking the bank by taking advantage of the many free activities available here, such as visiting museums and art galleries or window shopping.

  • Timing: Open daily, 10 am-7 pm.
  • Location: Al Quoz
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Free visit to Antique Museum in Dubai

Even though its name is a total misnomer (it’s not a museum, but rather a weird bazaar), this maze of winding alleys is crammed to the gills with exotic artifacts from Asia and the Middle East.

It’s a lot of fun simply to go around and have a look at the unbelievable selection of products. It doesn’t cost a thing, but you may want to resist the urge to purchase that antique sideboard that would look fantastic in your living room.

  • Timing: Open daily, 9 am-8.30 pm.
  • Location: Al Quoz
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Cinema Akil; Wonderful Free Thing To Do in Dubai

The success of this once-pop-up movie theater has skyrocketed as quickly as a Hollywood studio’s coffers do following the release of a major hit. Even though the current trip series costs Dhs105 for each film, the theater sometimes throws on free screenings, so it’s worth keeping an eye on their schedule if you’re in the area.

  • Timing: Timings vary.
  • Location: Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Gold Souk; Free Window shopping in Dubai

The Gold Souk is one of the largest markets for the most gleaming precious metals. Therefore you may wish to wear sunglasses. New and dazzling jewelry and other luxury goods are sold at every stand. The attractions of Old Dubai may be enjoyed without spending a dime (even if you don’t have the budget for genuine shopping), making it a must-see even though you may not be able to bargain like a pro. If you’re willing to spend an additional Dhs2, you may take an abra for the most affordable tour of the city’s waterways.

  • Timing: Open Sat-Thu 9.30am-9.30pm, Fri 4pm-9.30pm
  • Location: Al Ras, Deira.
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Jameel Arts Center; Best Free Thing To Do in Dubai

The innovative design and cutting-edge amenities of this Jaddaf Waterfront structure are sure to wow. Independent to a fault, it is one of the few places that actively promotes and supports the work of artists from the MENA area. The best way to see everything that Dubai has to offer without breaking the bank is to visit this fantastic hub of artistic expression.

  • Timing: Open Sat-Mon 10am-6pm, Wed-Thu 10am-6pm, Fri noon-8pm.
  • Location: Jaddaf Waterfront
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Learn a new language; Useful Free Thing To Do in Dubai

Are you tired of your own inept efforts at the Arabic language? Maybe it’s time to broaden your linguistic horizons and learn basic Arabic words and phrases you must know in Dubai by signing up at the J-Café. The knowledgeable volunteers will keep you entertained while teaching you the language and will try not to laugh (too much) at your terrible pronunciation.

  • Timing: Times vary.
  • Location: Caribou Coffee, DIFC
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Free visit to Al Oqaili Museum of Poetry in Dubai

This building, the inspiration for the works of a groundbreaking poet, still stands as a memorial to the great man who envisioned it. Discover his writing space, where you can see his desk and the pens he used to produce such polished works by hand.

  • Timing: Open Mon-Thu 8am-3pm, Fri 8am-11.30am.
  • Location: Al Ras, Deira
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

The Spice Market; Tasty Free Thing To Do in Dubai

This souk in old Dubai is an absolute sensory overload. The Spice Souk is a must-see for any self-respecting chef visiting Dubai and is free of charge.

Everything from oils to nuts to a wide variety of delicious candies may be found here, as can the whole range of Arabic spices. It’s enjoyable just to stroll around and learn about Dubai’s past, even if you don’t plan to purchase anything.

  • Timing: Open daily, 9 am-11 pm.
  • Location: Al Ras, Deira.
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Free Street Art in Dubai

You wouldn’t be roaming around the city blindfolded if you didn’t know there was free street art at every turn. The city is drenched with color, from Jumeirah Beach Road to Karama, City Walk to Satwa, and La Mer to Jumeirah Beach Road, thanks to the efforts of some genuinely brilliant artists.

  • Timing: Open daily 9 am-11 pm
  • Location: Various locations across Dubai.
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Textile Market; Free Thing To Do in Dubai For Women

Located in Bur Dubai, the Textile Souk is just across from the Gold and Spice Souks on the other side of Dubai Creek. Although you may not be Alexander McQueen, a visit to this site will allow you to spend an afternoon exploring at no cost.

  • Timing: Open Sat-Thu 9am-2pm and 4pm-8pm.
  • Location: Ali Bin Abi Talib Street, Bur Dubai.
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Free visit to The Museum of Classical Architecture in Dubai

As the previous home of Sheikh Juma bin Maktoum, this structure is about a century old. Currently, it holds a collection of traditional construction materials and decorations from ancient Dubai and the other emirates. Also included is a timeline of significant buildings in Emirati culture.

  • Timing: Open Sun–Thu 8 am-2 pm.
  • Location: Al Fahidi St, Bur Dubai
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Waterfront Market; Free watching in Dubai

While many were sad to see the old Deira Fish Market go, their tears (and scales) were quickly replaced by the joy of shopping at this enormous, sale-filled facility. Hours might be spent just looking at all of the captures. This is a totally new ballgame in terms of day trips. You may stroll the aisles without spending a dime and get some meal ideas.

  • Timing: Open 24/7 (except during deep cleaning).
  • Location: Deira Enrichment Project, Al Khaleej Road
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Art Exhibit by the XVa; Artistic Free Thing To Do in Dubai

If you’re looking for a gallery specializing in modern art from the Arab world, Iran, and the Subcontinent, go no further than XVA in the UAE or beyond. You’ll see something different every time you visit since the exhibits change often.

  • Timing: Open daily, 7 am-10 pm.
  • Location: Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, Bur Dubai
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Free Fitness, Sport, and Activities in Dubai

Do you love sports? If yes, let’s see all the free sports activities in Dubai:

Pehlwani Wrestling; Free Sports in Dubai

Seeing a local wrestling match is one of the greatest free things to do in Dubai. Hundreds of Indian, Pakistan, and Bangladesh workers assemble every Friday to see the heroic men compete for honor in a wrestling match.

  • Location: Deira (sandlot behind the fish market)
  • Timings: Fridays; 5:00 pm onwards
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Free Yoga Classes in Dubai

Those keen on keeping in shape can find many low-cost activities to participate in around Dubai. However, the Friends of Yoga session is the finest of the bunch since it’s completely free. These five 1-hour courses, offered at different locations across Dubai, will allow you to maintain your exercise regimen while in the city.

  • Location: Deira Creek, BurDubai Creek, Zabeel Park, JLT Park, and Internet City
  • Timings: 5:30 am – 6:30 am, 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm; Daily
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Cycle at Al Qudra; Satisfying Free Things To Do in Dubai

The Al Qudra Cycle Track is a 50-mile purpose-built track that offers yet another breathtaking vantage point for the sun’s dawn (or fall). We’re not proposing you run the whole track at once (unless your name is Chris Froome), but if you want to beat the heat and your own personal best, you should come here early in the morning or late in the evening.

  • Timing: Open daily, 24/7.
  • Location: Al Qudra.
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Sign up for a free trial of ClassPass in Dubai

Nobody loves being locked into a gym contract, so if you don’t find a class or two you enjoy, you can throw your gear in the bag and go on to the next ClassPass location. Perhaps you’ll find that you have a natural talent for yoga or excel at Pilates. In any case, I hope you’ll be able to settle on a permanent shape and a stable category. Just bring a towel and water with you.

  • Time and location: Various times and locations.
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Hike Hatta; Never-forgetting Free Things To Do in Dubai

Your just-purchased and secreted-away hiking boots were designed for walking, and there is only one place to let them shine: on your feet. Five trails in Hatta range in complexity that you may hike for free in the Hajar Mountains. Visit the biggest national park in Dubai without spending a dime.

  • Timing: Open daily, 24/7.
  • Location: Hatta
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Work out on Kite Beach; Best Free sports in Dubai

As much as we like kite-flying (to the very highest altitude), when we’re in the mood for something more energetic, we can’t help but take advantage of the long, winding jogging track that stretches down the beachfront in both directions. Visit Kite Beach in Dubai for a run that will lift your spirits just as much as the magnificent views. Finally, the good news! To your delight, there is no cost involved.

  • Timing: Open daily, 24/7.
  • Location: Sunset Beach-Kite Beach-Jumeirah 1.
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Free road trip to Jebel Hafeet in Dubai

Although Al Ain is sometimes referred to as “the Garden City,” the surrounding Jebel Hafeet mountain range has really caught our eye. It takes around four hours to trek from base camp to a vantage point where hikers can see both the expansive desert and Al Ain below.

This trail is for experienced hikers only; if you don’t break in your shoes beforehand, you risk major blisters. The greatest views are at the top, but getting there will take a lot of energy, so plug in your headphones and zone out to an entertaining podcast on the way.

  • Location: Jebel Hafeet.
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Al Mushrif National Park in Dubai

What could be better than tearing through the wilderness on two wheels with the wind in your hair? Mushrif National Park in Dubai is home to a 50km mountain bike track, so sports lovers, saddle up! The breathtaking new route winds through the emirate’s natural splendor and is located in a verdant forest with 70,000 trees.

Phase one of the continuing construction now extends 20 kilometers, making this track the first of its sort in Dubai. The second stage of the project will add another 30 kilometers.

  • Timing: Open daily 8am-10pm.
  • Location: Mushrif Park
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

A walk around Dubai Marina; Best Free Things To Do

In the colder months, you may find many other exercise enthusiasts out on the 7-kilometer boardwalk that circles Dubai Marina. You won’t have to fight for elbow room since it seldom gets too packed for comfort.

The walkway is level and round, making it a pleasant stroll, but, to reach the bridge at the marina’s far end at Bluewaters, you’ll need to deviate off the path, up some steps, and walk along the main road’s path.

There’s a lot to see on the way, and the scenery is stunning; you’ll get some great photos. The gliding yachts provide a touch of luxury to the Marina without breaking the bank.

  • Timing: Open daily
  • Location: Dubai Marina
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Take a free stroll around Palm Jumeirah’s Boardwalk in Dubai

While most of us can only ever hope to purchase a home on Dubai’s The Palm, this seven-mile route makes it possible to enjoy a stroll along the Arabian Gulf without taking out a second mortgage. After the game is over, we can bring out the food trucks.

  • Timing: Open daily, 24/7.
  • Location: Palm Jumeirah.
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Relax and Take a free Dip at the Beach in Dubai

The Beach on JBR in Dubai is a public beach that welcomes visitors without charging any fees. It’s a terrific place to go swimming, and there are many of places to dine around.

  • Timing: : Open daily 10am-10pm.
  • Location: Jumeirah Beach Road
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Calisthenics Park; Most Enjoyable Free Things To Do in Dubai

The finest bars, hands down, include pull-ups, parallel bars, and monkey bars. It’s a win-win situation when you can improve your biceps, triceps, abs, glutes, and calves (or lack thereof) without spending a penny beyond the cost of potential overexertion. The scenery is beautiful and uplifting.

  • Timing: Open daily, 24/7.
  • Location: Al Seyahi St (next to Skydive Dubai), Dubai Marina.
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Dubai’s Bluewaters; Best Free Things To Do in Dubai

The views at Bluewater Dubai are some of the best in the city, and you can get there for nothing by just taking a walk. Proceed along the boardwalk from Bliss Lounge at Sheraton Dubai along The Beach in JBR. Take a stroll along Jumeirah Beach and then cross the bridge to Bluewaters Dubai, the artificial island where Caesars Palace Dubai and the huge Ain Dubai are located.

Even though the wheel is not yet operational, it is nonetheless quite a site to see, and its sheer magnitude cannot be appreciated unless one stands directly underneath it. There are stores to peruse once you reach the main part of the island, and the views over to JBR and The Beach are breathtaking from the observation platforms dotted along the bridge.

  • Location: Bluewaters Dubai
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Free Things To Do in Dubai: Historical Views

Neer ever misses vising the best historical side of Dubi. Here we will introduce you to the best free ones.

Old Al Fahidi District; Best free Historical place to visit in Dubai

Spend a day away from the city’s skyscrapers learning about Dubai’s history before the discovery of oil. Al Fahidi was formerly Dubai’s cultural and economic center, the birthplace of the ideals that formed the city’s history.

  • Timing: Open daily, 24/7.
  • Location: Al Fahidi, Bur Dubai
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Camel Museum; Amusing Free Things To Do in Dubai

Like camels a lot? Need to know more and get access to free resources in Dubai? Here you can find out more about how the Bedouins depended on camels for survival and how these stunning animals continue to play an important role in Dubai’s history. It was formerly the sheiks’ stable, but now it’s a shrine to the camels and dromedaries that ply the desert.

  • Timing: Open Wed-Mon 10 am-8 pm.
  • Location: Al Shindagha Historical Area, Bur Dubai
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Coffee Museum; enjoy your free time with loved ones in Dubai

If you like coffee, this is one of the greatest free things to do in Dubai. Some argue that the real fuel for Emiratis is not oil but coffee, and this facility is a shrine to that beverage. On the first level, you can learn about the history of coffee roasting and see artifacts from the method, while on the second floor, you may sample some coffee and learn more about the science behind the bean’s satiating effects.

  • Timing: Open Sat-Thu 9 am-5 pm.
  • Location: Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Coins Museum; Different Free Things To Do in Dubai

We miss the days of bartering, but these days it seems like money is necessary for almost everything. There are eight rooms in this stunning Bur Dubai building filled with artifacts and facts on UAE and international currency history. Here, you’ll notice that every coin has two sides. Furthermore, there is no entry charge.

  • Timing: Open Sun-Thu 8.30 am-2 pm.
  • Location: Al Shindagha Historical Area, Bur Dubai
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Free visit to the Heritage Village of Hatta in Dubai

Have you ever been curious about the early Dubai settlements? This accurate copy is as near as you’ll come to the real deal. Free of charge, you may see how the local rulers lived by visiting their home (Bait al Wali), and then you can take out your opponents (or at least dream about it) from one of the watchtowers.

  • Timing: 7:30 AM-8:30 PM
  • Location: Hatta
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Naif Museum; Common Free Things To Do in Dubai

The museum at Dubai’s first police station, Naif Fort, which opened in 1939, is a big reason why Dubai has a reputation as one of the world’s safest major cities. The museum is full of artifacts such as antique costumes and weaponry; if the rifle-wielding mannequin police officers don’t deter you from a life of crime, nothing will.

  • Timing: Open Mon-Thu 8am-3pm, Fri 8am-11.30am
  • Location: Deira
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Other Awesome Free Things To Do in Dubai

Besides all the free things introduced above, there are also some other awesome free things to do, like:

Enjoy a Free Visit to the Infinity Tower in Dubai

Infinity Tower, sometimes called Cayan Tower, is a stunning example of modern architecture that takes the phrase “putting a twist” a bit too literally. This magnificent residential skyscraper’s dynamic and twisting design, which twists 90 degrees along its course of height, has defied traditional types of architecture in Dubai and made it one of the city’s most photographed structures.

Virtually any onlooker would be stunned by the sight of this Dubai landmark, thanks to its futuristic and one-of-a-kind design.

  • Location: 1202, Al Barsha Heights, Teacom, Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Free Dubai Fountains View

Among the many free things to do in Dubai is to enjoy the spectacular show put on by the dancing fountains outside Dubai Mall, set to a live musical score.

  • Location: Outside Dubai Mall
  • Timings: 3 – 4 minutes; every 30 minutes
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Enjoy a Free Film Outdoors

You wouldn’t want to go to the movies on a Sunday night in Dubai, would you? Given that it doesn’t cost anything and can be enjoyed beneath the stars, it quickly rises to the ranks of “must-do” free things in Dubai.

  • Location: Pyramids Rooftop Complex in Wafi complex
  • Timings: Sundays; 8:30 pm onwards
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Enjoy a birthday at Aquaventure; Happy Free Things To Do in Dubai

When thinking about how to commemorate the day you were hurled into the world, I can’t think of anything more exciting than being thrown down a gravity-defying water rollercoaster. This is Atlantis, Dubai. For your special day, the incredible Aquaventure water park at The Palm will open its gates to you at no cost.

  • Timing: Open daily, 9.45 am-5 pm.
  • Location: Atlantis The Palm, Palm Jumeirah.
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

A free visit to the Wings of Mexico statue in Dubai

There’s a reason why this location has gained a near-mythic reputation among Instagram users. With the world’s highest tower as a background and the now-iconic pair of wings as a subject, a photograph taken here is sure to go viral on social media and won’t break the bank in the process. Get moving if this specific frame isn’t already part of your grid.

  • Timing: Open 24 hours.
  • Location: Burj Plaza, Downtown Dubai.
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Dubai’s Underwater Zoo and Aquarium

If you were too engrossed in your cheesecake to see the aquatic wonder behind you at The Cheesecake Factory, we wouldn’t hold it against you. However, no visit to The Dubai Mall would be complete without taking advantage of the free admission to the aquarium to gawk at some of the aquatic life on display. What’s next, a shark-in-the-selfie?

  • Timing; Open Sun-Wed 10am-midnight, Thu-Sat 10 am-1 am.
  • Location: The Dubai Mall
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Dubai Canal Waterfall; Charming Free Things To Do in Dubai

With the colorful cascade at its confluence with Sheikh Zayed Road, the Dubai Canal, one of the city’s most remarkable new creations in recent years, has its own wonderful focal point. Stop for a bit and soak in the radiance of this amazing rainbow while you peacefully float along the Canal, jog, or stroll.

  • Timing: Open 24/7.
  • Location: Dubai Water Canal
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Barasti’s free pool day in Dubai

Our close friends at the Barasti beach club in Dubai don’t charge us to use their amenities, which is unusual for beach clubs. If you want to soak up some rays while listening to some excellent songs and cooling down in the water, here is the place to be. However, the early bird gets the worm (or sunlounger, in this instance).

  • Timing: Open Sat-Wed 9am-2am, Thu-Fri 9am-3am.
  • Location: Le Méridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina, Al Sufouh
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Dubai Festival City Mall; Aggreble Free Things To Do in Dubai

Every day, IMAGINE delivers fireworks and smashing soundtracks with a triple feature of fascinating tales conveyed via the medium of water. This remarkable technical and choreographic achievement proves that Festival Bay deserves its name. This achievement holds two Guinness World Records. It’s all there is to say about that.

  • Timing: Mon-Thu 6pm-11pm, Fri-Sun 6pm-11pm (every hour).
  • Location: Dubai Festival City Mall
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Talent at Time Out Market Dubai; Cheerful Free Things To Do in Dubai

In case you weren’t already aware of it, Time Out Market Dubai is the place to go if you want to experience the greatest rhythms and food in Dubai. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Market has a slew of great live performers who will entertain you while you chow down on their celebrity-chef-inspired dishes.

Time Out Stage Presents showcases cutting-edge up-and-coming acts from the local entertainment scene. So, what exactly are you waiting for?

  • Timing: Tue and Thu 7 pm.
  • Location: Time Out Market Dubai, Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Shop at Ripe by the Bay; Amusing Free Things To Do in Dubai

The name “Ripe by the Bay” should suffice as an introduction. Stroll around the bustling market, and you’ll discover everything from fresh organic fruit to wares made by skilled local craftsmen and a welcoming sense of community.

The return to outdoor activities when the weather cools makes this a popular gathering spot. At night, Ripe will turn Festival Bay into a lively destination for eating, shopping, entertainment, and nightlife, complete with lights and music.

  • Location: Festival Bay
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Free sunbathing at La Mer

Thanks to us gossip columnists for spilling the beans, La Mer’s beachside wholesomeness is now open to the public without so much as a parasol charge, making it one of Dubai’s worst-kept secrets. There are several excellent dining options in the area if you’d want to supplement your vitamin D intake with other nutrients.

  • Timing: Open daily, 7 am-midnight.
  • Location: Jumeirah 1
Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

FAQs About Free Things To Do In Dubai

Now that you know all about these things to do in Dubai, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

How affordable would you say it is to live in Dubai?

Accommodations and sightseeing excursions in Dubai may be rather pricey. However, there are many cheap alternatives to choose from if you’re on a tight budget. The cost of living in Dubai is comparable to that in other global metropolises.

What are the best free things to do in the summer in Dubai?

Free attractions in Dubai, such as the Aqua Venture Water Park, where visitors may enjoy rides and other fun activities, and the Coffee Museum Dubai, can make a summer trip to Dubai a memorable experience for travelers. Plan a trip to the campgrounds, and check out the nearby beaches while you’re there.

When traveling on a tighter budget, what free things should one do in Dubai?

A visit to SMCCU, which offers free tours and information about Dubai, and window shopping are just two of the numerous free things to do in Dubai. On the other hand, visitors may enjoy several of Dubai’s free attractions—including the Dubai Desert Safari, the Abra Ride along Dubai Creek, and Jumeirah Beach—at their own expense.

What’s free in Dubai at night?

Try out some of the city’s nightlife by checking out the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountains, Ski Dubai at the Emirates Mall, and the Dubai Aquarium.

Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Conclusion on Free Things To Do in Dubai

Finally, you may relax knowing all the best free things to do in Dubai. In Dubai, you may enjoy various activities without spending a penny. Get the most out of your Dubai vacation without breaking the bank by scheduling some of these activities.

It’s common knowledge that Dubai is one of the most desirable places to live in the Middle East because of its reputation as a major tourist destination. If you are interested in buying a house in Dubai, you should check out Al-Khil Company as soon as possible.

In the United Arab Emirates, AlKhail Company is your best option if you want help locating and acquiring a house that suits your needs.

Best 53 Free Things To Do in Dubai

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