Ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

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Ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the two most significant, exceptional, and unmissable cities in the United Arab Emirates, are only separated by around 150 kilometers (km). Suppose you’ve been dying to plan a trip to Abu Dhabi and see everything the city has to offer. In that case, we’ll help you figure out which mode of transportation among the many available alternatives is ideal for you.  

You should not stress about making a decision right now since, by the time you have done reading this post, you will know about ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai.

Ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

The distance to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Depending on your starting point, the distance between Dubai and Abu Dhabi might be as little as 100 miles or as much as 160 kilometers. These cities are completely devoid of a central business district or identifiable terminus. The trip takes around an hour if you leave from one of the more remote parts of either city, but if you use public transportation, it may take you up to three hours.

Ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

What is the best way to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai?

Know that there is a wide variety of transportation choices available to you if you are thinking about taking a day trip to Abu Dhabi from Dubai. The journey from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is made very simple by various transportation options, including taxis and airport shuttles.

These options differ from one another in terms of routes, fares, and several other features. Before starting your travels, we suggest you know all about the new travel restrictions in Abu Dhabi.

Ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by Car

If you haven’t considered the possibility of renting a car to go from one place to another yet, we will now provide you with a handful of arguments in favor of doing so. First of all, having your own set of wheels is essential for getting about Abu Dhabi since the city is rather large and spread out.

When you go by rental vehicle, on the other hand, you are free to leave and return at any time that is convenient for you, without having to consider anybody else or anything else along the way. However, a few more factors might make renting a vehicle a little more challenging and time-consuming.

Abu Dhabi automobile rental requirements

First things first, check to see if you have an international driver’s license. Is there truly no other way? If you’re asking yourself this question, it’s because you’ve heard somewhere that a national driving license from certain countries, like Spain, is sufficient. However, you should be aware that insurance, which is something we suggest you take out when renting a vehicle, won’t cover you unless you have an IDL.

Moreover, don’t forget to get your driver’s license when to want to commute between Dubai and Abu and Abu Dhabi. For this reason, you must know how to get a driving license in Abu Dhabi.

How much does it cost to hire?

If you are considering renting a vehicle, our advice is to shop around and make your reservation in advance to avoid standing in line for an extended period at the rental agency. If you decide to hire a car while you’re in Dubai, the best place to do it is at the airport. You’ll be able to choose from various vehicles and get competitive rates there.

You will need to pay additional costs for gas (inexpensive) and tolls (which aren’t numerous but can be checked on this official website), bringing the total cost of a one-day rental to roughly €30.

Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by car: What to expect and how to prepare?

When it comes to the experience of driving between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you will be just as shocked as I was by the excellent state of the roads, as well as the fact that other drivers travel at an extremely high rate of speed.

You should exercise extreme caution to avoid driving like them since there are numerous speed cameras along the route. Also, the last thing you want is to bring a ticket back from your vacation with you. Parking is often not an issue since many free parking lots are located near shopping malls and other tourist destinations.

  • Price: close to 30 euros
  • Travel time: around 1 hour and 30 minutes

This is your best bet to avoid memorizing bus and train schedules while zipping about the city. While traveling to Abu Dhabi, schedule a time to eat the best foods in the top seafood restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

Ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by Group Tour

Suppose you are searching for a trip to Abu Dhabi from Dubai that is well-organized, reasonably priced, and includes both transportation and a guided tour of Abu Dhabi’s most popular tourist destinations. In that case, a group day tour may be suitable for you.

Most organized day trips in Dubai pick you up and drop you off at your hotel, provide all of your transportation for the day in a luxurious and air-conditioned bus, and provide an experienced tour guide. After arriving in Abu Dhabi, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Heritage Village will most likely be where you spend most of your time.

Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by Group Tour: What to expect and how to prepare?

Other city tourist attractions, such as the Emirates Palace Hotel and the Formula One Circuit on Yas Island, will likely only be visited briefly for photographs. After visiting the city, it is worth spending some time in the best public libraries in Abu Dhabi. You won’t regret it.

Transport is provided in either a pleasant air-conditioned minivan or coach bus, based on the number of people who have booked the trip for that particular day. If you are not traveling alone, you will be picked up and dropped off at your hotel in Dubai (solo travelers should report to a centrally specified pickup point in Dubai).

The price of the trip does not include lunch. However, there will be a dedicated lunch break in Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall for travelers to have their meals there.

Why should you choose a group tour to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai?

Be aware that these group trips are not for you if your primary purpose for traveling to Abu Dhabi is to see and spend time at sights such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Mangrove National Park, or the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital.

What it says on the tin, the full-day tour of Abu Dhabi from Dubai takes you on a whirlwind journey around Abu Dhabi. This journey includes stopping for photos in front of some of the city’s most famous landmarks, including the Louvre, Yas Island, and the Emirates Palace Hotel, as well as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Heritage Village.

Ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by Bus

The most cost-effective mode of transportation between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is by far taking the bus from one city to the other. Services are trustworthy, regular, and efficient. The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority is the company in charge of all bus operations along this route. They are all equipped with air conditioning, but other than that, there are no further frills.

The E100 bus operated by RTA leaves the Al Ghubaiba Bus Station in Dubai for the Al Wahda Bus Station in Abu Dhabi about every 15 to 20 minutes. Approximately two hours are required to complete the trek.

On your way to Abu Dhabi, it’s better to spend some time in one of the top sports shops in Abu Dhabi. You can find the best sports suits for the workout.

How to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by bus?

The Nol card, which is Dubai’s reloadable public transport card, is what is used to pay for the bus fare. When you tap your card to the machine at the entry of the bus, the fare will be automatically debited from your card.

At the Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, there are vending machines where you can purchase Nol cards with pre-loaded credit already on them, or you may recharge the credit that is already on the card.

Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by bus: What to expect and how to prepare?

The Al Ghubaiba Bus Station has a convenient location in the middle of the city, close to both Dubai Creek and the Al Fahidi District. The bus station is a few minutes away from the Al Ghubaiba Metro Stop.

The Al Wahda Bus Station can be found in the heart of Abu Dhabi. Outside, many taxis are standing by, all of which are prepared to transport you to the location of your choice inside Abu Dhabi. Bring a light blanket or something to put over your shoulders, even in the middle of summer. The air-conditioning may often be rather cold.

Ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by Private Tour

Booking a private tour is the least stressful and most relaxing way to connect transportation from Dubai to Abu Dhabi with seeing the highlights in both cities.

You may choose to have a guide and driver accompany you on your day-long excursion to Abu Dhabi, or you can just hire a driver. This service can be arranged for you by any one of Dubai’s many travel firms.

How to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by private tour?

It is entirely up to you whether you want to add a trip to the Louvre Abu Dhabi or if you want to schedule a kayaking tour of Mangroves National Park. That’s because the itinerary will be determined by your personal interests (obviously subject to time constraints).

The transportation itself will be provided in a comfortable vehicle or minibus, depending on the size of your party, and it will go from door to door. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the Heritage Village, Emirates Palace, and a produce market are just some of the Abu Dhabi Private City Tour stops.

Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by Private Tour: What to expect and how to prepare?

It also includes a brief stop at Marina Mall and photo ops at Ferrari World and Qasr Al Watan. The tour lasts five hours and begins with a pickup at any hotel in Dubai or Dubai International Airport. The schedule may be altered and tweaked to include trips that are more relevant to the individual’s specific interests.

Ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by Intercity bus

The Intercity Bus is the most cost-effective mode of transportation for traveling between the two cities. It departs from two different places in Dubai:

  • About 2.1 hours will be needed to go from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station in Bur Dubai to Route 100.
  • Approximately one and a half hours to Ibn Battuta Mall by Route 101

Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by Intercity bus: What to expect?

Both the mentioned routes will cost you 25 AED and get you right to the Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station. You can pay in cash at the counter or use your Dubai NOL card, which can also be used on Dubai’s public transportation systems, including the Metro and buses.

The Ibn Battuta Mall and the Mussafah Shabiya Bus Station in Abu Dhabi are now both serviced by Route 102, which was also just inaugurated. It costs 25AED and operates once per hour. However, service is suspended during COVID.

Only Route 101 has been reopened as of the 13th of September 2021.

Ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubi with hyperloop

With the implementation of this lightning-fast shuttle service, the travel time between the two cities might be reduced to only 15 minutes, but is this even possible?

If you ever decide to stay a night in Abu Dhabi, you can enjoy your time in the top nightclubs in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi has the best nightclubs, and missing them will make you regret your decision.

Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by hyperloop: What to expect and how to prepare?

Our recent sources show that yes! Certainly, this has the potential to become the mode of transportation of the foreseeable future; after all, why have a conventional train service when you can have a Hyperloop? Keep an eye on this place for when we make more announcements on our newly developed ultra-fast transportation service.

Meanwhile, the Etihad rail project that aims to link the Emirates is progressing. We anticipate that an intercity train service will begin operating between the Emirates in a time frame that is not too far off.

Ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by Taxi

Taking a private taxi from Dubai to Abu Dhabi rather than driving yourself is not a cost-effective alternative. Nevertheless, it saves you from the responsibility of navigating heavy traffic and provides door-to-door service.

Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by Taxi: What to expect and how to prepare?

At the Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, share-taxi services might provide an affordable alternative to traditional taxi services. The trip will take less time than if you took the bus; they will leave when the vehicle is full, and the whole cost of the ride will be split between you and the other passengers. The Al Wahda Bus Station is the location of their arrival in Abu Dhabi.

Your hotel may make reservations for private taxis in Dubai, or you can hail one down on the street. In addition, you may get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi by using a ride-sharing application such as Uber or another similar service.

Ways to get to Abu Dhabi from DubaiWays to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Free bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Etihad and Emirates, the two largest airlines in the UAE, provide free flights and link the two cities. On the other hand, the bus stops are not in the most convenient places, and the service does not provide transportation from one airport to another.

Be aware of this if you have flights departing from DXB (Emirates) and AUH (Etihad). Cautious preparation is required, and pay close attention to the airport codes that we will reveal!!!

Please note that during COVID limitations, these complimentary services have been considerably interrupted and curtailed – check with the airlines to find out how often the services are presently functioning.

Flying Emirates to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

If you are flying Emirates but want to terminate your trip in Abu Dhabi, you may have your ticket produced to include the cost of the free transit bus through to your final destination. Note that this location is in no way close to Abu Dhabi International Airport; the bus stop for Emirates is located at their Khalidiya office on the Corniche in Abu Dhabi.

To ensure you get a place on the complimentary bus, make sure you book your flight with ZVJ as the end destination rather than DXB. You will not have time for sightseeing in Dubai since you will have to leave DXB as soon as your aircraft arrives.

Top information about the Flying Emirates

If you have a subsequent connection in AUH, the cost of the cab ride back to the airport will increase by about 80 AED. As far as we know, there is no provision for storing bags at the bus stop. If you want to do some sightseeing in Abu Dhabi before your next trip, you will either need to bring your baggage with you or come back to AUH first so that they may keep your bags for you.

You may arrange a luggage transfer with Emirates to AUH for the price of 200 AED. However, by the time you get to this stage, you might as well have paid for a metered cab door-to-door instead.

While spending your time in Abu Dhabi, we suggest you visit Al Hudayriat island. To fully cover the island’s aspects, you will definitely need an Abu Dhabi Al Hudayriat island guide.

Ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Flying Etihad to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

If you are departing from Dubai but are flying Etihad, you may begin your trip at the Etihad Travel Mall if you have a reservation on an Etihad aircraft. To book your flight, you will need to use the code XNB.

Note that a free private chauffeur is offered to guests traveling in either Business or First Class on either airline. However, to take advantage of this service, you must confirm your ticket at least 48 hours in advance.

Ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by Bus and Intercity bus

It is also possible to take the Intercity in the other direction from Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station (located adjacent to Al Wadha Mall) all the way back to Ibn Battuta Mall or Al Ghubaiba and from Mussafah Shabiya to Ibn Battuta.

Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by Bus and Intercity bus: What to expect and how to prepare?

You may get to DXB from the Al Ghubaiba Bus Station in one of the following ways:

  • Getting off at Terminal 1 on bus 33 or 42
  • If you take bus 31, you’ll arrive at Terminal 2.
  • Take the green line of the Metro to Burjuman, and then transfer to the red line to reach Terminal 3
  • Taking a brief cab ride will cost around 30 AED.
  • Reaching the Abu Dhabi International Airport AUH

Getting to AUH from the Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station:

  • Take bus 1A from outside the station; it departs every 40 minutes and will take you to terminals 1 and 3. It will cost  4 AED
  • Take a cab; the ride will take around 30 minutes and will cost 50 AED.

Are you interested in visiting Abu Dhabi to see the Grand Mosque from Dubai?

It is possible to use public transportation. However, doing so when traveling with children isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. To reach the Grand Mosque, you would first need to take the Intercity bus, as was explained before, and then transfer to a local bus. While various routes are available, the 32 is the most direct and costs 2 AED.

It is important to remember that none of these famous Abu Dhabi landmarks are located anywhere near one another. So if you were thinking of taking a day trip there from Dubai, for example, to see the Louvre or Emirates Palace, you would find that they are not even close! Taxis make it simple to get about the city, but be aware that the price may increase quickly.

Ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

FAQS about ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

How far is Abu Dhabi from Dubai?

Driving from Abu Dhabi to Dubai will take you around 125.24 kilometers.

How long will it take to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai on the fastest route?

Taking a cab or driving yourself to your destination in Abu Dhabi is going to be the option that gets you there the fastest. It will take you around one hour and ten minutes to get there.

Is it possible to go to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by Metro?

There is no direct connection between the Dubai Metro and the Abu Dhabi Metro. You may take the metro to the Ibn Battuta Mall Metro Station and then board the Abu Dhabi bus from there. This is one option available to you.

What are my options to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai?

You may take the E100, E101, or E102 RTA bus to return to Dubai from Abu Dhabi if you are traveling by public transportation. These are the official bus routes that intercity buses traveling from Abu Dhabi to Dubai will use.

Ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Conclusion about the ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Residents of the United Arab Emirates and tourists to the country often commute between Abu Dhabi and Dubai for work or to enjoy the many attractions that are spread throughout the two emirates. It will take you around an hour and a half to go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and vice versa.

Suppose you are interested in planning a day trip to Abu Dhabi from Dubai. In that case, several different forms of transportation available may assist you in making your way to the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai.

In addition,  there are a great number of houses for sale in Abu Dhabi. Many individuals decide to make this city their permanent home since it is such a desirable place to reside. Those in this situation are strongly encouraged to seek assistance from the Al-Khail Real State. This business is dedicated to assisting you in making the optimal purchase.

Ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

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