Top Indian Schools in Dubai

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Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

Due to the large number of Indians living in Dubai, the city’s Indian schools have thrived. As a major international cultural center, Dubai has received positive feedback from Indians who believe they have been welcomed with open arms.

Expats and local Indians are relieved to find many excellent Indian educational institutions in Dubai. These institutions help students learn and grow academically and prepare them to contribute to society. Find the most up-to-date details on top Indian schools in Dubai, including their facilities and prices.

Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in New Delhi is associated with several best schools in Dubai that provide the CBSE curriculum to help your kid get a head start in life. These schools are as follows;

1. GEMS Our Own English School in  Dubai

The KHDA’s DSIB inspection team consistently gave Our Own English High School a Very Good grade over four years. For the 2019-2020 school year, OEHS maintained its Very Good rating after participating in the new review process implemented for Very Good and Outstanding schools. As far as we know, no further inspection report was generated.

While not as transparent as in the past, Our Own Indian High School is one of the few GEMS schools publicly providing student test scores.

Top features of GEMS Our Own English School in  Dubai

The student-to-teacher ratio at Our Own English High School is barely 22:1, despite having 471 full-time teachers and another 50 teaching staff.

Although the average turnover rate of teachers in Indian schools is lower than in international schools, at 15%, it is still relatively low. There is a strong possibility that the school’s success after Grade 4 can be attributed to the fact that it is a girl-only institution.

  • Location: Al Warqa, Dubai
  • Fees: AED 7,237–15,313
Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

2. GEMS Modern Academy Indian school in Dubai

For the eighth year in a row, the KHDA’s DSIB inspection team has deemed GEMS Modern Academy Outstanding. The first GEMS Modern Academy (GMA) was established in the Karama neighborhood of Dubai.

It originally opened its doors in 1986 to 200 students on a site in Al Safa and then expanded to its current state-of-the-art facility in Nad Al Sheba. Near to this district in Al Barsha district. In fact, you can find the best schools in Al Barsha – Dubai, and enroll your dear child in these wonderful schools.

Top features of GEMS Modern Academy Indian school in Dubai

GEMS Modern Academy has approximately 3,640 students enrolled this year. Although the school has students from 18 different countries, the majority are Indian. Some 300 kids are helped by the SEN team at GEMS Modern, making the school remarkable for its large population of Students of Determination and those with Gifts and Talents.

The school offers the Indian CISCE syllabus from kindergarten through grade twelve, with the International Baccalaureate Diploma as an alternative for students aged 16 and beyond who choose to go to universities outside India.

  • Location: Nad al Sheba, Dubai
  • Fee: AED 28,646–52,427
Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

3. GEMS Legacy Indian school in Dubai

For more than three decades, GEMS Education has run a private school known as GEMS Legacy School (GLS), formerly known as The Kindergarten Starters. The Al Garhoud Primary School was founded in 1990 and is not a kindergarten in the conventional sense.

The Indian population constitutes the majority of the student body. Not a single kid is from the United Arab Emirates, and a sizable minority (18%) has special education needs. The institution is justifiably proud of the diversity and acceptance it fosters among its student body.

Top features of GEMS Legacy Indian school in Dubai

With about 5,350 students enrolled, GLS is one of the GEMS’ biggest schools. The vast majority of the 229 faculty members claim Indian citizenship. There are three counselors and seventy-two aides to help teachers out.

The foundation of GLS’s curriculum is the CBSE curriculum. Traditional textbooks have given way to a more mixed approach toward e-learning, emphasizing e-resources for research and collaborative learning. Online interactive learning platforms have widened the scope of education beyond the confines of the traditional textbook and classroom.

  • Location: Garhoud, Dubai
  • Fee: AED 7,888–10,528
Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

4. Springdales Indian school in Dubai

This Indian school has been around for 65 years or more. In that time, it has gained a reputation as a forward-thinking institution that provides students with a valuable education that helps them develop as individuals.

Its innovative teaching methods, concentration on the performing arts, commitment to global citizenship, and dedication to fostering a compassionate community have earned it widespread acclaim domestically and overseas. Springdales has been recognized for its innovative educational practices throughout India, with many other schools following suit.

Top features of Springdales Indian school in Dubai

Top-notch educators from countries like India, Pakistan, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, and Uzbekistan have been brought in.

Both the current and prior Principals have worked in administrative roles in Dubai schools, which would have helped the institution pursue and maintain a Good KHDA rating. Following the CBSE curriculum, Springdales School Dubai has developed a “unique” offering for parents and students that draws on the school’s Indian heritage while also considering the wider global community.

  • Location; Al Quoz, Dubai
  • Fee: AED 18,840–32,000
Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

5. Credence Indian school in Dubai

Dr. Moopen, the owner of the Aster Medical clinics and pharmacies in Dubai, was one of many successful Indian businessmen that established Credence High School. Starting with the 2021-22 school year, students in grades Pre-K through 12 may choose to follow the CBSE curriculum at this institution.

After being inspected by the KHDA in October 2019, enrollment has increased to over 1,000 students. There are more than 30 different countries represented within the student body. Kindergarten classrooms have a maximum of 25 students and are staffed by a teacher, an assistant, and a nanny.

Top features of Credence Indian school in Dubai

In its initial assessment for 2016-17, the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau found the school to be Acceptable. Credence showed continued improvement in 2018–19 and 2019–20 when it maintained the Good rating and earned a sprinkling of Very Good ratings. Also, it had made considerable headway to be rated Good in its second check for the year 2017–2018.

From Kindergarten through Grade 12, students at Credence are prepared for and take CBSE exams at the end of each year. Montessori, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), and the Reggio Emilia pedagogical framework are all heavily reflected in the Kindergarten curriculum.

  • Location: Al Quoz, Dubai
  • Fee: AED 13,000–26,000
Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

6. Ambassador Indian school in Dubai

For the first time, Ambassador School has received a Very Good rating from the KHDA’s DSIB inspection for 2019-2020.  Ambassador School, in the Al Mankhool district of Dubai, is one of the few ICSE institutions in the UAE, and it now enrolls 842 students.

Girls and boys of all ages (Pre-K through 12th grade) are welcome to enroll in the school. Most of the teaching staff is imported from India. Teaching experience is preferred, but a bachelor’s degree in the subject area is required at a minimum.

Top features of Ambassador Indian school in Dubai

The vast majority of educators have earned graduate degrees in education. Only a small percentage of the most senior faculty members have earned doctorates. Homeroom instructors lead the primary and secondary school classrooms.

According to their website, Ambassador School focuses heavily on academics” while also offering a well-balanced curriculum comprised of sciences, humanities, performing and artistic arts, athletics, languages, reading throughout the curriculum, and STREAM.

  • Location: Al Mankhool, Dubai
  • Fee: AED 21,123–42,298
Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

7. Global Indian International School Dubai

Since its inception in 2002, the Global Indian International School group (GIIS) has expanded to include a network of 23 branches in seven countries. Currently, it serves as a learning institution for about 15,000.

The Dubai campus first welcomed its youngest students in September 2017, offering just kindergarten and first grade. However, the rest of the Primary school year did not begin until April 2018. In April of 2022, they introduced Grade 11.

Top features of Global Indian International School Dubai

As stated in an official statement, several cutting-edge enhancements exist for students of all ages at the new school. GIIS aims to provide children with greater space and opportunity for learning, development, and success by adding outdoor learning spaces and expanding STREAM (research-based) areas.

Some new programs include a petting zoo where kids may engage with animals and learn about body language, empathy, and understanding at an early age. Before establishing its Primary division in preparation for the 2018-19 school year, GIIS Dubai served as a mixed-gender school for just Pre-KG, KG 1, and KG 2-aged students.

  • Location: Al Quoz, Dubai
  • Fee: AED 15,000–34,824
Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

8. Amity Indian school in Dubai

In April 2017, the Ghusais neighborhood of Dubai became home to Amity School Dubai (ASD). After opening with just Primary grades, it has added Grades 6–8 and will add Middle and High School grades annually until it reaches Grade 12.

ASD is affiliated with other institutions that may be found in almost every country. More than 150,000 students are enrolled in the many schools under the umbrella of Amity Education, which offers programs from preschool up to the doctoral level.

Top features of Amity Indian school in Dubai

Amity School Dubai’s most notable qualities are its adherence to the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum (EYFS) for younger students and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for older students.

The school’s philosophy is based on the idea that a child’s development at various points in their lives (academic, social, emotional) requires a comprehensive approach to education. Its goal is to help students reach their full academic potential via individualized instruction, hands-on projects, and in-class discussions that stimulate students’ curiosity and drive to study.

  • Locaton: Al Qusais, Dubai
  • Fee: AED 13,500–25,200
Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

9. Bright Riders Indian school in Dubai

The Indian Community Kindergarten’s 500 pupils were moved to the new Bright Riders, Abu Dhabi, which opened in 2013. Less than 3,000 students may attend Bright Riders Dubai, making it smaller than the flagship Abu Dhabi campus.

Depending on enrollment growth, the school may add four to eight sections to its Kindergarten through seventh-grade offerings. While this school is wonderful, you might want to send your child to top American schools in Dubai. Therefore, you can find the best ones with a high level of education.

Top features of Bright Riders Indian school in Dubai

Though it follows the CBSE framework, the KG program takes its inspiration from the Early Years Foundation Stage, which is widely recognized as the most effective educational model for children aged three to five and is used by many schools in the United Kingdom (EYFS).

Through cross-curricular connections, the seven domains of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum are taught in tandem. Teaching and learning are emphasized so that kids are “school ready” with a well-rounded set of abilities that will serve as a solid basis for their development.

  • Location: Dubai Investments Park, Dubai
  • Fee: AED 19,000–26,500
Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

10. Our Own Indian school in Dubai, Al Warqa’a

Our Own High School, the precursor to the current campus, was established in Bastakiya in 1968, making it one of the first foreign schools in Dubai. It’s based on the same curriculum the Indian Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) used.

There is a strong connection between the two institutions, with ‘Our Own’ Al Warqa’a maintaining the same mission, values, and culture as its parent school. Moreover, for those who want to enroll their child in the best British schools in Dubai, the city houses many wonderful ones.

Top features of Our Own Indian school in Dubai, Al Warqa’a

The top characteristics of OOHS AW include following the CBSE curriculum, which is based on the belief that the school’s students should be actively engaged in designing a curriculum that appeals to them and embraces 21st-century learning. This gives the students the opportunity to pursue their interests and maintain links with their nation and culture.

The school’s curriculum prioritizes STEAM, which merges the study of Science and Math with those of Art, Technology, and Engineering, to provide students with a more well-rounded education. STEAM education aims to foster an attitude of curiosity and innovation among students.

  • Location: Al Warqa, Dubai
  • Fee: AED 8,734–15,069
Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

11. The Central Indian school in Dubai

A wide range of ages, from 3 to 18, are welcome at The Central School. There are around 3,020 students enrolled at the moment, down about 200 from the last time it was inspected.

The Central School, in an effort to accommodate parents’ needs, holds two sessions every day, despite the regulator’s extreme disapproval. Boys and girls in grades 1-2, and females in grades 3-12, have access to a morning session. Class times for males in Grades 3–12 are in the afternoon.

Top features The Central Indian school in Dubai

In the first nine grades, TCS pupils follow the curricula established by the Indian-based National Council for Education and Research and Training (NCERT). Then in the tenth and twelfth, they follow the curricula established by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) examinations.

Like other Indian institutions, this one has a Science and a Commerce track, but the Arts are underrepresented in the core curriculum. Like the other schools in the network, TCS strongly focuses on helping Students of Determination. It has close to 300 students who have been diagnosed with Special Educational Needs.

  • Location: Al Nahda, Dubai
  • Fee: AED 3,718–6,545
Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

12. Indian High School in Dubai, Al Garhoud

The Indian High School Junior School (Al Garhoud) is a non-profit organization established in 1988 as the Primary/Junior school division of the original Indian High School (established in 1961, more than 25 years earlier).

Students in grades 1-4, both male and female, attend the Junior School. If a student does not graduate from Middle School, they will be admitted to the Indian High School Oud Metha.

Top features of Indian High School in Dubai, Al Garhoud

In 1975, Indian High School officially joined the CBSE Board, and in April 1977, its first graduating class took part in the All India Secondary School Examinations. The school has stuck with the CBSE curriculum even though it borrows heavily from the Early Years Foundation Stage program in the UK (as do many Indian schools).

It is intended that learning will be interesting and enjoyable. Teachers believe in establishing a learning environment that fosters their students’ intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth to prepare them for life beyond high school better.

  • Location: Garhoud, Dubai
  • Fee: AED 5,276–5,525
Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

13. The Millennium Indian school in Dubai

Four years in a row, the KHDA inspection process has found The Millennium School to be Very Good. The KHDA’s new evaluation system for 2019-2020 found the institution to be, once again, very good. Also, the school is among the best schools in Al Qusais Dubai.

The Millennium School, which just started its 17th school year in September, has had a lot of time to settle down and improve over the years. It has routinely received a Very Good grade from Dubai’s education regulator, the KHDA, for the last four years.

Top features of The Millennium Indian school in Dubai

A total of 162 instructors are employed by the school, with an annual turnover rate of 17%. The student-to-teacher ratio is small, around 1:17, which is excellent to the average for an Indian curriculum school in Dubai. The typical class size at an Indian curriculum school is about 35 pupils, which is also considered an average class size overall.

Both English and Arabic language instructors are brought in from India and Egypt.  The vast majority of educators have bachelor’s or master’s degrees. While most educators have a Bachelor’s degree, a small minority of more senior educators do not.

  • Location: Al Qusais, Dubai
  • Fee: AED 16,898–24,849
Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

14. Delhi Private Indian school in Dubai

In 2018-2019, the KHDA’s DSIB inspection team found Delhi Private School very good for the fourth consecutive year. The Very Good grade has been maintained with the KHDA’s new evaluation procedure for Very Good and Outstanding schools in 2019-20.

The school first welcomed students in April 2003 and now serves students of both sexes from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Top features of Delhi Private Indian school in Dubai

Before 2018, the school was officially affiliated with the Indian Delhi Public School Society, a tie between the schools and the Indian owner that dissolved in 2018. The school is creative in its use of ‘the carrot’ to motivate kids to do well academically.

Scholar Badges are awarded annually to students in Grade V and above who have earned an A2 or above in all subjects with an 8.5 or higher GPA. DPS graduates attend colleges and institutions in countries as diverse as India, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and Canada.

  • Location: Jebel Ali, Dubai
  • Fee: AED 10,298–14,416
Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

15. Primus Private Indian school in Dubai

The 2019-2020 school year will be the first for both boys and girls at Primus Private School (PPS), formerly Rajagiri International School, which follows the CBSE curriculum from Kindergarten through Grade 12. While students in grades 1–10 follow the CBSE syllabus, the KG coursework is modeled after the Early Years Foundation Stage in the UK.

In the 2019-2020 school year, when the last KHDA inspection was conducted, PPS had around 1,400 students, 108 instructors, three teaching assistants, and five guidance counselors, the vast majority of whom had Indian passports.

Top features of Primus Private Indian school in Dubai

The Core curriculum highlights include the study of English, Arabic, Mathematics, Environmental Studies/Science, Social Studies, Computer Studies, a Foreign Language (French, Malayalam, or Hindi), and Islamic Education (Muslim Students). Physical education, swimming, art, creative expression, vocal music, dance, yoga/karate, drama, public speaking, and gardening are just a few extra-curricular activities offered at this school.

The kids are always up for a new adventure, whether a swim lesson or a book club.  The Literary Club hosts reading, writing, acting, and performing events.

  • Location: Al Warqa, Dubai
  • Fee: AED 11,339–22,731
Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

16. Gulf Indian High School in Dubai

In 1979, Mr. John M. Thomas opened the first Gulf Indian High School with 200 students and 35 instructors as founder and chairman. More than 2,000 students and 140 faculty members now attend the institution. The Gulf Indian High School schedule is unique in that it is divided into two separate shifts.

There are coed morning classes for kindergartners and first graders, but solely for female students in grades two through twelve. In the afternoon, only male students will be admitted. Nearly every single one of their students comes from an Indian background.

Top features of Gulf Indian High School in Dubai

The Gulf Indian High School curriculum is based on the Indian Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), delivered in English and Arabic. Students are encouraged to study for the All-Indian Secondary School Examination and the Comprehensive Evaluation and Senior School Certificate Examination.

The school’s many extracurricular groups and athletics programs provide students with additional opportunities to take on leadership roles, broaden their horizons, and hone their abilities outside the classroom.

  • Location: Garhoud, Dubai
  • Fee: AED 4,498–8,506
Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

17. Woodlem Park Indian school in Dubai

Woodlem Park School Dubai (WPD) was re-awarded a Good rating by the KHDA, indicating continued growth. This initiative aims to foster a new generation of educated, world-minded citizens eager to positively impact Earth’s future.

This school’s green, fun, creative, meaningful, and all-inclusive atmosphere was designed with learning in mind. This institution has created a fascinating environment with best practices, which will aid in achieving the goals set by the UAE’s national agenda and its rulers.

Top features of Woodlem Park Indian school in Dubai

Although enrollment is accessible to students from pre-K through grade 10, only transfers from other UAE schools are permitted for grades 9 and 10.

All Kindergarten and Nursery (pre-K) classes will have a maximum of 25 students, with first-grade classes increasing to 30 students. Once complete, the school can serve up to five thousand students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. There are 58 full-time teachers and 25 adjunct teachers at this school, for a total of 91 employees to serve the 91 students.

  • Location: Near Lulu Hypermarket – Dubai
  • Fee: AED 12,497- AED 23,000
Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

Conclusion on the Top Indian school in Dubai

And that concludes our list of top Indian schools in Dubai. How would you rate each of these educational facilities? Please share your thoughts in the space provided below.

You may confidently enroll your kid in one of the top Indian schools in Dubai. In addition, the city of Dubai is home to many attractions and amenities, which has resulted in a rise in the number of individuals looking to buy a house in Dubai.

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Top 17 Indian Schools in Dubai

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