How to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai? A complete guide for 2023

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How to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai?

Dubai is a metropolis that caters mostly to tourists. Dubai is a popular destination for visitors from all over the globe, who come for a wide range of reasons. People from all over the world who are excited about visiting Dubai may choose from various tourist visas. You are undoubtedly aware that people who do not qualify for travel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) without a visa are obliged to get tourist visas.

Hotels and travel firms are often the ones responsible for processing this visa. If you are planning a trip to Dubai and anticipate staying there for longer than the duration of your tourist visa, then keep reading to learn how to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai.

How to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai?

What exactly is a Tourist Visa for Dubai?

You are probably aware that in order to remain in Dubai, one must get one of many different visas, such as a Dubai work visa and permit, a freelance visa in Dubai, etc., each of which has its own unique set of requirements and length of validity.  Those individuals who are not permitted entry into the United Arab Emirates without a valid visa are eligible to apply for a Dubai tourist visa.

Depending on the specifics of your application, the validity period of your visa will be either 30 or 90 days. Those individuals who want to pay a visit to Dubai during their vacations or who have relatives or friends living in the UAE are required to get this visa. You are permitted entry into the UAE throughout the period of validity mentioned on this visa.

Tourist visa in Dubai; Get it and change your life

It is important to keep in mind that embassies in the UAE do not give out any visas. In addition, this visa may be obtained via a hotel, airline, or travel agency in Dubai. When you apply for a visa via an airline, you must also purchase your travel ticket through that same airline.

If you apply for your visa via the hotel, you must book your lodging at the hotel where you filed for your visa. And lastly, if you are still trying to obtain your visa via any of the two methods described above, you may apply to travel tour agencies; however, before selecting a particular dealership, you should first do some research on the various agencies.

How to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai?

Renewing Your Visa in Dubai and Its Usage

This rule regarding the renewal of visas is also applicable to those who are in Dubai on employment visas and are seeking work because they have more time to look for a better career or to go around Dubai and experience the attractions.

Those who have come to Dubai as tourists and want to participate in desert excursions, experience Dubai’s stunning nightlife, and make the most of Dubai’s high-end retail complexes are also eligible for the visa. Also, you can renew your residency if you learn about how to get a residency Dubai visa.

How to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai?

How to Extend Your Tourist Visa in Dubai?

These are the steps that need to be taken in order to extend your tourist visa in Dubai:

Using the GDRFA app to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai

The following are the procedures to complete this task:

  • First: sign-in on the GDRFA app. Second, go to the dashboard and access the dependent visa data. Third, touch the button to renew your residency.
  • Second: Complete the information.
  • Third: decide on a delivery method.
  • Fourth: Attach any relevant papers
  • Sixth: send in the payment for the charge
  • Seventh: Await confirmation through email or text message

Go to federal authority to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai

The following are the procedures to complete this task:

  • First: go to the Federal authority for identity and citizenship website.
  • Second: fill in your name and any identifying information.
  • Third: add attachments
  • Fourth: pay the price of 600 dirhams and file an application for an extension
How to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai?

Documents needed to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai

The following is a list of the documents that you need to provide in order to renew your tourist visa for Dubai:

  • A copy of the applicant’s passport may be provided here. The most crucial step is to check that your passport has at least six months left on its validity date.
  • Two photographs in size are required by passport, with a white backdrop, and each photograph should have color.
  • The paperwork should include a copy of the visa you are currently using.
  • In addition, citizens of nations such as Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq are required to provide their respective national identification cards.
  • In addition to the papers listed above, you also need to furnish the following documents about your guarantor. We will go through these documents with you below:
  • You must provide a copy of the guarantor’s passport and residence visa. Both should be valid for at least three months at a minimum.
  • You need to give a copy of the Emirates ID of the person acting as your guarantor.
  • Include the guarantor’s phone number and email address in the list of contact information that you give with your application.

More tips and documents to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai

Also, the most recent bank statement from your guarantor is required to be presented. They are required to provide a 550 dirham security check. After you have returned to your home country, this check will not be deposited; rather, it will be given back to the person who guaranteed the loan.

If you do not have a guarantor, you will be required to provide a deposit of 2,000 dirhams to submit an application for the renewal of your visa. When you return to your home country, this money will be sent back into your bank account.

How to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai?

Options to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai

The procedures for extending tourist visas are extremely easy to understand in Dubai. The following is a list of some of these methods:

  • Getting a 30-day extension on a tourist visa in Dubai was possible twice.
  • Be sure to keep an eye on the date that the first extension will no longer be valid.
  • Apply for the second renewal before the expiration of the previous one.

Cost of renewing a tourist visa in Dubai

Each time you renew your tourist visa for Dubai, you will be required to pay an additional fee of 600 dirhams.

How to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai?

A grace period of extension for Dubai tourist visas

If you are unable to renew your tourist visa in Dubai for any reason, you will be required to pay an additional fee of one hundred dirhams (Dhs) for each additional day that you remain in Dubai. The total number of days will be determined ten days after the day when your visa becomes invalid.

What circumstances will prohibit the UAE from renewing tourist visas?

There are exemptions available for some persons in Dubai, and the length of their visas will be prolonged as a result. These individuals need to have at least one of the following characteristics:

  • Residents of GCC nations as well as visitors and tourists from other countries
  • Residents who are traveling with citizens of GCC countries
  • Who are in possession of authorized exemptions for admission
  • Who has been granted a 96-hour permission in order to carry out extraordinary assignments
How to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai?

Can airlines provide their passengers with a UAE tourist visa?

In answer to this, we have no choice but to affirm yes. Since each of these airlines has its own set of requirements, the only alternative available to passengers is to book a flight on the same carrier as the travel agent. The following is a list of the several kinds of visas that they offer:

  • Multiple-entry visa for tourists
  • Validity: 60 days
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Visa fee: 650 dirham

Multiple entry tourist visa for a long trip

  • Validity: 60 days
  • Duration: 90 days
  • Visa fee: 1000 dirham
  • Multiple-entry visa for long-term visitors
  • Validity: 60 days
  • Duration: 90 days
  • Visa fee : 2500 dirham
How to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai?

How do a visit visa and a tourist visa for the UAE vary from one another?

The validity period for a visit visa is ninety days, but the validity period for a tourist visa is thirty days. Those who are citizens of one of the following countries are unable to have their tourist visas renewed:

East and West Europe, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine, Albania, Russia, the Hellenic Republic, St. Kitts-Nevis, St. Luisa, Mexico, Cuba, Bermuda, Belize, Guyana, French Guiana, Martinique, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Vincent, Jamaica, Palao, and other non-defined American nationalities, Thailand, South Africa, Singapore, China, Malta, and Cyprus are all included in this list.

How to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai?

Considerations for renewing a tourist visa for Dubai

Key reminders to keep in mind when it comes time to renew your tourist visa in Dubai:

  • Your tourist visa in Dubai may be extended for an additional 30 days at a time upon request.
  • Pay attention to the significance of double-checking the initial visa renewal’s expiration date.
  • Make sure you submit your second application before the renewal period comes to an end.
  • Options for UAE Visa Extensions for Those Who Have Prepaid or Pre-Arranged for Their Visas
How to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai?

Renewing your tourist visa while you are in Dubai

Individuals who do not qualify for visas upon arrival in the UAE must obtain a prepaid visa or a UAE prepaid tourist visa before their arrival in the country. Upon your arrival in the UAE with your prepaid visa, the following are the alternatives available to you to extend your stay if you are getting close to the end of your visa’s validity period. The following is a list of available choices for extending your time in the UAE:

Two-time renewal of a pre-paid tourist visa

If you have obtained a visa from an airline or tour operator, it is a sponsored prepaid tourist visa, and they can be extended twice for a total of 30 days. The new reform still needs to clarify this option, but we will update you as soon as possible with any new information regarding this possibility as soon as possible.

Getting an Oman visa in Dubai

Nationals who are qualified to receive an on-arrival visa to Oman may use this self-drive option to depart the UAE through the Oman border and then rejoin the UAE with an on-arrival or prepaid visa. This extension technique is popular among nations whose citizens enter the UAE with a visa upon arrival. By participating in this visa run, individuals with an entry period of 30 days or less will get another free visa. Those with an arrival period of 90 days or more will be required to obtain a prepaid visa after leaving the country.

Third-Party tourist visa Exchange at an Airport

The most well-known choice among those who have already paid for their visas is to travel to the closest airport in the middle east, then wait in the UAE until they get their visas, and then return.

How to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai?

Tips about Cancelled Residents for the tourist visa in Dubai

Anybody with their UAE Resident visa canceled is given a grace period of thirty days, during which they may decide their next step. Those who wish to leave may take advantage of the free grace period in order to get themselves ready by paying all of their financial obligations (tenancy contracts, cellphone bills, credit cards, loans, and home connections) before they go.

Individuals who are moving to Dubai from Pakistan and wish to remain a little longer to resolve their difficulties can get a tourist visa by participating in an Oman visa run, changing their visa at an airport, or going someplace else and returning to the country. We also suggest you know a complete guide on how to get a job in Dubai. This guild will help you get the job you want.

How to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai?

 UAE visa extension reforms and modifications 2023 Updates

There needs to be more clarity among travelers about the difference between an inside extension and a purchased extension of their visa validity. The validity term for a 30 or 60-day prepaid visa used to be 60 days, during which the visa holder was required to visit the UAE, or the visa would become worthless, and they would lose their money.

New rules and regulations to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai

The Federal Authority for Identification, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) has recently announced a new service that enables holders of prepaid visas to extend the validity of their visa for an extra 60 days by paying the required cost while they are outside of the UAE.

This would be advantageous for visa holders who are unable to visit the UAE within the designated validity period (60 days) owing to certain unforeseen circumstances beginning on February 6, 2023, and moving forward. It is possible to expand it (only once). As new information is obtained, we will share further details as soon as we get them.

How to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai?

UAE visa extension new regulations in 2023

Because of the new regulations on visa extensions that went into effect on December 23, 2022, the United Arab Emirates decided to do away with its within-the-country tourist visa extension program.

The airport-to-airport visa change and the Oman visa run visa extension are two choices most travelers are selecting. As a result of the COVID epidemic and the associated travel limitations, several hassle-free in-country visa extension alternatives were available.

Rule number one to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai

Those already present in the UAE will be eligible for a visit-in-country visa valid for a period of up to 60 days beginning on October 3, 2022, by the new visa regulations enacted by the UAE.

Now tourists may choose their preferred length of stay extension—single or multiple entries, 30 or 60 days—and visitors of any nationality can take advantage of these extension choices.

Rule number two to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai

Individuals Those whose permits were revoked by their UAE sponsors or employers may apply for a new tourist visa inside the UAE and do so without having to leave the country by selecting the option for visa change without leaving the country (Source: Gulf News, June 06, 2020)

Rule number three to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai

On the 25th of October 2019, the Royal Police of Oman stated that all nations visiting Oman would be required to apply for a pre-entry visa in order to be allowed to enter the country. This regulation will go into effect on November 1, 2019, and anyone who wants to renew their visas via Oman will need to make their plans well in advance if they want to take advantage of it (Source: The National 19th November 2019)

Rule number four to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai

It is possible for citizens of five different nations who are qualified for UAE visas upon arrival to extend their stay in the country and switch to a prepaid visa without having to leave the country.

How to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai?

The guidelines for Indians to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai

Indian citizens with a valid US visa, an EU residence permit, or a UK residence permit may purchase a tourist visa upon arrival in the UAE for 100 AED. You will also be required to pay a service fee of 20 AED; following that, you will be able to advance to the passport control counter, and you will be granted permission to remain for a total of 14 days.

According to the sources, this term may be extended once for a period of another 14 days by paying a renewal cost at immigration centers that amounts to 250 AED plus a service charge of 20 AED. This would result in the extension is valid for 28 days. Also, it’s better to know the major cost of living in Dubai before traveling to this city.

Fines for Indians not renewing or extending their tourist visa in Dubai

Suppose the Indian tourist overstays the permitted amount of time in the UAE. In that case, they will be subject to a fine of 100 AED for each additional day that they remain in the country and a fee of 200 AED for departure permission.

Those Indian visitors who desire to extend their visas upon arrival are encouraged to go immediately to the immigration office or the airport, and those who want a one or two-month stay visa should contact us. It’s better to know what is life for Indians in Dubai like before you come to this city.

How to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai?

Visa, passport, and validity dates expiring

Your passport’s expiration date must be at least six months in the future in order for you to be eligible to apply for a new tourist visa in the UAE. You may need to update your passport while in the UAE. Whether you are applying for a visa upon arrival or via pre-arrangement and the expiration date on your passport is drawing near, we strongly recommend that you renew your passport well before the deadline.

Otherwise, you can avoid having to pay fees for overstaying your reservation. You will be able to quickly leave the country, renew your passport, and return with a brand new tourist visa, all of which will be explained to you. And the expiration date of your present visa will differ depending on your nationality; to find out what it is, check on one of the UAE’s official websites alone.

How to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai?

Conclusion on how to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai

Here is our conclusion on how to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai. As you can see, renewing your tourist visa for Dubai is a simple process; all you need to do is ensure that you produce all of the required papers at the appropriate time and in the correct manner.

When you have successfully renewed your visa, you will no longer need to be concerned about traveling around Dubai and the rest of the UAE to pay your friends and family a visit. You’ll likely conclude that you want to live in Dubai permanently, in which case you’ll need to be familiar with the process of applying for a resident visa in Dubai.

Our encouraging information for you is that if you purchase a house in Dubai, you may be eligible for a resident visa there. Get in touch with AlKhail Real Estate if you need any more information.

How to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai?

FAQs about how to renew or extend a tourist visa in Dubai

Now that you know everything about renewing or extending a tourist visa in Dubai, it’s time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

When will my Dubai tourist visa expire?

A tourist visa for Dubai may be valid for either 30 or 90 days.

Can kids in Dubai get a free visit visa?

If an adult accompanies them, children under 18 are eligible to get a free tourist visa for the period beginning on the 15th of July and ending on the 15th of September each year. In July 2018, a cabinet in the United Arab Emirates approved this matter.

Can girls under 18 years old get a tourist visa for Dubai?

Whether you like it or not, ladies under the age of 18 who are traveling with their parents are eligible to submit an application for a tourist visa to Dubai.

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