Top 26 Schools In Al Ain Abu Dhabi in 2022

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Al Ain is the fourth-largest city in the United Arab Emirates and is often called Garden City. There are a variety of schools in Al Ain, each offering a unique curriculum, but it might be difficult to choose the best one for your children.

If you’re a parent needing top-notch educational opportunities in Al Ain, you’ve found the right spot. We’ve compiled a list of the top 26 schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi for your children’s future.

Top 26 schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s Department of Education and Knowledge performs school inspections in Al Ain, much like Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) (ADEK). This list of schools in Al Ain, UAE, includes information on the ADEK rating, curriculum, school fees, and location to assist you in choosing the best option for your child’s education.

Brighton College Al Ain; Number one school in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

One of the most prestigious British schools in Al Ain comes in at number one on our list of recommendations. Since Brighton College is among the first and only institutions in Al Ain to be awarded an ADEK grade of Outstanding, it is widely regarded as the greatest school in the city.

Schools Features

Their eight-acre campus has properly equipped dance, theater, and music facilities, and they follow the British Standards from Foundation Stage (FS1) to Year 13. In addition, there are football fields, a 25-meter covered pool, and an IAAF-approved, regulation-length track for athletics. 

There are also many renowned global schools in Abu Dhabi, including Brighton College, which has a campus in Al Ain. If you want to enroll your child but live in Dubai, don’t hesitate to enroll your child in this school. Fortunately, there are so many ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai. These ways will help you enroll your child in the best schools in Al Ain since Al Ain is near Abu Dhabi.

  • Annual fees: AED 50k – AED 80k
  • Location: Gafat Al Nayyar, Al Ain

United Private School; Best school in Al Ain for American students

The same people run two schools in Abu Dhabi; Al Yahar (UPS Al Yahar) provides a US curriculum education to children in kindergarten through twelfth grade, while the other is in Baniyas and has been rated Acceptable by ADEK.

Schools Features

Al Yashar School opened in 2010, and its student body is comprised mostly of UAE citizens (approximately 78%), Syrian nationals (3.5%), Jordanian nationals (3%), and a further 15% from a variety of other Arabic-speaking nations.

UPS Al Yahar follows the Next Generation Science Standards and the US Common Core Standards as implemented by the State of California. The UPS High School Diploma certification is essential for students who plan to continue their education abroad.

It is also based on the school’s participation in the advanced program, which the National Council administers for Accreditation of Schools (NCA), the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NAC), and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

  • Annual fees: AED 3,360–29,220
  • Location: Al Yahar, Al Ain

Al Adhwa Private School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

The Al Adhwa Private School is the third institution to be highlighted on our list of the best ten schools in Al Ain. They are a recognized testing facility for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and have accreditation from the National Council for Accreditation of Secondary Schools (NCA/AdvancED).

Schools Features

This is one of the best private schools in Al Ain, and it takes students from kindergarten through 12th grade and helps them develop into well-rounded individuals. They have first-rate amenities such as laboratories and gyms.

  • Annual fees: AED 11.6k – AED 28k
  • Location: Falaj Hazzaa – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

Al Ain Academy; Private school in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

The Aldar Academies group, of which Al Ain Academy is a member, is among the major providers of private school education in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates.

In September 2011, the facility that now houses Al Ain Academy was once used as a public school. This shows how closely aligned Aldar Academies and the Abu Dhabi Education and Knowledge Department (ADEK) are.

Schools Features

Following the English School Curriculum, the school provides a top-rate education to children from Foundation Stage 1 through Grade 13 (with the addition of the first Grade 13 class in 2018–19). In response to mandates from the Ministry of Education, the school has implemented a new curriculum “with an international flavor,” which includes Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Civics.

  • Annual fees: AED 39,600–59,320
  • Location: Al Sarooj, Al Ain

Beaconhouse Private School in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

With its new campus in Al Ain’s Falaj Hazzaa School District, Beaconhouse Private School has become the Beaconhouse Group’s fourth educational institution in the United Arab Emirates and Oman. The organization also operates schools in Dubai (Newlands School), Sharjah (Beaconhouse Al Khaleej International School), and Muscat.

Schools Features

Educating nearly 300,000 students across eight countries, Beaconhouse Group schools have been around for 44 years and follow the UK National Curriculum almost exclusively.

The newly established Al Ain school 2019 will first admit students in the Foundation Stage 2 through the Ninth Grade for the 2021-22 school year. Then develop organically to include Grade 11 in the following year. Finally, apply to ADEK for permission to add Grades 12 and 13 the following year, 2024, after many inspections by ADEK.

  • Annual fees: AED 20,000–29,000
  • Location: Falaj Hazzaa, Al Ain

Grace Valley Indian School in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Educator Mr. Saif Ali Saif AbduRehamn Al Nasseri established Grace Valley Indian School (GVIS) in 2010. The school’s coursework is based on the standards established by the Indian Central Board of Secondary Education. It is supplemented by the needs of the UAE Ministry of Education in Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Schools Features

There are 130 professors and an unknown number of TAs to help the students. Since 2019, when there were just 88 faculty members and 12 TAs, the institution has seen significant expansion. Although it has decreased from 30% to 20%, the rate of staff turnover at an Indian curriculum school was still rather high.

At the inspection date, the current principal had been in his position for three years, and it was possible that his arrival, together with the implementation of new procedures and enhancements, had contributed to the higher turnover.

It is worth mentioning that besides these top schools in Al Ain, there is a list of the best Indian schools in Abu Dhabi as well. So if you want to send your child to school in Abu Dhabi, you’ll have many other options.

  • Annual fees: AED 4,800–12,000
  • Location: Manasir, Al Ain

Future International Private School in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

The Future International Private School opened in 2004, and its curriculum is based on that used by American, English-speaking schools. The website, which is relatively weak in organization and content, has a vision and mission statement that reveal the school’s ambitious objectives.

Schools Features

The school’s ultimate goal is for each student to graduate with the self-assurance, expertise, and growing skills to tackle anything the real world throws at them. FIS asserts that it takes a comprehensive approach to the growth of each child by providing them with a variety of additional and co-curricular activities that cater to their emotional, social, intellectual, and academic requirements.

  • Location: Al Nyadat, Al Ain
  • Annual fees: AED 11,730–25,070

Global English School in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Al Ain is home to the private Global English School (GES), which serves students in grades PK through 12. Established by Global Educational Solutions in 1982, the school is now in its 36th year of operation.

There are now about 1,100 learners attending the school, served by a total of around 80 instructors and 20 aides, both of which are considerable decreases from 2016-17.

Schools Features

Elementary students follow the International Primary Curriculum (IGCSE), while secondary students follow the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and the Advanced Subsidiary Certificate of Secondary Education (ASCE).

Except for Arabic studies, all classes must be taught in English, following regulations issued by the Ministry of Education. Initially, students can choose to follow a curriculum based on the Indian CBSE. However, the Cambridge IGCSE became the standard for the curriculum with the 2006–2007 school year.

  • Annual fees: AED 13,135–19,825
  • Location: Manaseer, Al Ain

Al Ain Juniors; best school in Al Ain for 4 to 18 student

Despite its name, Al Ain Juniors School (AJ) has accepted students aged 4-18 since its inception in 1989. Currently, the school has around 2,800 students enrolled.

Schools Features

There are more schools in the AJ Group, including Al Ain Juniors Nursery, Zakher Private School, and The Hope Center for Students with Special Educational Needs.

After opening as a nursery school, AJ eventually expanded to include grades 1 through 12, with the first group of seniors taking their Board examinations in 2004. After that, they adopted the British curriculum.

  • Annual fees: AED 6,830–15,580
  • Location: Falaj Hazzaa, Al Ain

Liwa International School in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

For over 25 years, Liwa International School has worked to provide Al Ain with an education that is both effective and accessible in order to keep up with the city’s ever-evolving educational needs and preferences.

Schools Features

The school’s instructional approach is influenced by the UAE culture and the UAE nationhood, while education providers follow worldwide standards. The school’s curriculum is a hybrid of the American Common Core Standards and the Arabic, Islamic, and Social Studies curricula mandated by the Ministry of Education. The school’s most recent ADEK evaluation, conducted during the 2015-2016 school year, resulted in a good rating for the institution.

  • Annual fees: AED 16,870–30,460
  • Location: Falaj Hazzaa, Al Ain

Al Dhafra Private School in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Established in 1993, Al Dhafra Private School serves the community of Al Ain. This institution is affiliated with Al Dhafra Private Schools in Abu Dhabi, which once provided a British and American education but is now transitioning away from the British curriculum.

The school prides itself on being a family school nestled in the heart of Al Ain, where they have been supporting students to reach their full potential and realize their aspirations since 1989.

Schools Features

According to the school’s vision, every student will feel welcome and secure in the welcoming environment of an Al Dhafra Private School, which will subsequently be a symbol of academic achievement. Students at Al Dhafra Private Schools develop an appreciation for other cultures and a willingness to adapt to a dynamic and uncertain environment.

Besides, this school has good libraries for those who need information and data. It’s worth mentioning that there are also 6 amazing public libraries in Abu Dhabi for students who want to access a wide range of books.

  • Annual fees: AED 12,240–23,870
  • Location: Manaseer, Al Ain

Darul Huda Islamic School in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Established in 1988, the Al Ain Sunni Youth Centre oversees the Darul Huda Islamic School. This school is a part of the Council of CBSE Affiliated Schools in the Middle East and is recognized by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The students may specialize in either science or business at this institution.

Schools Features

Languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, and Bengali are offered as electives. Teaching Arabic to everyone is a top priority. Muslim students must begin learning about Islam and the Quran in kindergarten. Students who are not Muslims are allowed to take part in a course on morality.

During the hours of 2:45–4:15 PM (Monday–Friday), they provide special Quran sessions. The cost of attendance is not posted on the school’s website. To enroll their child, parents must make direct contact with the institution.

  • Annual fees: AED 5,000–10,300
  • Community: Falaj Hazzaa, Al Ain

Al Ain American School

The first year of operation for Al Ain American School was 2006. The school’s background has been, to put it mildly, “varying,”, especially regarding the quality of instruction.

Schools Features

There were around 870 students enrolled in grades KG1 through 8 at Al Ain American School during the 2017-18 school year. The ninth grade may now enroll at the school. When a school is not at full capacity, the kindergarten and elementary school grades will have a disproportionate number of students.

There is currently an uneven distribution of students based on demographic characteristics, although this is likely to change when the school expands to include students in Grade 12.

  • Annual fees: AED 14,600–24,900
  • Location: Bida Bin Ammar, Al Ain

Al-Ittihad National Private School Al Ain

IT Tihad National Private School is one of the most sought-after American curriculum schools in Al Ain, serving students from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Schools Features

In addition to rigorous academics in the natural and social sciences and the arts and humanities, students have access to various extracurricular options, including karate, soccer, and swimming. This school maintains many branches throughout the UAE, including two campuses in Dubai and another in Abu Dhabi.

The school provides students with swimming lessons. However, many parents prefer to send their children to other famous swimming classes. There are so many famous and top swimming classes in Abu Dhabi if you want to send your child to the best classes.

  • Annual fees: 16.1k – AED 27.8k
  • Location: Falaj Hazzaa – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

Indian School in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Regarding the United Arab Emirates, Indian School Al Ain is among the oldest. The school’s connection to the Central Board of Secondary Education dates back to 1985. (CBSE). There were a total of 1926 students enrolled at the school at the most recent ADEK inspection in November 2019; the majority of these students were Indian (94%), Bangladeshi (4%), and Afghan (1%).

Schools Features

There are 112 instructors and six aides at this institution. Moreover, so many Pakistanis choose this school for their children. So if you are from Pakistan, you can come to this school and enroll your child, but remember that before enrolling, if you need to renew your passport, you can go through an online Pakistani passport renewal in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The school has been designated as a CBSE testing site. English, mathematics, science, social studies, and a second language like Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam, or French are all required courses. It provides students in Grades 11 and 12 the option to study science or business.

  • Location: Falaj Hazzaa, Al Ain
  • Annual fees: AED 4,730–9,770

ABZ – Abdulla bin Zubair Private School in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Founded in 2006 as a primary school using the UK National Curriculum, Abdulla bin Zubair Private School (ABZ) is also known as ABZ School (ABZ). When an ADEK inspector last visited the school, it had a total enrollment of about 280 students, making it a comparatively small institution.

However, these statistics don’t reflect the school’s quick expansion in 2017-18, when 150 students from 29 countries enrolled. Back then, the school opened up to sixth and seventh graders (Lower Secondary).

  • Annual fees: AED 28,000–37,000
  • Location: Al Maqam, Al Ain

Future International Academy in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Six years after the establishment of Future International School in Al Ain in 2004, Future International Academy opened its doors. Both schools are approved by the international body AdvancED and use the same US standard core curriculum.

The two sisters are quite similar except for one key distinction: whereas older sister FIS received an acceptable grade from ADEK in 2018, smaller sister FIA received a good rating in the inspection the year before.

  • Annual fees: AED 12,350–30,350
  • Location: Al Sarooj, Al Ain

Manor Hall International School Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Despite having a name that seems quite British, Manor Hall International School is really a school that follows the curriculum of the United States and serves students from the ages of 4 to 18. The institution was established in 2008 and serves students in Kindergarten (or KG4, to indicate the younger age at which they enroll) through the twelfth grade.

Schools Features

The maximum number of students in a kindergarten (KG1 or KG2) class at Manor Hall is twenty, while the maximum number of learners in a Grades 1–12 class is twenty-five. Non-English speakers are not routinely admitted to the school beyond the kindergarten level, even though around 10% of its student body has special education needs.

About 59 qualified instructors, all with at least a Bachelor’s degree in Education and/or their subject specializations, and 19 instructional assistants are responsible for instructing the student body. The low teacher turnover rate (only 7%) in 2017 indicates a positive working environment.

  • Annual fees: AED 25,000–35,500
  • Location: Falaj Hazzaa, Al Ain

Garden City British School in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

In 2017, Al Ain was home to the debut of Garden City British School (GCBS), a school that follows the United Kingdom’s national curriculum. Jaana Wilkko is the principal of the school. After just one school year in operation, GCBS obtained a good grade from ADEK after its first inspection in February 2019.

Schools Features

Students come from the United Arab Emirates and more than 35 other countries worldwide, with 49% of the student body hailing from the UAE. South African students make up a sizable (and surprising) minority, accounting for 11% of the student body, followed by students from Jordan (5%) and Sudan (4%). At the outset, more than 80 percent of the student body does not speak English.

  • Annual fees: AED 23,100–27,500
  • Location: Falaj Hazzaa, Al Ain

Al Saad Indian School Al Ain

The Al Saad Indian School is the second school that the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan network has created in the United Arab Emirates. Al Ain is entering its fifth year of existence in April 2019, making it a relative newcomer to the Al Ain educational landscape.

Schools Features

The Indian CBSE Curriculum is implemented in every Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan school in the Middle East. The network, which was established in 1938 by Dr. K.M. Munshi, now includes 400 schools in India and ten overseas centers in countries as diverse as the United States, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Middle Eastern countries of Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar.

There is a strong emphasis on providing a world Class Education, which produces Global Citizens who will give guidance in the future, as stated by the school’s founders and board of governors.

  • Annual fees: AED 8,000–12,000
  • Location: Al Ghadeer, Al Ain

MBK Generations School in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

The Al Ain MBK Generations School was established in 2000 as a villa school but relocated to its current facilities in 2006. In 2014-2015, the school’s curriculum shifted from the Ministry of Education’s curriculum to the United States.

Schools Features

For the first few years, it only served students in grades K-5; then, in 2016–17, it added grades 6–7; finally, in 2020–21, it opened its doors to eighth graders. The new website for the institution states that it seeks to deliver a unique curriculum that is in line with the present state of global scientific advancement.

The schools also try to provide a variety of educational standards that develop in students an appreciation and an understanding of societal values and the importance of citizenship and patriotism. It also teaches them to appreciate the diversity of the Emirati population.

  • Annual fees: AED 12,100–18,000
  • Community: Falaj Hazzaa, Al Ain

The Gulf International Private Academy in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Since its founding in 2001, the Gulf International Private Academy (GIPA) has provided students with a US curriculum that Cognia has approved. The Global Peace and Integrity Academy (GPIA) is a UNESCO-affiliated institution.

Schools Features

The school promotes itself as a non-selective, co-ed, English-medium school with a rigorous academic program for all genders. One of the main selling points of GIPA is that it is a learning community devoted to motivating each student to accomplish their aspirations.

Also, they aim to make students become motivated learners ready to adjust and contribute in a fast-changing world,” as the school’s website stated.

  • Annual fees: AED 11,800–25,500
  • Location: Al Muwaiji, Al Ain

House of Colours Nursery School in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Separated by age, the classes at House of Colours follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum developed in the United Kingdom and taught in English.

Schools Features

The nursery has a comprehensive daily and weekly curriculum developed to foster imaginative and constructive development in young children. The Jolly Phonics curriculum is used in the classes for children ages three to four, and it focuses on helping the children improve their language, reading, and arithmetic abilities.

In addition to a comprehensive curriculum, the nursery provides various extracurricular activities such as story time, painting, sand play, dress-up, music, art, and craft.

  • Annual fee: AED 26,000
  • Location: Al Jimi, Al Ain

Oasis International School in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Since its founding in 1988 as a villa school, Oasis International School (OIS) has a long history as an educational institution. However, ADEK itself seems unsure about when it was really founded, stating both 2012 (when it seems to have moved into its present location) and 2018 (when it appears to have sold to a new owner). About 800 people are enrolled at this institution.

  • Annual fees: AED 7,000–9,500
  • Location: Al Jimi, Al Ain

Belvedere International School

Established in 2018, Belvedere International School (BIS) is a sister institution of the Belvedere British School (rated Good by ADEK) in the Mohammed bin Zayed City neighborhood of Abu Dhabi.

Schools Features

The two institutions have a connection to the prestigious Belvedere School in Liverpool, England, which dates back to 1880 when it was established as Liverpool High School. As of 1911, it is known as The Belvedere School.

Mr. Gary Wright is the principal of the school. He holds degrees from several universities in the United Kingdom, including a BA (Hons) from Warwick University, and an MA in Education Management from Kings College London.

Additionally, he is a qualified supervisor for the Private Schools Inspectorate. Mr. Wright was the first headmaster of Mount Kelly School in Hong Kong before he joined Belvedere International School.

  • Annual fees; AED 26,600–32,500
  • Location: Al Hili, Al Ain

Al Sanawbar School Al Ain

The Al Sanawbar School is the following on this list of schools in Al Ain that we will discuss. Educators here are well-equipped to help students grow intellectually and emotionally, and the school provides all they need to do so. In grades Pre-K through 12, it adheres to the American curriculum.

Schools Features

Approximately 60% of the school’s 1,300 students are UAE citizens. Students from other Arab nations make up the rest of the remaining population, with 8% coming from Jordan and 7% each from Syria and Egypt. About 60% of pupils are enrolled in kindergarten or first grade. 25% (or about 325 children) in sixth through twelfth grade, and 11% in the twelfth and thirtieth grades.

Several years ago, Al Sanawbar School began using the Common Core Curriculum (CSCCC) developed by the California Department of Education. AdvancED, a US-based accrediting organization, has granted the school its approval because of its commitment to the quality of its US curriculum.

  • Annual fees: AED 12.9k – AED 27.4k
  • Location: New Manasir, Al Ain


This concludes our list of the top 26 schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi. Check out the most recent listings for apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi if you are considering moving to this beautiful city. Rental villas in Al Ain are plentiful, making the city an attractive option for people needing space for a large family.

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